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Final Fantasy XIV Astrologian Guide

The only healer in the well-known MMO Final Fantasy XIV that starts above level one is the FFXIV Astrologian, making it a special game component. You need to learn a lot about the job, and this guide should help you understand what to anticipate. As far as the Astrologian is concerned, there is much to understand. Since Shadowbringers was first introduced, it has undergone numerous revisions because it doesn't quite operate similarly to other jobs with a comparable function. With that in mind, the following guide will outline what you should know at work and how you may benefit from it if you are ready to put in the effort to use it fully.

Currently, astrologians are the most adaptable healers. Astrologians can focus on being direct healers using their many sects, focusing on larger heals and healing over time abilities, or they can concentrate more on providing shields to their teammates. Astrologians can also benefit their comrades by consulting their astronomy knowledge and card reading. Finally, astrologists may deliver damage to both lone targets and enormous groups, just like all other healers can.

Final Fantasy XIV Astrologian

About the Astrologian Job

Your responsibility in this role as a healer is to keep your team members alive. It differs from other healers in that it focuses more on giving buffs than raw hit points, unlike the White Mage, which emphasizes raw hit points. Your team's boosts and powers will be determined by the cards you draw as the Astrologian from a deck of virtual playing cards.

In contrast, an Astrologian in Final Fantasy XIV also benefits from being a healer, which is a more uncommon class. Both the "Hero in Need" XP and the Gil advantages associated with daily roulettes have the potential to be quite helpful. Considering these attributes, the Astrologian is a straightforward job to level up compared to jobs like tanks and DPS, albeit they aren't always as simple to play.

How do you become an Astrologian?

With the Astrologian job, you'll notice a distinction in that players cannot immediately access it. You must have finished the whole "A Realm Reborn" campaign and reached the Heavensward expansion to access it. Ishgard will be accessible once you complete the "Before the Dawn" quest. To access the Astrologian, complete the "Stairway to the Heavens" quest in this area's Pillars section. Level 30 marks the start of this job class.

Astrologian Stances

Astrologians can adopt one of two stances. In addition, these stances further affect two talents, Aspected Benefic and Aspected Helios. At first look, that might not seem like a lot, but the stance effects of these two skills establish two very different play styles for Astrologians and their roles in raids.

When you play as a healer who relies on HoT, the Diurnal Sect stance increases your healing power by 10% and adds HoT benefits to Aspected skills.

Your stance when playing as a shielding healer is Nocturnal Sect. It increases your healing potential by 15% and gives Aspected skills a shielding effect.

Important Gear and Materia to Consider

Astrologians' primary duty is to offer reliable healing; hence "of Healing" sets are the greatest general-purpose equipment and accessories for players. These kinds of gear boost your Vitality and Mind stats. As a result, the HP and MP of those who wear these stats are greatly increased.

Astrologians employ these tools as weapons when reading the stars with their cards and lavishly decorated planispheres, star globes, and other astrological tools. Their primary armor is "Healing" gear, which they share with other healer classes and has a low physical defense and a strong magic defense.

Piety is perhaps the best stat for many support classes because it accelerates MP regeneration. However, due to the number of spells they cast, they frequently support lack of mana. Astrologians will ultimately reach a stage where they have nearly all of their HP remaining for most battles. When this occurs, this Materia can be exchanged for other merging components.

The second-best criterion for astrologians is Critical Hit. This characteristic makes it possible for skills to be both healing and destructive, which significantly increases this class's offensive power and endurance. Determination is a viable substitute because it gives damage and healing spells a general boost. Attacking is not the most vital skill for Astrologians; hence it is not particularly advised.

Spell Speed is another excellent material for this class, but it only works so long as the extended benefits of the materia outweigh the casting and recasting speed. Piety would typically be the most secure option out of all of these materials. However, the most excellent alternatives are Critical Hit and Spell Speed.

If you ever need to buy some gear or in-game resources, you can purchase some Gil and make purchases.

To aid you, you can also just visit MMOPixel and purchase some FFXIV Gil.

FFXIV Astrologian

Damage Causing Abilities

Astrologians possess a variety of easy harmful skills in addition to Macrocosmos. Despite not being as powerful as other classes, they are adequate for use. All of this support class's offensive abilities are listed below:

  • Fall, Malefic (I–IV), and Malefic is a single-target assault spell that players should frequently utilize. 

  • Combust (I-III) is a damage-over-time ability.

  • An AoE attack with a 5-yalm radius is called Gravity (I-III). After casting Earthly Star, the player can utilize the talent Stellar Detonation. It will activate Stellar Burst within the first 10 seconds of the AoE Heal, delivering 240 damage potency to enemies nearby. It will cast Stellar Explosion, a spell with a 10-second cooldown that has a 320-damage potency.

Cards possessed by Astrologians

While one of this class's primary characteristics is healing, its other fundamental element is what distinguishes it from supplementary supports. Playing cards after drawing them grants the group the necessary boosts. In addition to insta-cast enthusiasts, the Astrologian Cards are a crucial component of the job's toolbox because they bestow blessings.

The effects that the cards can produce range from damaging foes to bestowing substantial boosts. Astrologians can pull out and play a variety of cards. The items that players can draw from their deck and what they represent are listed below:

Blue Cards

For 15 seconds, these cards increase Melee DPS and Tanks' damage by 6% while granting 3% buffs to all other roles. This deck contains:

  • The Arrow

  • The Balance

  • The Spear

Purple Cards

 For 15 seconds, these cards increase ranged/magic DPS and healers' damage by 6% while giving other roles a 3% bonus. This deck contains:

  • Bole

  • Spire

  • Ewer

Minor Arcana

When you reach level 70, this ability becomes available. With this skill, players can draw either the Lord of Crowns or the Lady of Crowns to utilize in Crown Play. These two arcanas each have unique impacts. The first one will give all party members within a 20-yard radius an AoE Heal with 400 potency. While this is going on, Lord of Crowns will unleash an AoE attack of 250 potency that hits the targeted foe and every other foe in a 20-yard radius.


A situational talent should be used when you need to heal several targets, with the tanking player typically being the best choice. It is practically pointless when you wish to improve the healing power of a single target.

Collective Consciousness

It should be used to reduce incoming AoE damage by CD essentially. One of the best applications is on rephases because Celestial Opposition can extend it with subsequent damage buffs. Please be aware that you must stay for a few seconds while applying the buff. You might want to use it just because you want to increase your DPS because it has the most substantial HoT potency.

Celestial Opposition

The most dubious Astrologian skill. In our opinion, it should only be used to extend the party expanded buff. Never use it to grow your buffs; align it with applying party buffs if you want to do so.

Time Dilation

It should only be used to extend card benefits; however, it would be good if you extended other buffs (like those from suspected spells). The extension of Enhanced card versions is a better use, but keep in mind that the extension of the buff no longer stacks with your Draw CD.

Buffs to use as an Astrologian

  • Divination ups the party's damage output by 6%.

  • Exaltation: gives a target an 8-second boost that reduces damage taken by 8%.

  • Add-on barriers are provided for "Aspected" spells by the "Neutral Sect."

  • Collective Unconscious offers an AoE shield with regeneration benefits when inside the region.

FFXIV Astrologian Guide

Some Important Tips to keep in mind

  • You will encounter charge-up attacks with individual gauges once you have progressed to the later game content, such as dungeons, raids, etc. When you see this, remember that you will be viewing the mechanic's completion before the gauge reaches its full capacity.

  • Next, you should employ various sects for the task. The Nocturnal and Diurnal Sects, for instance, each have their advantages. Having the appropriate position is crucial if you are successful in identifying the patterns of the boss you are about to replace.

  • When you reach the later levels of leveling, you must maximize your damage buffs. This will play a crucial role in the upper levels of the profession. You'll need to draw and redraw cards for the procedure to take effect and maximize these buffs' effectiveness fully.

  • Before contemplating Aspected Helios, use Celestial Intersection.

  • Use Helios to deliver significant healing after Horoscope is activated.

  • Benefic II should always come after Benefic to heal Crit.

  • Aspected Benefic provides a barrier effect to Neutral Sect, so try pairing them together.

  • When the primary tank is ready to receive healing from Benefic II in an 8-man raid, it is preferable to set Synastry with the off-tank.

  • When employing Collective Unconscious, take care because the caster must remain still to prevent dispelling the power. Use this before party-wide damage is dealt with for the best results.

  • Before a teammate is struck by talent or a mechanism that does a tonne of damage, think about utilizing Celestial Interjection.

  • In addition to Macrocosmos, Microcosmos offers healing proportional to 50% of Macrocosmos damage.


Hopefully, you now have a clearer understanding of how to utilize the FFXIV Astrologian to your advantage. When compared to some of the other potential vocations in the game, playing as a healer might not be as simple. Despite this, it frequently ranks among the most satisfying. After all, it does get to benefit from some advantages that you wouldn't have access to if you were using it against heroes like DPS or tank characters.

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