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Diablo IV Guide to Malnok Stronghold

Welcome to the Fractured Peaks in Diablo IV, a dangerous area where danger can be found at any moment. The Malnok Stronghold is one of the significant obstacles you’ll face here. Diablo 4’s Malnok Stronghold can be difficult to clear for both experienced gamers & brand-new players. The player may come across a number of Strongholds in Fractured Peaks, including this one. You will have the knowledge you need from this book to take down this tough stronghold, free its frozen town, and find its secret treasures. The Malnok Stronghold will put your resolve to the test, whether you’re a fearless lone adventurer or a powerful group.

Unveiling Malnok Stronghold

Within the icy swath of Fractured Peaks is where the Malnok Stronghold is located. You must go south through the Bear Tribe Refuge in order to start this journey. You'll eventually come to a crossroads; turn west & follow the next southerly trail to reach the stronghold's site.

When your character achieves level 15, it is advised to take on this challenge. While some may dare to enter earlier, the recommended level guarantees that you are sufficiently equipped to handle the dangers that lurk beneath.

Completing Malnok Stronghold 

The once-thriving settlement of Malnok Stronghold is now immobilised in a deathly grip. This area has been invaded by the terrifying Khazra, a group that is skilled in ice magic, who have cast their freezing spells & claimed it as their own. You must successfully complete a number of difficult tasks in order to free the town from the icy hold.

  • Search for the Source of the Storm: Begin by exploring the outskirts of the town at a higher elevation. Uncover the origin of the chilling storm that holds the town in its clutches.

  • Find and Slay Ice Clan Stormcallers to Stop the Blizzard: The Ice Clan Stormcallers are guarded by formidable forces and will shield themselves in ice until their Ritual Guardian Elite companion is vanquished.

  • Return to the Center of Malnok: Once you’ve dealt with the Stormcallers, make your way back to the center of Malnok.

  • Slay the Remaining Khazra: Prepare yourself for a grueling boss fight once the other enemies have been dispatched.

  • Slay Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion: Engage in a battle with Frosthorn, who commands both frigid spells and lethal melee attacks. Beware of the ice mines scattered across the arena, which can freeze you upon detonation. Dodge Frosthorn’s powerful leap attack and stay vigilant. Upon defeating Frosthorn, the stronghold will finally be reclaimed.

  • Return to the centre of the stronghold after eliminating all three Stormcallers to deal with the Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion boss. The fight is simple; all you have to do is avoid his cut and slam blows until the initial gate of his vitality is gone.

Diablo 4 Malnok

He’ll make a number of ice circles on above you and surrounding you once he reaches his second phase, which will effectively freeze you for about five seconds. You will need to avoid these blows so you can keep harming him. He will start generating these circles teleport in the third and final phase when they start to arrive considerably more quickly. Again, the answer is to avoid the blows and inflict harm on him up until his HP bar is entirely depleted.There are numerous attacks that Frosthorn can use, and you can find out about these all below:

  • Frosthorn launches himself into the air & pounds the ground with his axe, doing damage to anybody nearby and launching ice missiles across all directions.

  • Cleave: Frosthorn swings its enormous arm in front of him, inflicting damage on anyone who is nearby. Additionally, it will launch ice missiles within the swing's direction. On occasion, he will execute two swings back-to-back.

  • Icy Explosions: As soon as you get him to the point when his first potion drops, frost explosions will start going off in the area's centre and continuing to go off one after the other in a circle pattern. If you are caught in this, you'll be frozen in place to open to Frosthorn's follow-up attacks.

  • Explosions of outer ice Keep an eye out for it and retreat inside when you see it because if you get him to his 2nd potion drop, Icy Explosions will set off throughout the entire arena's perimeter one after another.

Once the monster has been eliminated, proceed to the Wanderer’s Shrine, which is located on the northeast side of the boss battlefield. To recover the fortress for humanity, light the shrine. This will make it possible for traders to enter there and turn it into a practical trading centre. The Anica’s Claim Side Dungeon is unquestionably the most significant reward from this conquest, as you can explore it whenever you like and reap its rewards. Before moving towards completing this dungeon, make sure you have enough stock of the gold to make in-game purchases. If you are falling short of the same, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Unlocking Hidden Treasures

Liberating Malnok Stronghold comes with its rewards. Here are some of the features you'll gain access to once the stronghold is free:

Dungeon: Anica's Claim: Delve into the frozen mine, Anica's Claim, which is infested with Khazra. This mine boasts excellent farming potential, offering a looping path with numerous elite enemies. The final confrontation presents 30 enemies and an elite Khazra for you to overcome.

Dungeon: Rimescar Cavern: Explore the icy tunnels of the Rimescar Cavern, where the Khazra first emerged to assault the town. The cave's frozen pathways are littered with frozen corpses. The final boss, the Khazra Abomination, is a formidable adversary that leaves acidic pools on the ground, dealing substantial damage over time. Stay focused and avoid the deadly charge to emerge victorious.

Vendors: Unlock vendors that can provide you with essential gear and resources, aiding you in your journey through the treacherous Fractured Peaks.

Side Quest “Hammer of the Champion”: In the Bear Tribe Refuge town, undertake the side quest “Hammer of the Champion.” As part of this quest, your objective can be found within the Rimescar Cavern. Seek out the objective on an impaled, frozen corpse as you navigate through the cavern.

Diablo 4 Hammer of the Champion


In Diablo IV, overcoming the strong Malnok Stronghold and negotiating the perilous terrain of the Fractured Peaks need both bravery and cunning. No of your level of experience, the obstacles inside the fortress will test your resolve as you proceed. You can free the town from the Khazra's ice power by using this guide to unearth the frightening truths that are kept there. The path to success is solving the storm's mysteries, defeating the Ice Clan Stormcallers, dealing with the deadly Frosthorn, and bringing back the centre of Malnok to its former splendour. After the battle, you will have access to vendors & side quests that will further enrich your exploration of the Fractured Peaks, as well as hidden riches like the Anica's Claim Side Dungeon & the Rimescar Cavern. Get ready for an epic journey in the world of Diablo IV that will test your abilities, reward your tenacity, and leave you with lifelong memories.

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