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FFXI Leveling Guide 2022

With some changes in the game itself, leveling in the realm of Final Fantasy XI isn’t that much headache now. You can gain massive EXP in a short time, but the problem here is finding a good route in-game. Don’t worry because here we have FFXI Leveling Guide 2022 to help you with leveling. So, without any further ado, let’s hop into the details.

Getting Started with Guide

So, for this guide, you will have to first get the Trust Request (activate), and bring along some of the EXP boosting accessories in a game-like Destrier Beret and so on. Lastly, it is not essential but you should bring Records of Eminence where it is required.

You might ask, what is the reason for bringing Records of Eminence if it is not essential? Well, it can make things easier for you, especially your journey and it is also exceptionally effortless to unlock.

EXP gains are mostly from the objectives that are available for a limited time, you need to keep an eye out for them as well. In a certain area, some limited-time quests will get along very well like the Vanquish Undead and so on. As everything is clear now, let us move into the guide itself.

Leveling Guide

As a guide, we will go through the beginner level to the pro level, guiding you along the journey in detail. Each level jump has a specific area in which you can gain EXP and level up faster. The levels in Final Fantasy XI start from 1 and go through 99.

Level One to Level Ten

Gustaberg and Sarutabaruta Ronfaure

This is the first step to FFXI and the main zones for this level are Sarutabaruta, Ronfaure, and Gustaberg

All of the mentioned places are not that far off and you can find them around the main city, just outside. Time to put the boosts for EXP that we mentioned and move to the places.

Your aim here is to pick a fight with an enemy who is around level one to level three, which is higher than your level. For this scenario, your best bet is Fields of Valor. Being the starting level, this part is somewhat straight, and in under a few minutes to 10 minutes, you will reach level 10.

Furthermore, you can expand from these spots to other locations on the outer side to earn EXP on the next levels.

Level Eleven to Twenty

Gushen Mines

If you don’t like Magic or Blunt damage, you can find this place to be really tough. Your job here is to focus mainly on the Skeletons while using that Page 1 Grounds of Valor.

The only thing you need to be careful about is your health. In case the health bar falls too much and reaches the yellow spot, the blood aggro will build up. The aggro will cause sudden death because the skeletons will start jumping on you.

Note: It is important to note that you might get scared or hyped from that Loud Siren. Certain cases cause it to ring, but you don’t have to worry about what happens after the siren. It is just that, it spooks players.

Valkurm Dunes

Here, you will need to kill those nasty lizards with Field of Valor Page 1. Be careful, sand hare is appearing after some time. If you are new to this location, it is essential to watch out for Goblins because they do deadly damage.

This is just the Starting of Dunes, as you proceed further into the area, you will find more enemies that give you better EXP. If you find yourself to be strong in this area, you can begin this level from Page 3, allowing for an opportunity for Crabs and Damselflies.

Level Thirty to Forty-Five

Qufim Island

From the Training Page three, four, and five, you can go for the Clippers, Gigas, Acrophies, and Greater Pugil. For the Level 30 players, things might be really difficult, but once you are achieving level 33, you will start to enjoy this stage.

You just need to watch out for one thing, which is the Cermet Walls and the weapons near them. These are the magic aggro ones and you need to be aware of them.

East Ronfaure

This zone is also referred to as the Wings of Goddess, but to fight in this area, you need that good old Sigil. Further, you will find Ladybugs and Colibris here to fight. This is no specific fighting style or manual here for you to read.

One thing to keep in mind is not using Food as the enemies can steal that buff from you, resulting in more difficulty. It is relatively simple and good for these levels, as nothing is complex for this spot.

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Level Forty-Five to Fifty-Five

Escha ZiTah

If you completed the Lion’s Roar and went deep into the Rhapsodies of VanaDiel, then you have an opening to get boosted EXP for leveling here. The enemies you need to be looking for are Eschen Crawlers and Worms.

There is no complexity here as well, everything is simple and easy to locate. Start with the worms and you can make that way to the crawlers. One tip is to have Dispel and Silence with you as the enemies can make use of strong spells and cause you trouble.

Bostaunieux Oubliette

Not a pleasant place to be as it is a sewer-based spot. Simply get that Page 2 Training and fight with Werebats or Funnel bats. Noting too shabby here, just look after those dangerous Hounds because of Blood Aggro. Our recommendation for passing this spot for Leveling up is Sneak.

Level Fifty-Five to Sixty-Five

Kuftal Tunnel

Get your hands on that Page 1 Training and fight with Sand Lizards or Crabs (Robber). Simply watch your back as the hunts cause HP/Sound Aggro, resulting in a bit of trouble. With them being killed, you can get levels quickly in Final Fantasy XI.

Wajoam Woodlands

This is a wonderful place to be, as you don’t have to move anywhere else. Simply stay here and fight to get around ten levels quickly. Here, you will be needing the Sanction, which you can get from that Whitegate yourself.

Outside the walls of the city, you need to focus mostly on the Lesser Colibri and don’t use food in any case. As we already mentioned, they will steal the buff from you. With sound and Health at night time, the Fomors (Undead) can also come and become a hurdle in the way.

Levels Seventy to Eighty

Zeruhn Mines

One of the most popular spots for players of Final Fantasy XI, you can make use of that Page 5, 3, and 5 for the Convenience. In the mines, you will need to go a bit deep into higher levels and focus on anything you see as an enemy. Killing enemies like Burrower Worms and bats will get you a lot of EXP for leveling.

Escha ZiTah

Furthermore, you can also go into this area and kill Wasps, Eschen Goobbue, and Snapweed to get some EXP. This area is filled with these monsters to kill and gain some levels easily. Wasps are dangerous as they make use of that Final Sting when you are in a lower health portion.

Levels Eighty to Ninety

Dangruf Wadi

For XP farmers this area is a real gold mine and it is also very versatile. Get yourself some EXP Rings for this area, as they will come in handy and allow for a quick level up. Primarily, your job here is to get Page 5 Training. This will allow you to reach I-8 after a geyser launches you upwards.

Simply kill the Witchetty Grubs along with those Headsmen (Goblins) to reach level 85. Now turn to the Page 8 Training and move a bit deep to Natty Gibbons and Trimmers. Fight them to get around level 90. If you have those Rings, you can go well around level 92 or 93 with these spots.

Level Ninety to Ninety-Nine

Lastly, in this FFXI Leveling Guide 2022 we have reached the end. For these levels, we have various spots for various players. You can simply pick the one you like for leveling up from 90 to 99.

Ceizak Battlegrounds

Get yourself that Ionis Buff and go into this crowded place. The reason for the crowd is the Adoulin area which is a bit into depth here. Clean the area from Blanched Mandrogora and go around the coastline. Everything is straightforward, just keep the Sleep Effect AOE into consideration as well.

Gustav Tunnel

After reaching the Gustav Tunnel, you can turn to the Page 8 Training and go deep into the cave. Fill your pockets with Invisible or even Sneak for this area, as it will save you some time on Skeletons or Goblins.

Reaching the I-7, you can fight with the Pygmytoise and Eaters Boulder to Level up fast and reach the end soon. Again, a fairly simple and easy way for players to Level up.

Rala Waterways

For the expansion of Seekers of Adoulin, this is a fairly good spot for leveling, but bring some of that Ionis before jumping into depths.

In the Rala Waterways, you can fight with the Barnacle Crabs and the Depth walker Crabs. They are not that difficult for gaining easy EXP, but the real issue is Slimes. If you are not using Magic, then they are the tricked fellows to beat in the game.

Yahse Hunting Grounds

If you don’t like the Ceizak Battlegrounds, then this place is definitely for you to level up. Same as always, bring that Ionis with you to this spot. Here your target is mainly the Calfcleaving Chapuli and farming them will give you a handsome amount of XP. They are heavy hitters, but you can defeat them without any issue.

Final Verdict

As of now, leveling in Final Fantasy XI is easy. You just need to slowly climb up the ladder and make use of specific farming locations. For farming, you do require some accessories at each level, but to wind things up, the enemies aren’t that difficult to defeat. For this reason, we have here FFXI Leveling Guide 2022 to help you with farming spots and guide you in gaming easy XP by defeating enemies.

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