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FFXI Clothcraft Guide

Clothcrafing is a fairly profitable mechanism in the game, or you can also use it for your benefit. Clothcraft refers to the making of Armor using various threads in the game. The only issue is that Clothcraft can sometimes be difficult to understand and requires thorough knowledge of everything from the threads to the armor types. For that specific reason, we compiled this FFXI CLothcraft Guide to help you out. So, without any further delay, let us hop into the details.

Tips for Clothcrafting in FFXI

The pattern you must follow in FFXI is turning Raw Materials into Threads and then using the Thread to make Cloths. There are a total of four various Synths. There is one more advancement that makes Cloth plus Threading to Clothing, resulting in the Clothcraft.

There are campers in which Selbina is your friend from which you will buy most of the stuff used in this guide.

From Fletching’s, you can get cheap materials, but they can be bought in bulk or stacked together. One of the fastest paths to profitable synths is through the materials from Fletching’s

Making your thread at some spot is essential which results in budget-friendly cloth than the ones purchased. But there are some times when you will find that buying the cloth/thread from Guildshops is exceptionally easier and cheaper. Always be open for bargains as they will save you some Gils.

Go for Cross Crafting often as Smithing, Leathercraft, and Bonecraft can be combined to make a profit with your Armor sets or just use them for other benefits.

For synthing, Cotton and Saruta Cotton Threads are pricey. You can make better use of them by selling them for a profit to Jeuno or you can make use of them in other things.

Beastmen drops are mostly neglected but don’t simply call them useless, as they can be desynced.

Clothcraft Guide with Levels

Level Zero to Ten

For Chocobo Fletching’s, you will need Win Crystal and Chocobo Feather. The Feathers are not pricey and you can’t sell them to make a profit, but for the first two levels, you can get somehow like this.

For Grass Thread, you will need two Moko Grass and Lightning Crystal. It is recommended to simply purchase the Grass Thread if you wanted to or in other terms, you can make it from Wind Crystal and Yagudo Necklaces. Still, it is important to note that the necklaces are more than the Grass Thread itself

To make Grass Cloth, you will need three Grass Thread and Earth Crystal. This stuff is really important and you need to store it as you will require it further into the game.

To make Cape, you will need two Grass Cloth and Earth Crystal. You can sell them to the NPC for profit, but keep some for yourself.

Level Eleven to Twenty

For Hachimaki, you will need two Grass Cloths and Wind Crystal. NPC them after having around eleven of them. It is hard to make the money between the Thread and Grass Cloth.

For Bronze Bed, you will need four Bronze Ingot, Two Cotton Cloth, Saruta Cotton, Fire Crystal, and Grass Thread. Furthermore, you will also need to upgrade the smithing to something around 19 levels. That is a lot for Bronze Bed, but the profit is surely worth the shot.

To make Linen Thread you will require two Flax Flowers and Lightning Crystal. Don’t make them, simply buy them at a price of around 187 from the airship vendor. The profit isn’t much and things are hard to this point, but to level up they are great and you can read up to around 16 to 17 levels.

To make Cotton Headband, you will need the Cotton Cloth, Earth Crystal, and Carbon Fiber. You can find the Carbon Fiber at Jeuno AH that makes you a few profits in between.

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Level Twenty-One to Thirty

To make Linen Cloth, you will need the Linen Thread (three of them) and the Earth Crystal. You will instantly hit level 22, but for a quick profit, you can stack the Thread and Cloth of Linen together. Further, they are quite useful in the Gobbiebag quest as well.

To make Yagudo Fletchings, you will need two of the Yagudo Feather and Wind Crystal. Yagudo feathers are not that expensive and effortless to farm and you can NPC them because they are not profitable.

Heko Obi can be made from Cotton Cloth (two of these), Earth Crystals, and Grass Threads. You can get the cloth effortlessly at the guild shop and then NPC them to the guild itself. Don’t sell all of them or NPC them, save for the test item.

For Kaginawa, you need Manticore Hair, Earth Crystal, Grass Thread, and the Bronze Ingot. Furthermore, you will also require +15 on Smithing. It is important to note that the Manticore Hair don’t stack at all and they are also not commonly available, but they yield profit.

For the Fly Lure, you will need Animal Glue, Earth Crystal, Chocobo feathers, and Bat fang. It is both budget-friendly to make and sells well with a lot of profit. You require that 8-on bone craft for this, and also you can’t stack them.

Level Thirty-One to Forty

For Shinobi Tabi you will need two of those Cotton Cloths, Earth Crystal, Grass Thread, and Sarata Cottom. You can make decent money from this if you can watch out for the crafters with high levels.

Wool Cloth is made from the three Wool Threads and Earth Crystal, it is simple as that. You can use them in the Gobbiebag (2) and you can stack them to earn a lot of Gils. Further, they are also useful in the Power Bows and Wool Hats as well.

You can make Wool hats from Two Wool Cloths, Linen Cloth, Earth Crystal, Linen Thread, and Brass sheets. Goldsmithing is required to some extent around 20, but not more than that. They are further used in the quest of Mog house and their demand is consistent.

Level Forty-One to Fifty

Mohbwa Thread is made from two Grass Mohbwa and Lightning Crystal. It is rather versatile, as it sells easily and for a lot of profit. On Asura, you can sell two of these daily and make a living out of those.

To make Bird Fletchings, you need two Bird Feathers and Wind Crystal. They are cheap, easy to get, and useful.

For Velvet Cloth, you will need two Wool Threads, Earth Crystal and Silk Thread. There is another way of making this Velvet Cloth which is through Cotton. With the Cotton one, you can go for higher levels, and effortless when it comes to supply. But the Wool is cheaper and much more profitable.

Level Fifty-One to Sixty

Silk Thread required you to have two Crawler Cocoon and Lightning Crystal. For making you don’t require much, but the profit is only a little. From fifty to Seventy, this Silk is important as the whole way is referred to as the Silk Road.

To make Silk Obi, you require three Silver Threads and Earth Crystal. They are slower than most but have consistent sales. Still, they are much more limited than other silk materials.

For Silk Cloth, you do require three of those Silk Threads and earth Crystal. Your main source of income is from this and the Velvet Cloth. You can make a living from these alone, therefore stopping here with Clothcraft is possible.

Karakul Thread can be made from two of those Karakul Wools and Lightning Crystal. For the Clothcraft, the first one is the Karakul Cloth, which is also made from the Karakul Thread.

To make Karakul Cloth, you will require three Karakul Threads and Earth Crystal. Their main use if in the miscellaneous quests, Synergy Cuffs and AF, but their profit isn’t that great.

Level Sixty-One to Seventy

You can make Green Ribbons from Silk Cloth and Wind Crystal. For 2k, you can get them and for around 5k you can sell them on AH. If you like to craft them yourself then you can make them at 3k.

Hunters Cotton is made from the Distilled Water, three of those Cotton Thread, Carapace Powder and Earth Crystal. You will need Bonecraft at level 21 to make your powder here, while this material itself can only be used in the upgrade of AF.

To make Platinum Silk, you will require Silk Thread, Earth Crystal, and Platinum Ingot. The price to make these is high enough, as you require that 53 on Goldsmithing or you can make your ingot to keep the price down.

Black Chocobo Fletching’s are made from two Chocobo Feathers (Black) and Wind Crystal. As it is the final in our list, you need them for the Arrows of Demon.

Final Verdict

Clothcrafting takes a long way from the beginning to the end, as there are a lot of things that can earn you a profit, can either be used in specific items, or are just useless as of now. Final Fantasy XI has that inconsistency with the Clothcraft, but to learn things around the mechanism we have here FFXI Clothcraft Guide to help you out make various cloth crafts according to the levels.

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