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Diablo IV Guide to Crafting Consumables: Potions, Scrolls, and Elixirs

Crafting consumables is a crucial aspect of Diablo 4, allowing you to create powerful items that can turn the tide in your favour during intense battles. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will be able to craft a variety of consumables tailored to your character build and play style.

Diablo 4 introduces a system where crafted consumables can have different qualities and affixes. The quality refers to the potency of the consumable, while affixes provide additional effects or modifiers. The quality and affixes of the consumable may be determined by the rarity of the ingredients used or through other factors. Experiment with different combinations of materials to discover the best results.

If you find yourself with excess consumables or have crafted particularly powerful ones, consider trading or selling them to other players in the in-game economy. This can provide you with additional resources or gold, which can be used to acquire rare materials or improve your gear.

Gathering Materials

The first and crucial step in the art of crafting consumables is the gathering of essential materials. These materials are the building blocks for creating potent potions, powerful scrolls, and transformative elixirs. Let's delve into the detailed process of gathering these materials:

1. Exploration: Embark on a journey of exploration, venturing into different regions and territories. As you traverse this detailed world, keep a keen eye out for signs of potential crafting resources. Glowing plants, shimmering crystals, or any other interactive objects may indicate the presence of valuable materials. Engage with these objects to gather the precious resources they hold, bringing you one step closer to mastering the art of alchemy.

2. Defeating Enemies: Engage in intense battles with formidable enemies, employing your skills and abilities to emerge victorious. As you vanquish your enemies, pay careful attention to the spoils of war they leave behind. Defeated adversaries may drop loot, including coveted crafting materials. Take the time to thoroughly search the remains of your fallen foes, unearthing any valuable resources they might have carried. Every defeated enemy presents an opportunity to bolster your collection of crafting materials.

3. Quests and Challenges: Immerse yourself in quests, undertaking a variety of tasks and overcoming formidable obstacles. As you triumph over these trials, keep an eye on the rewards that await you. Many quests and challenges offer valuable materials as a token of your accomplishment. Pay close attention to quest descriptions and objectives that mention the availability of crafting materials as rewards. By completing quests and conquering challenges, you not only advance your character's story but also augment your supply of vital crafting components.

4. Vendors and Merchants: The bustling towns and settlements scattered throughout the in-game world are home to a diverse cast of vendors and merchants. These astute NPCs have made it their trade to procure and sell many different types of goods, including crafting materials. Visit these enterprising individuals in their shops and stalls, where you may find an assortment of materials available for purchase. Utilise your hard-earned gold to acquire the specific materials you need or expand your collection by procuring additional resources. The vendors and merchants offer a convenient avenue for obtaining essential crafting ingredients. If you run out of gold anytime, Diablo 4’s in-game store offers purchases which can quickly, and efficiently replenish your supplies.

5. Trading and Multiplayer: Engage with other players in trading activities or participate in thrilling multiplayer adventures. Forge alliances with fellow adventurers and share your expertise in the art of crafting. Engaging in trades with other players can prove to be an efficient and rewarding method of acquiring rare or hard-to-find crafting materials. Establish connections and build a network of like-minded individuals who can aid you on your quest for alchemical mastery.

It's worth noting that while the primary method of gathering materials is through immersive gameplay, the game may offer optional in-game purchases as an alternative means of acquiring crafting materials. These purchases can provide a level of convenience, allowing you to save time in obtaining specific resources. Keep a vigilant eye out for any optional in-game purchases that can enhance your crafting experience.

By diligently exploring the game world, triumphing over enemies, completing quests, and potentially leveraging in-game purchases, you will amass a diverse and formidable collection of materials essential for crafting consumables. Armed with these valuable resources, you can unleash the full potential of your character and embark on a thrilling journey through the intricate realm of alchemy.

Diablo 4 Gathering

Setting up a Crafting Station

Once you have gathered all the essential materials required for your alchemical endeavours, it's time to create a dedicated crafting station. This station will serve as your personal workshop, where you can weave together the collected ingredients to fashion powerful consumables. Here's a detailed guide on how to set up and utilise your crafting station effectively:

1. Locate a Crafting Area: Look out for designated areas in bustling towns, well-equipped camps, or perhaps even within the confines of your own personal hideout. These specially designated areas are designed to cater to your crafting needs, providing the necessary tools, equipment, and an ambiance that inspires creativity.

2. Interact with the Crafting Station: Once you have found an appropriate spot, approach the crafting station and interact with it by pressing the designated button or key. This action will grant you access to the comprehensive crafting menu, a virtual gateway to the realm of alchemy. Within this menu, you will be able to commence the intricate process of fashioning your desired consumables.

3. Select the Consumable Type: Delve into the depths of the crafting menu to explore the diverse range of consumables available for your creative endeavours. Take into account your character's unique build, your preferred playstyle, and the specific needs of your adventures as you choose the consumable that will best enhance your abilities and aid you on your journey.

4. Gather the Required Ingredients: The crafting menu will provide you with a detailed list of ingredients necessary for crafting your chosen consumable. Before proceeding with the crafting process, ensure that you have collected all the required materials and they are safely stored within your inventory. If any ingredients are missing, it's time to embark on additional expeditions, venturing into uncharted territories to gather the missing components. Traverse diverse landscapes, brave treacherous dungeons, and uncover hidden secrets to acquire the precious resources that will fuel your alchemical aspirations.

5. Initiate Crafting: Once you have meticulously gathered the required ingredients, it's time to set the alchemical machinery in motion. Follow the on-screen prompts or select the appropriate option in the crafting menu to initiate the crafting process. With a sense of anticipation, witness the ingredients fuse together, their essence blending into a harmonious concoction, and witness the birth of the consumable you have strived to create.

6. Quality and Affixes: Diablo 4 introduces a captivating system wherein crafted consumables can possess varying qualities and affixes. The quality of a consumable significantly impacts its potency and effectiveness, while affixes introduce additional enchantments or modifiers that can enhance its power. The outcome of your crafting endeavors is influenced by factors such as the rarity of the ingredients used or other mysterious forces at play. Engage in creative experimentation, blending different combinations of ingredients to discover the most potent and effective consumables, tailored to suit your unique needs.

7. Review and Collect: After the crafting process is complete, take a moment to immerse yourself in the details of the meticulously crafted consumable. Assess its quality, examine the enchanting affixes bestowed upon it, and contemplate the potential effects it may have on your character. If the resulting consumable aligns with your expectations and desires, collect it from the crafting station, ensuring it finds its rightful place within your inventory, ready to be unleashed when the need arises.

8. Test and Refine: Utilise the consumable during your thrilling adventures, observing its effects as it intertwines with your character's abilities. Assess its impact on your unique playstyle, adapting your crafting choices accordingly to refine your skills and create consumables that perfectly complement your needs. Be bold in your experimentation, exploring different combinations of ingredients and qualities to unlock the true potential of your alchemical prowess.

It's essential to remember that as you progress and conquer the challenges that await you, new horizons of alchemical mastery will unveil themselves. Unlocking new crafting recipes and expanding your repertoire of consumables will be a rewarding aspect of your journey. Continue to explore the vast game world, vanquish formidable enemies, and embark on daring quests to acquire rare and coveted recipes, unlocking even more potent and awe-inspiring crafting options.

Diablo 4 Crafting

Trading and Selling

In addition to gathering materials and crafting your own consumables, you also have the option to engage in trading and selling activities. These interactions with other players can be an exciting way to acquire rare or hard-to-find crafting materials and even earn some valuable gold. Here's how you can participate in trading and selling, with the added option of in-game purchases:

1. Interact with Other Players: Diablo 4 offers a vibrant multiplayer experience where you can interact and engage with a community of fellow adventurers. Engage in conversations, join player guilds, and establish connections with like-minded individuals who may possess the materials you seek. Collaborate, trade, and foster a spirit of camaraderie as you navigate the dark and treacherous world together.

2. Auction House: Diablo 4 features an in-game Auction House where you can buy and sell items, including valuable crafting materials. This convenient marketplace enables you to showcase your own materials for sale or browse the listings of other players. Utilise the Auction House as a platform to find specific materials you require, or to sell your surplus resources to interested buyers. It's a hub of bustling economic activity where fortunes can be made or unique treasures can be discovered.

3. In-Game Purchases: Diablo 4 recognizes that time is a precious resource, and for those seeking convenience and efficiency, in-game purchases are available as an alternative means of acquiring crafting materials. These optional purchases can offer a shortcut to obtaining specific resources, saving you valuable time and effort. Keep an eye out for in-game offers that can enhance your crafting experience, allowing you to swiftly bolster your collection of materials and unleash your full alchemical potential. The in-game purchases will require you to spend Gold. So if you are falling short, buy them for real money.

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Embracing the possibilities of trading, selling, and potentially utilising in-game purchases, you'll gain access to a wider array of crafting materials. Whether you prefer the thrill of player-to-player interactions, the convenience of the Auction House, or the time-saving advantages of in-game purchases, each avenue offers a unique and rewarding experience. So, seize the opportunity to engage with the vibrant player community, unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, and unlock the resources you need to become a master of alchemy in Diablo 4.


In conclusion, crafting consumables in Diablo 4 is an exciting and fulfilling aspect of the game that allows you to tap into the mystical realm of alchemy. By gathering various materials through exploration, combat, quests, and even trading with other players, you can establish your own crafting station and create a wide range of potent potions, empowering scrolls, and enchanting elixirs. These concoctions will serve as invaluable assets, enhancing your character's abilities and bolstering your chances of victory in the relentless battle against the forces of darkness. 

With dedication, skill, and a touch of alchemical magic, you will become a true master of crafting in Diablo 4. Forge consumables that will tip the scales in your favour, making you an unstoppable force against the encroaching darkness. So, step boldly into the mesmerising world of Diablo 4, ignite the fires of your alchemical journey, and let your crafting prowess shine brightly as you carve your name in the annals of heroes. The power of alchemy awaits, and it's time for you to claim it.

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