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Final Fantasy XI Bard Guide
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Final Fantasy XI Bard Guide

Bards are a real activating element achieved by conquering many quests. It's the music that heals, defends, and attacks. The Bard jobs classify the sub-abilities of the effects and the advantages. Final Fantasy XI as a game represents the unique ecosystem with many additional user-friendly features. Here, the Bard is one of them that adds a better experience than the real-world presentation. So, the complete detailed description of Bard and the advantages of mastering the feature are discussed for the player.

About Bard in Final Fantasy XI

Bard is like another level as well as the leveling up element. If you are a Bard, then the parties will have good interests and benefit from you. The Bards don't have MP, but it has job benefits. Learning different uses of the abilities can be helpful in Bard. The Bard has a reputation that works in the game.

Getting into Bard

To become a Bard, the player needs to reach level 30 with the completion of many quests. Besides, the player can go through three quests to unlock the Bard and jobs. The first one is The Old Mountain which starts in Merry Minstrel in Lower Jeuno, where you need to speak to Metaire. From here, you will learn about a song rune in Buburimu Peninsula, and the song will give a cutscene. 

So, in the first phase, you need to find the keys to gather the information for the next quest, Minstrel of Despair. Here, you need to talk to Lewenhart and trade the rune back to Jeuno with some lead for the next quest. The Path of the Bard is the final quest where you will speak to Bki Tbujhja. She makes you find another rune on the hidden beach with a cutscene. Lastly, this last quest will lead you as a Bard.

Final Fantasy XI Bard


  • Strengthening party members' abilities is a must for members of a party for betterment.

  • It can refresh the MP and regen HP.

  • It lowers the downtime for the recovery of the player.

  • The songs of various types act according to their element and affect them similarly.

  • Along with the rank reward, the Bard music can be purchased from specific stores using the in-game economy.

  • Weakens enemies with the power of slow song.


  • Bards have comparatively less potential for enemy damage.

  • The power does not last long; the player must use the abilities multiple times to sustain the power.

  • Not having an MP affects the feature.

  • Only limited to the party.

Support jobs

The Bard has some job combinations that make the gameplay smooth. No doubt the jobs like Minute Effect, Lullaby duration, Marcato effect, and Tenuto effect are the basics of Bard. Still, some players recommend the perfect combinations called Sub jobs.

White Mage: It can be summoned as the best healing support and the most popular choice for the players. It saves and cures from extra HP and powerful equipment. Having WHM in level 32 uses Stoneskin for the removal of status.

Red Mage: It does not have the curing ability and tricks application same as WHM but is the fastest. Red Mage saves more time than other supporters to sing the song. The time is reduced by 2 seconds, i.e., from 8 seconds to 6 seconds for singing.

Ninja: The higher-level merit is used for pulling mainly. Though Bard is not recommended for soloing, the Ninja can be used if the player is still going solo. The weapons like daggers and small swords are used. It also manages the missed spells from other supports.

Beatmaster: It has comparatively higher Charisma than other supports. Makes it possible to charm the strong monsters as pets.

Final Fantasy XI Bard Guide

Bard Songs

The Bard has 75 songs, and adding the subcategories and tiers becomes 99. The songs are unlocked by leveling up the gameplay, and so the strength of the songs increases. Each Bard plays two songs at a party. A collection of all kinds of music like Madrigal, Paeon, Ballad, Minuet, and Lullabies benefits in all ways. The songs are also different elements like Earth, Water, Light, Ice, Wind, Lighting, Fire, and Dark.

From each level up, at least one song is unlocked. Players can also buy, but, the counties' rank affects it.

Singing the Songs

After reaching level 10, songs like Knight Minne, Valor Minuet, Foe Requiem, and Light Threnody are available with the features of defense, attack within the party, damage healing, and weakening the enemy attack, respectively. 

While entering the Bard, along with singing, small weapons like daggers should be carried by the player to make the attack effective. The songs can be sung one after another as no MP is required. However, 2 songs are allowed at a time in the fight for one Bard. You must use the limited songs during early levels to kill off the mobs first. As the level increases, the choice of an effective combination is important.

As of selecting a song according to the situation, Minne and Minuet are sung to cause the damage. Then, after controlling the situation, the requiem and Light Threnody must weaken the mob. Then, after playing the heavy moves, Paeon can be sung to maintain the life of the party WHM. Then, again the attack can be made in the loop. This is one of the promising ways for the Bard. The other support jobs come to the field when the level reaches 15.

The singing also includes instruments. One is a String instrument that covers a wider range, and another is Wind, which covers a smaller area but much more effectively. Even the songs are affected by the instruments. To be an efficient Bard, a player must know the productive use of the instruments and the songs.

Another advantage of Bard is the charm of Monsters. Lullaby makes the monster sleep, though it targets only one at a time. Threnody weakens the Monster. Likewise, other songs are affected in different ways. If you do not want to go this way to defeat monsters, you can use Gil Toss, which allows players to damage enemies by throwing money at them. If you are falling short of Gils, purchase them for real money from our website.

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Final Fantasy XI Bard Songs

Bard Advance Gaming Tips

The player must know where to invest and where to use the instruments. Ballad and March are required as a minimum when you reach the higher level. The wise play to lessen the song casting time and increase the effect is essential. The three Magic Skills, Singing, Wind, and String, are the key leveling elements of Bard. 

A great move is to start singing before the puller returns, to make the attack heavy, and sing Paeon when the mob is weak. To hit the tanks, you can use the Spirited Etude for far ranges. After every kill, there is a short period, so you need to buff the party after getting the mob for the next kill. Keeping a connection with other bards will help to heal more quickly and continue killing. The group of two Bards can be arranged as one healer and one attacker. Utsusemi must always be ready during the battle.

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