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Guide to Master Levels in Final Fantasy XI

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One of the latest major updates for Final Fantasy XI brought a new leveling system into the mix, referred to as the Master Level. For the fans of FFXI, this was truly a shock because no new mechanism was introduced for the game for years now. But the Anniversary update finally bought something new for the fully capped out players to focus on and truly enjoy. So, here we have a Guide to Master Levels in Final Fantasy XI, where we discuss this new update in detail.

About Master Levels

The Master Levels are a new job advancement system that is only available for players who are at the status of Job Master. It was introduced in the 2021 Update for November (Anniversary of FFXI). 

The role of Master Levels is to make new base statistics and then allow the gamers to break the cap for levels of their Support Job. Another possible update on 2022 November will make the Master Levels Cap out at level 50

How to Unlock it?

The first and foremost thing is to level up one of the Jobs in the game till you have mastered it. Meaning there will be three stars on your head.

Then, you have to get the Master Breaker Key, which you can get from talking to the Nomad Moogle. After getting the Key, you will start earning the Exemplar Points, but whenever you kill an enemy or you also complete the Master Job.

Exemplar Points Gain

The number of points you will gain depends mainly on the enemy strength you are fighting. When you fight enemies that seem easier, you will also get a few points, while the Apex mobs drop in between 300 and 200 points. Still, the developers added completely new enemies in the game itself.

To find the new enemies, you can go to the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins and enter either one of the 4 portals. Right up front, you will find the Apex Mobs, which are great for party fights. You will find them extremely hard to solo kill besides the Apex Bats. These bats are not that hard to kill, while also providing you with between 300 and 200 Exemplar Points on each kill.

The benefit of Master Levels?

The cap or limit of Master Level is around level 40, but with the update, we mentioned it will be around level 50. Considering the level is 50, you will gain around fifty plus stats and the Sub-job level will also enhance to around 59. Further, with this enhancement, you will gain an increase in your main attributes with each level of Mastery.

There is also a point boost to your main combat skill and with each level, you will gain dual magic points and around seven of the hit points. Being a job with pets, you can gain evasion, defense, accuracy, and attack boost of around one and a half with each level. Only the Wyverns will have increased Health with the Mastery Points.

With every five levels of Mastery Points, you will have an increase by one with your Maximum Sub-job. Finally, the Level is also enhanced by an amount of 1 after getting an increase in the Mastery Level. With each kill, you get at as the level of Mastery enhances, you get only a few Exemplar Points. 

One important thing to consider here is that when you reach more than the level of 30, things start to get expensive. For this reason, you either need to farm your way or purchase the Gils from a suitable seller.

If you are looking for the cheapest and most secure seller to purchase FFXI Gil from, you can certainly take a look at MMOPixel.com Gil marketplace.

Changes to Subjob Abilities and Spells

With the Master Level update, there have been changes to the Sub-job as well. There are certainly some things that are not notable, while other changes are extremely notable like;


  • White Mages get to enjoy the most, as around Master Level 10, they can get the Curaga 3, with new spells introduced to the arsenal

  • At Master Level 5, the Red Mages have Enthunder 2 available, which is one of the best things for jobs with dual wield

  • Finally, at Master Level 35, you will get a magic attack boost extra level for the Black Mage. You will also get the Sleepga 2 for Black Mage with Master Levels.

Dragoon, Warriors, and Samurai

  • At Master Level 5 with Dragoon, you will get to experience Super Jump and at Master Level 30, you will gain WS Damage Boost 2.

  • With Master Level 45, the Warrior will gain Fencer 2 and initially, you will get a double attack boost for Warrior Subjob

  • For Samurai, at Master Level 5, you will get two things; the Zenshin 3 and the Store TP 3. 

Summoner and Scholar

  • At Master Level 30, you will gain the Avatar’s Favor, which makes the Sub-job of Summoner much better. 

  • When you reach Master Level 30, you will gain Cure 4 and at Level 5 with Scholar, you will get an additional Strataga, access to Stona, and a shorter time of recharge for Stratagems. 

Paladin, Bard, and Ranger

  • Reaching Master Level 5, you will get Raise, Defense Bonus 3, and Shield Mastery 2. But, once you reach Level 30, you will gain Holy and Cure 4 as well. 

  • At Master Level 40, you get to enjoy the Foe Requiem 5, you will gain access to the Dragonfoe, Dark Carol, Mambo, and Blade Madrigal, that included in the seven songs of Bard (extra)

  • For Rangers, you gain Accuracy Bonus Boost and also the Dead Aim 1. While reaching Master Level 10, you will get the Unlimited Shot.

Beast Master, Dancer, and Blue Mage

  • At Master Level 30, you will gain Resist Slow 3 and at Master Level 5, you will gain Aquan Killer or Best Master

  • For Dancer, you will gain Building Flourish and Contradance at Master Level 5. But, at Level 30, you will gain Chocobo Jig and Resist Slow 2. 

  • When you reach Master level 45, you get to unlock Light of Penance Auto Refresh for Blue Mage. Along with that, you also gain several new spells like Magic Fruit.

Corsair, Dark Knight, and Monk

  • For Master Level 5, you get Random Deal and Resist Amnesia 2 for Corsair

  • At Master Level 30, you will gain Smite 3 and Damage Limit 3 plus for Dark Knight

  • When reaching Master Level 10, the Monk has Kick Attacks but at Level 30, you get to unlock the Max HP Boost 5.

Ninja, Rune Fencer, and Thief

  • For Master Level 5, Ninja has Damage Limit 1 plus and Resist Bind 3

  • For Master Level 5, the Rune Fencer gains Valiance and at 35, gains Stoneskin. While reaching level 45, the Rune Fencer gains Foil

  • The thief will gain Damage Limit Boost and also Evasion, but at level 30, you will experience Triple Attack.

Final Verdict

Master Points gave a new life to the game and its jobs. The relatively new players can now aim for something higher, while the already leveled-up players can enhance their character even more. To help you understand the Master Points, we have here a guide on Master Points in Final Fantasy XI.

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