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FFXI Gil Farming Guide 2022

Starting the journey of Final Fantasy XI, you might wander around collecting Gil as it is the main currency of the game. Well, with the right amount, you can do anything in the game, ranging from that equipment to rare Items and so on. Gils can be either purchased from a suitable seller or can be farmed in the game with various techniques. We compiled this FFXI Gil Farming Guide 2022 to mention the best ways in which you can farm Gil in FFXI. So, without wasting any more time, let us get started with the details.

Ways to get Gil in FFXI

There are a lot of ways in which you can Farm Gil in FFXI, but players get confused when performing certain tasks, as some give them a good amount for reasonable work, while others pay less for a hard task.

Below, we have some of the best ways to get Gil in FFXI that are not only simple but also easier to understand and do for beginners.

Quests Completion

The most basic and straightforward way of earning Gil in FFXI is through performing Quests. Every Region and area has a specific type of quest waiting to be taken and completed by you and as a reward, you get certain items.

Some of the Quests are associated with traveling, as you are running around the world to complete those missions, while others simply need an item collection. Each of the Quests has a specific amount of Gils you get after completion.


Well, to earn Gils through fishing, you will have to invest a few of Gils in equipment. In the long earn, this is the only method that works flawlessly and safely. Save a bit of Gil from start, until you will have a lot of currency on hand. The only thing you will require for Fishing is a Bait and a Rod.

Every location or specifically a town has that area where you can start fishing. Simply choose a location, cast the line and you will trap some fish. Have a lot of them with you and sell them for some Gil. It is simple and easy, what more do you want?

Fields of Valor

This is the best option to gain Experience in-game, while you can also earn a decent amount of Gil from Fields of Valor. So, it is a book that is just outside the town and provides you with challenges. These challenges are mostly related to defeating monsters in bulk.

After you complete a challenge or specifically defeat enemies in an area, you will be provided with Gils and bonuses. You can also call it farming because it can be done again to gain experience and earn in-game currency.

Farming Gil

You can patch up Farming in every way of earning Gil in Final Fantasy XI. Farming means beating enemies or monsters again and again to earn items. You can then sell these items to earn Gil. In certain conditions, some quests are associated with Farming, or like Field of Valor, you will automatically be doing Farming.

Being something that can be done at any stage of the game, you will surely find it exceptional in contrast to other methods. There is no limitation here, you can do it yourself anytime and anywhere. There are specific locations from which you can defeat monsters and earn Gils from them in large amounts.


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Farming Gil Locations

When you are starting with the game, you will get around a 2mil government checks from Accolades or Sparks. Once you start farming that Ambuscade, you will get some good equipment for further game.


At that time, when you are going after Ambuscade, your job is truly to focus on the armor and capes. Heavy Metal Plates, Alexandrite’s, Bayld High Purity, etc. are worth a lot of Gil in FFXI. But they are great for the late game as well, still, your weekly gain is nothing in comparison to this armor.


After gaining Ambuscade Gear that is powerful from the starter gear, your job is to go for Omen. The good side of Omen is that you will get amazing accessories for boss farm, but you will require some friends by your side for this. If your journey is Solo, you can keep the Crystal along the expensive journey and get you around 100k for each crystal you sell.


Going after Omen will make you stronger gear wise and then you can move toward Dynamis-D, but they require the levels of Dynamis to be cleared first. If you have around three or more people, you can enter the Dynamic-D. The monsters there are good with fights, so be careful and farm a lot.

Find a job that is associated with this location and you can unlock a special relic armor slot. For each wave you kill, you will have +3 unlock, while the Relic Armor Slot unlocks that +2. The process itself is time taking and around four cycles can give you that special Relic Armor Set (+2 or +3). Simply build the Relic Armor Set and sell it afterward for some instant Gil gain.


In comparison to both Dynamis-D and that Omen, Delve is effortless and needs only 3 to enter the location. You will get materials that are associated with the upgrades of Relic here. Simply sell them to gain instant Gil or keep it to yourself for difficult situations.


Last but not least, when you have all the equipment and experience from your previous journey, you will be ready for Odyssey. It is the end of Farming Gil and requires Segment Farming. Be flexible here and you can get your hands on some special gear here that can sell for a lot of Gil in-game.

The only thing you need here are three various jobs minimum and it is better if you find each of them with different roles. This will allow the bosses to function as they should and make a lot of Gil’s from bosses. If you don’t want to do mosses, Odyssey can earn you around 500k to 1 million Gils. Just focus on your Gear and job to make it worthwhile.

Final Verdict

Gil is the main currency of the game and you do require it to move forward in-game. There are multiple ways in which you can gain them in the game, like doing quests, doing fishing, completing challenges, and that good old Farming method. Typically Farming is involved everywhere as you need to collect items and sell them

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