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FFXI RDM Gear Guide

There are various job classes in Final Fantasy XI, but out of the bunch, the most versatile is Red Mage, also known as RDM. They come with the ability of both Black Mage and the White Mage, which makes them dangerous while having the fighting style with daggers and swords.

It is included in the six main base jobs when you are beginning things out. Red Mages are not only great in magic enfeebling, but they are also exceptionally useful in party support, melee damage, elemental damage, healing, and so on. The job is mostly made for the dagger and sword, but you can make use of their weapons as well.

Well, that is not all to the FFXI RDM, as you don’t know which gear is perfect for this job. For that reason, we compiled this FFXI RDM Gear Guide to help you out in your Red Mage journey.

RDM Gear Guide

When we are talking about RDM, the real confusion begins with the Equipment or Gear. You can take on various roles with Red Mage that result in your inventory being compromised. It depends on yourself which path is best for you, like taking the enhancing path or the enfeebling path of the job. Therefore, to make things easier, below we have all the gears mentioned in detail.


Important: For the Artifacts, the most important are Atrophy Gloves (+3), Atrophy Tights (+3), and Atrophy Tabard (+3)

All of the above should be +3 because they play exceptional roles in the duration of magic. This works out great for the Savage Blade, as the body armor is great for accuracy, legs for skill enhancement of magic (Enspels and Temper), and curing.

Not Important: For the Artifacts, the not important gear includes Atrophy Boots (+3).

They are only usable when you are actually on the side of tanking, while you also have a shield and sword in your hand. This is an uncommon situation for RDM, otherwise, there is no need of getting that Atrophy Boot.


Important: For the relic, you can get the Vitiation Chapeau (+3), Vitiation Gloves (+3), Vitiation Tabard (+3), and those Vitiation Boots (+3)

One of the best Relic Head Gear is that Chapeau and it allows for enhanced Magic (Enfeebling). This works out great for Savage Blade Piece. There are a lot of good things with the tabard like Enhancing the Duration, Skill of Magic, quick casting, Cursna Healing magic, and so on.

Gloves here can provide you with the gain spell enhancement and are termed as the peak of magic skill enhancement as well. Finally, the boots provide you with increased Enfeebling and when you put on those Immunobreak, things get pretty wild.

Situation Dependent: Here, you can go for the Vitiation Tights (+3).

For the damaged setups like Enspell, you surely need these Relic, but you can change them for something else to booth other aspects.


Important: Much about everything included in the category of Empyrean is important. Here, the whole set is essential as it gives you that Composure set bonus as well after the use of Enhancement. While using the Enfeebling Magic with an increased duration from Saboteur Activation, you will need to change the hands with Antropy Gloves (+2) and also use the Lethargy Gantherots (+1).

The body in this set is great for spells like Distract and Frazzle, while the legs play a role in the Spells associated with Refresh. Finally, the feet are good for Duration enhancement and Skill Enhancement.


There are a lot of weapon choices for RDM or Red Mage in FFXI, but everything finally depends on the situation. Out of the bunch, you will have to decide to choose the best one for yourself, as it will ease up the difficulty.

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Dream Weapons

With the Red Mage, you can pretty much use various Ultimate Weapons. Each of the weapons has a specific benefit or unique set of features that make the situation great.

Crocea Mors: It is one of the main Dream Weapons of Red Mage, while you get this from after the Dynamic Divergence. When talking about accuracy, this weapon truly shines along with good booth to your health and great damage.

Path C of this weapon gives you around 500 percent increased damage Enspell, 100 percent damage for weapon skill elemental. All in one, this is the ideal choice for players who are looking to make the top Red Mage weapon but lacks in the offhand.

Almace: Also known as the Empyrean Sword, it is a well-suited offhand weapon. That beautiful 50-plus Dexterity with this weapon gives you a critical boost, exceptional damage boost, and good accuracy. You can get that triple damage in less time with that Chant Du Cygne Weapon skill, making it one of the most powerful weapons for Red Mage. You can get this weapon from the Trial of Magians.

Murgleis: It is the Mythic Red Mage weapon in our FFXI RDM Gear Guide. It has the sweetest magic accuracy when you are at the R 15 level. Furthermore, it will increase that Death Blossom to around 30 percent enhanced damage, while you can change that Convert to the good old Elixir. Its weapon skill is Death Blossom which increases the evasion magic. Finally, it is a piece weapon that can be equipped from Mythic Weapon Quest when you choose that Vigil Weapon Vorpal Sword

Excalibur which is a Relic Sword and Mandau which is a Relic Dagger is great for Red Mage as well.

Non-Dream Weapon

There are a lot of non-dream weapons you can go for; therefore, we will divide them into weapons, daggers, clubs, Staffs, and Bows.


In this category, you can go for the;

Naegling: An Ambuscade Sword upgradation that is great for fighting solo.

Kaja Sword: A strong substitute for the non-dream choice and it is the best damage option for the savage blade.

Colada: Until you get your hands on the Dream weapon or that beautiful Ambuscade, you will be using Colada, as it is a great offhand weapon.

You can also go for the Pukkulatmuj (+1) or the Demersal Degen (+1) if you like


There is a minute difference between daggers and swords when it comes to the combat rating. Some of the best choices are;

Tauret: When you are using Sanguine Blade and want to pair something with Crocea, this is your best bet. This dagger is fast, has good damage, comes with a mix of stats like Dex/Int/Mind, and has that beautiful accuracy on top.

Kaja Knife: After Ambuscade, you will get this dagger in a quest and termed the best option for Evisceration. When you want a magic dagger in your offhand, then Kaja Knife is your best bet.

Other Choices are Gleti’s Knife for Dex/Critic/Offhand, Crepuscular Knife for CDC Spam, and Ternion Dagger (+1) for evasion/accuracy/offhand


Clubs are not the best choice with Red mage, as their usability with skill is low, rather they are used for magic casting. The best choices are;

Daybreak: When you are using Clubs for magic, the winner is Daybreak as its stats are off the charts. Ranging from magic evasion, cure, refresh to magic accuracy, attack bonus for magic, and +50 elemental damage, you can’t compare this club with others.

Bunzi’s Rod: For burst and accuracy, this cub is truly a good choice and is often referred to as the twin of Daybreak with few changes. It focuses mainly on the Cure, Nuke, Burst Magic, and so on.

Maxentius: Ambuscade Club has a final form known as Maxentius. It comes with that sweet bonus attack on magic and good accuracy. When you are thinking about Nuking or that enfeebling magic, then Maxentius is the top candidate.


For the Red Mage, there are quite a few options when it comes to staff. Some of the good options are mentioned below

Contemplator (+1): For enfeebling, this staff is the right choice. When you are mainly casting Distract or Frazzle at level three, then you can’t go wrong with the Contemplator staff. You can make it up a notch with the Odyssey upgrade

Grioavolr: A versatile staff that can be customized to your liking. Either for Enfeebling or Nuking, you can make it work because of its accuracy, Intelligence, Mind, and other critical bonuses.


There is only one bow that you can use with the RDM, which is known as Kaja Bow or Ullr Bow. It is a really good option when you like to use Bow in FFXI instead of other weapons.

Kaja Bow/Ullr Bow: An Abuscade Upgrade that gives you a mixture of options and doesn’t need the use the Excalibur to close Light when you are using the Savage Blade. It has exceptional magic damage and accuracy, while it works great for silence, sleep, frazzles and bind.

Final Verdict

Red Mage is versatile and you pretty much can’t go wrong with it, especially talking about sets. The only thing that matters is your weaponry, artifacts, and relic, as they are meant for a specific playstyle each. RDM is strong because, for this reason, you can take a specific path for a specific situation. To understand this job, we have here FFXI RDM Gear Guide to help you understand things in a much simpler and easier way, while also giving you some of the best choices for situations.

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