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Elite: Dangerous Bounty Hunting Guide

In Elite: Dangerous, bounty hunting is a very entertaining and practical way to earn credits, even if it only involves NPCs. This article gives a detailed guide on bounty hunting to make the most money per hour. Your straightforward objective is to: a Viper with beam lasers and many weapons on gimbals.

You should understand a few things before you begin working as a bounty hunter. Which vessels should you employ? What is the most efficient means of generating income? Which weapons should you equip your spacecraft with? Here is all the information a novice bounty hunter should know.

How Bounty Hunting Works?

Bounty hunting is relatively easy, especially for a novice. You should target NPC pirate ships or ships with contracts placed on them by some of the game's smaller factions. The Kill Warrant Scanner is a crucial component of any Bounty Hunter quest.

You can scan approaching ships with this ship improvement to determine whether or not they have a price on their heads. Simply assign it to a fire button and aim it towards approaching ships to utilize it. A bounty has been set on any highlighted ships, making it simple to enhance your final payout.

Thinking about how to obtain a bounty voucher? Sure, blow the ship up.

Before firing, just make sure you have scanned a ship and verified its bounty. If you fire on a random spacecraft in any Resource Extraction Site where NPC security is present, you will probably become their next target. Not the greatest for beginners. These security patrols use more advanced aircraft.

Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunting

First Step as Bounty Hunter

If you specifically acquired Elite Dangerous to test out the mechanics of bounty hunting, you will begin the game with the Sidewinder. Every new pilot starts with this little ship, which is more than capable of dealing damage and racking up early rewards at one of the opening Resource Extraction Sites despite its small size and appearance.

The following is a general introduction to bounty hunting:

  • Visit a site where resources are extracted.

  • Flying and spotting ships with rewards is good practice.

  • You must fire the final shot at a spacecraft to earn the bounty.

  • You won't have to do all the work yourself because you may assist other NPC ships pursuing the reward by following them and helping them take them out.

  • By joining a wing, you can collaborate with some other ships at your RES. If you're not in a wing, the bounty will go to the player who fired the final shot. All players that damaged the ship in a wing receive the bounty voucher.

Some of the processes stated above can be tiring and a little time-consuming. If you want to make some purchases and get ahead in the game faster, you can buy credits using real money.

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Best Ship for Beginner in Bounty Hunter: Eagle Mark 2

In Elite Dangerous, the Eagle Mark 2 is the closest thing to an X-wing you'll find. It has a powerful punch and is inexpensive. It is also the perfect ship for a novice pilot, costing only 44,000 credits. Don't be fooled by the Eagle's modest price; with the right player, it has all the makings of a practical bounty-hunting vessel. The details are as follows:

  • The Eagle's pre-set top speed is 240 m/s.

  • It has one of the most excellent maneuverability ratings of any spacecraft in Elite Dangerous, at 7.

  • Three minor hard points on the Eagle make it perfect for some powerful weapons.

Elite Dangerous Eagle Ship

Don't Hit the Eagle, He Has Terrible Shields

The Eagle's mobility is by far its greatest asset as a bounty hunter, and you'll need it because this ship's defenses are essentially useless. Any kind of damage will cause the Eagle to be annihilated. However, it can avoid other ships attempting to overtake you because of its quick turns and stay hidden behind opposing ship turrets.

Utilize the benefits of the Eagle with this example build:

Thrusters, a power plant, lightweight alloy (these are your basic internal options), Shield Generator, Eagle Multi-Cannon, Beam Laser - every bit of armor is going to help and is vital. These are the kinds of weapons you should explore with. Kill Warrant Scanner - more on the significance of this in a moment.

How to find ships with bounties on them?

Bounty Hunters use a variety of tactics to increase their chances of locating respectable ships to destroy. As ships slow to dock, many bounty hunters will wait outside stations to inspect various spacecraft. They might even wait atop Fleet Carriers in orbit. You should do this if you're a more seasoned pilot because many of the docking ships will be other gamers.

Elite Dangerous Ships

Visit a Resource Extraction Site Players

NPCs and Resource Extraction Sites are frequently present at resource extraction sites. Because they prey on defenseless miners, pirates are the ideal prey for bounty hunters. You are significantly less likely to find anything - or anyone - of worth if you are traveling to a remote asteroid ring. If you want to maximize your revenues, stay in populated regions.

Examine Nav Beacons

It's a good idea to go to a Nav Beacon for individuals who want to get going quickly and might be feeling a little more hesitant about their abilities. The NPC ships frequent these floating data locations. When you find a bounty, use the Kill Warrant Scanner to look for it and then start fighting. Simple.

Time to Upgrade

The Eagle may be inexpensive and great, but Elite Dangerous is brimming with intriguing ships to test. Among the best ships for bounty hunting are:

  1. Vulture: This spacecraft is incredible when built to the hilt, but maximizing its performance necessitates some skill (and credits).
  2. The Python is a formidable spacecraft, but with a Mass Lock rating of 17, it makes a great bounty hunter ship that can disable even larger vessels before fleeing.
  3. The Cobra Mark 3 is an all-around beast that can deal much damage for only moderate expense.
  4. The Asp Explorer is a spacecraft typically used for exploration, but with the right loadout, it may also be used successfully as a vehicle for bounty hunting.
Weapons to Use
  • Fixed Beam Lasers or Gimballed: The best energy guns in the game are those with a gimballed or fixed beam. They continuously damage shields at the expense of using a lot of power. The fact that it causes more destruction in the shortest time, which is ideal for destroying shields, makes it superior to Pulse or Burst Lasers. On most ships, fixed is preferable to Gimballed because it deals more damage, but on some ships, like the Viper, gimballed is preferable since it places hard points where the lasers would be.

  • Railgun: Strong kinetic weapon with a bit of ammunition and a high power need that deals much damage to the victim.

  • Dumbfire Fixed Missile Racks: These are currently the most potent kinetic weapons in the game. Make sure they are dumbfire because missile racks are less effective and more vulnerable to chaff and ECM than conventional missile racks. The only drawback to Missile Racks is that there isn't much ammo in them, so you must keep reloading. These should only be equipped if you are chasing a significant game for a bounty, like anacondas, as they can quickly demolish those ships for the enormous amounts of credits they offer.

  • Shield Cells: This module is crucial because it enables you to restock your shields if they are not collapsed swiftly. The best shield cells have several of them.

  • Kill Warrant Scanner: This is a must-have in an Anarchy area because it displays the bounty ships from other factions in your system.

  • Plasma Accelerator: A highly potent kinetic weapon with only one drawback: it requires a lot of credits to purchase, only comes in fixed, and needs a short recharge period after use.

More Tips

  • Knowing when to fight and the appropriate time to do so is key to bounty hunting. When you believe you are in immediate danger or start to sustain hull damage and think you can't pull off the kill, get out of there as soon as possible. If you have the upper hand, you should always go for the kill.

  • The location of the closest high-tech starport for ship upgrades and the key to your Cargo Scoop are two more essential pieces of information. You should also find the nearest black-market location if you take illegal cargo.
    Anarchy Systems and outposts lack safety containers, making them ideal for releasing illicit materials.

  • As quickly as feasible, a flying assistant can be disengaged while traveling straight away from the conflict. If your shields are down, press Silent Running to vanish from the radar of hostile ships.

  • Ensure that your subsystems, such as your drives, are attacked if the conflict seems to be going on for a while. It will disable your Frame Shift Drive, stop it from steering, and leave you defenseless.

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