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Elite: Dangerous Beginner's Guide for Getting Started

Elite: Dangerous is a space simulator developed by Frontier Developments. It has been out on the market for almost three years now and has already attracted a large community of over 1 million players. Elite: Dangerous has been developed for those who want to be free and make their own choices in space travel. As a result, Elite: Dangerous has won many awards, including "Best game of the year" in 2014. Elite: Dangerous provides a huge universe constantly evolving where every player can be what he wants with his ship and actions.

Getting Started

When you first start Elite: Dangerous, you'll be given a small ship with a few credits to get you started. You can use this to explore the nearby systems, jump from planet to planet, or visit one of the many stellar bodies. Elite: Dangerous is a very open-ended game, so you can do anything.

First, you'll need to dock at the station and talk to the contacts there. They will give you missions to complete, allowing you to explore the area and make money. As you progress through these missions, your reputation will increase. This will enable you to buy better ships and get better missions.

As your reputation grows, you will access different systems, allowing unlimited freedom. Elite: Dangerous is a game that allows you to play in any way imaginable. You can do everything the game offers in any order you want.

Elite Dangerous Gameplay

Importance of Tutorials

Elite: Dangerous is a very complex game. This is why tutorials are so important. They will guide you through the game and teach you how to play it. Elite is a classic space simulator, but it can initially be overwhelming. Learning all the features will take some time, but you'll eventually find that Elite is a very fun game. 

  • Elite: Dangerous Tutorial is the first step to entering the game. After creating your account and selecting a ship, you will be allowed to learn how to play Elite. 

  • The tutorial is divided into several chapters that will introduce you to all the features of Elite: Dangerous. You will learn everything from docking with a station to more complex mechanics such as exploration and trading.

  • The tutorial is not mandatory; you can skip it if you want. However, we suggest you complete it because it's an excellent way to learn the basics of Elite and all its features. When you finish the tutorial, there are many things you can do in-game. 

  • The first thing we suggest is to read the in-game tutorial. It's a handy tool that will guide you on your first steps in the game.

Squadron Details

Squadrons are one of the best ways to make money in Elite: Dangerous. Find a good trade route, and you can do a lot of trading. If you want to take advantage of the best trade routes, join a squadron. Squadrons have many tools to help you make money.

Earning money in the game is easy if you know the right routes. You can make a lot of money trading different goods between different systems. 

  • However, it's hard to find the right trade route by yourself. If you want to find a good trade route, squadrons are ideal. In a squadron, you can share trade details with other players. Members of the squadron can help each other by sharing trade routes and information about the best trade routes.

  • Squadrons can also help you make money in other ways. For example, some offer missions and bounties that pay out very well. In addition, there are several ways to do piracy in Elite, and squadron members can share this information.

Luckily, this is not the only way to earn credits in Elite: Dangerous, as you can also take help from the shop to buy credits.


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Elite Sangerous Squadron

What are the different types of squadrons?

There are several types of squadrons in Elite: Dangerous. Some focus on trading, while others focus on combat or exploration. You must choose a squadron that suits your style of play. If you've been playing for a while, there is a good chance that you already know what type of player you are. However, if you are new to the game, it might take some time to figure out what type of player you are.

  • If you are a combat player, you should consider joining a combat squadron. These squadrons typically specialize in bounty hunting, piracy, or both.

  • You can find information about these types of squadrons on this site. Combat squadrons typically require that you have a combat rank of at least 2 before applying to join one.

  • If you are an explorer, you should consider joining an exploration squadron. Exploration squadrons specialize in finding new systems and making money from the resources that can be found there. You can find information about these types of squadrons on this site.

  • Exploration squadrons typically require that you have a rank of at least 1 before applying to join one.

About the Codex

The Codex is a comprehensive database of all the information available in Elite: Dangerous. It includes details on every starport, system, planet, and combat rank. 

Elite Dangerous Codex

Importance of Engineering

Engineering is a very important profession in Elite: Dangerous. This profession allows you to modify and improve the performance of your ship. Engineers can be found at starports, where they work in the local shipyard. From there, they can purchase blueprints and materials and manufacture modifications for various ships. 

If you are an engineer and have the appropriate materials and blueprints, you can manufacture modifications to your ship. Modifications requiring an engineer rank of at least 1 before manufacturing are indicated on the Codex.

About Combat Ranks

Combat ranks are one of the most important concepts in Elite: Dangerous. Your combat rank is a reflection of how powerful a pilot you are. Typically, only members with a combat rank of at least 2 will be considered for membership in a squadron.

  • Combat ranks are also used to determine whether or not you have the appropriate skills and materials to manufacture certain types of modifications. Typically, only engineers with a combat rank of at least 3 can manufacture modifications requiring an engineer rank of at least 3.

  • Combat ranks are increased by destroying NPC ships in combat that have a combat rank higher than your own. Combat ranks are reduced by taking damage or eliminating NPC ships in combat that have a combat rank lower than your own.

  • You can find an NPC ship's combat rank by looking at its name's color in your HUD on the left side of your scanner. The color will be green if the NPC has a combat rank lower than your own or red if it has a combat rank higher than your own.

  • Combat ranks can also be increased by earning credits in combat. 100 credits = 1 combat rank point. In addition, killing an NPC ship will award you with credits based on its bounty.

Practice Docking

In Elite: Dangerous, you have to dock your spaceship. To do this, you'll have to line up with an airlock and slow down gradually so you can drift into the hangar and press the green button. This is easier said than done, though. First, you must be careful of the gravity pull of different celestial objects in space. You must fly at low speed and use the RCS thrusters to maneuver your spaceship. It's not as simple as it sounds.

  • To practice docking, head toward a planet and approach the space station orbiting it. Then, keep your distance from the planet and slowly enter the station. 

  • If you're close to the space station and can't see any airlocks, zoom out of the station and then zoom back in to see if they're there. 

  • Even if you can't see them, they should be there so long as you're close enough to dock.

  • When you get closer, switch to docking mode on your HUD. You'll see a green circle around your ship - your target area. 

  • You have to keep the green circle inside the green square inside the blue circle, which is the docking area.

Elite Dangerous Docking

Ships to look for:

Elite; Dangerous is a fun game to play. You can play as a trader, bounty hunter, or pirate. In this guide, I'll show you some of the best ships to buy in Elite: Dangerous. These ships are both good for combat and trading. 

The Vulture

The Vulture is the most popular ship in the game. It's cheap, fast, agile, and has a good jump range. The Vulture can be used as either a fighter or a trading ship. This ship is popular with pirates because it's easy to make and steal.

The Imperial Clipper

The Imperial Clipper is a vast and luxurious ship perfect for traders. It's big, so it's slow, but it's very durable and can carry a lot of cargo. This ship isn't very maneuverable, so it's not good for dogfights. It has a jump range of 1 light year.

The Keelback

The Keelback is a small and fast ship that's very popular with pirates. It's a minimalist design, so it's easy to make and steal. It can be used for dogfights too, but it's better for trading. The Keelback can carry lots of cargo and has a jump range of 1 light year.

The Cobra Mk III

The Cobra Mk III is a popular ship with traders because it can be upgraded to hold a lot of cargo. It's not very fast, but it's maneuverable. This ship isn't good for dogfights, but it can defend itself if you know what you're doing. This ship has a jump range of 1 light year.

The Viper

The Viper is an excellent all-around ship that's popular with bounty hunters. It's fast and maneuverable, so it's good for dogfights. It can also be used to trade but can't carry much cargo. The Viper has a jump range of 1 light year.

The Imperial Courier

The Imperial Courier is a big ship used by the Imperials. It's a fast ship that can hold lots of cargo and has a jump range of 1 light year. It's not very good in dogfights, but it can defend itself if you know what you're doing.

The Asp Explorer

The Asp Explorer is a small and fast ship used by the Federation. It's good in dogfights and can be used for trading.

Elite Dangerous Ships


As you can see, there are many different ships in Elite: Dangerous. Depending on your playstyle, there's a ship for you. And if you don't like the ships included in the game, you can always create your own using the ship customization system! Hope this guide will help you get a better understanding of the game. 

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