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Guide to Mastering Set Pieces in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 is truly begun, and scoring goals is critical, as it's for every FIFA. Set pieces can be a great way to score goals when you least anticipate it. This tutorial will teach you how to nail the set piece in FIFA 23 to begin hitting goals and surprising your opponents. These set-piece techniques can be used to score game-winning goals late in the match or to strike your rival for fouling your player in a risky region.

Free Kicks

Below is a step-by-step introduction to free kicks in FIFA 23:

  1. Change the direction of the ball using the left stick.

  2. Select a shot variety and add spin using the right stick.

  3. Hold down the shoot button to activate the projectile.

  4. Press the shoot button again to enable Timed Finishing for improved precision.

  5. Keep an eye on the ball as it flies into the goal.

Adding spin to the kick

You can add four different kinds of spin to the ball. Side spin, top spin, mixed spin, and a knuckleball are all options. The topspin and knuckleball are the ones you should concentrate on. Top spin is the most commonly used and can be implemented by the majority of free-kick takers; however, you might want to try a knuckleball with stars who possess greater shot strength, such as Cristiano Ronaldo. The game will teach you how to select different kinds of spin as well as how to execute them as you position up for the free kick.

The knuckleball

To successfully hit a knuckleball, you should be 30-40 yards away and use a player with more shot strength. You should also position the target circle in the upper right corner and instantly push the shoot button to set the target in place. Give optimum power and carry out the knuckle by flicking the right analog stick down, up, and then holding it down. Then lie back and observe as your well-placed free kick rockets into the upper corner.


The interface has not significantly altered when compared to free kicks. As you prepare to hit, your player will glance down the ball's trajectory. The symbol of a ball that shows where the player you choose will hit to apply spin is one of the new features in FIFA 23.

Free kicks have a better chance if you use any of the Highest-rated strikers in FIFA 23 as they have high power and accuracy attributes. You can choose the angle at which your player makes an impact with the ball by using the appropriate stick. Naturally, the left stick would be utilized to change the ball's planned course. Controlling both these two directional cues ought to allow for more deception.

When putting your right stick in the proper position to apply spin, there is no set guideline. Since right- and left-footed athletes will react in various ways, you must move the ball with your right stick until it lands on one of the planned shot types mentioned above. Free-kick practice in the Arena is strongly advised. When directing your projectile, it's critical to keep spin in mind. Always leave space to the right or left of where you'd like the ball to land with your left stick. Applying 70–80% energy is also advised.

FIFA 23 Set Pieces


Corners in FIFA 23 work identically to free kicks, except you pass the football into the box instead of attempting to score directly. Aiming is done once more with a trajectory line shifted laterally by the left stick. The right stick changes the kind of cross by increasing spin, allowing you to get beneath the ball in order and send it toward the back post or just go for an outswinger to get the goalie out of position. All of this, together with the power you apply, will decide where the corner cross is going to end roughly. Here's a quick tutorial on how to tackle corners in FIFA 23:

  1. Choose a path with the left stick, shooting for the player you'd like to score the header with.
  2. Select a cross-type by spinning the right key.
  3. Keep an eye out for the text describing the type of cross that will be done.
  4. To hit the corner kick, hold down the cross icon.

In- Swing crosses

This technique is effective if a right-footed player takes the corner from the left and vice versa. It is most successful against opponents who manually shift their goalkeepers off their lines to prepare for crosses during set pieces. To counteract this strategy, players have found a way to score right from the cross by hitting a powerful in-swinging shot from the corner.

Players need to use the right stick to adjust the path to the inside-foot curving option and utilize their left stick to point in the center of the six-yard box. With the right amount of power, the ball would curl past or over the keeper and directly into the net, with no help from another player.

Off-swing crosses

This technique, unlike the previous one, works best with the right corner with a right-footed player and vice versa. If the other team's goalkeeper does not advance manually, this is an effective method for obtaining a simple tap-in goal. This may appear to be a standard corner kick, yet the truth is in the specifics. It is critical to choose the inside foot curl option while using the stick and delivering maximum force to the ball. The pass will locate the intended recipient in the attacking area and could end in a goal with remarkable consistency. Getting a player with good passing to handle the corner along with a player having a good finishing target aids this strategy significantly.

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FIFA 23 Crosses


FIFA 23 has the most accurate penalties compared to the real game, simulating the extreme stress that actual strikers face. One of the simplest methods to score goals in football is through penalties. In the highest division of football, about 85% of penalties are converted into goals, and the same is true in Fifa. Penalties may be a surefire method of striking as it is in the game by remaining calm and taking advantage of some key mechanics. Penalties now operate on a timing system, signaled by an extending and contracting composure ring visible around the ball.

When you strike when the perimeter is the smallest, the penalty is as precise as possible, whereas timing causes your shot to land on row Z. The runup starts when players press shoot, giving them a few moments to aim before striking the ball. The speed at which the circle shifts size is determined by the penalty taker's ability in addition to the significance of the penalty kick. As a result, anticipate a penalty for winning the game in the 90th minute to come more quickly than it would in the initial ten minutes of play.

  1. Keep an eye on the circle that surrounds the football.
  2. For optimal accuracy, shoot when the sphere is at its narrowest size.
  3. To perform a chip or finesse shot, press R1/RB or L1/LB while shooting.
  4. Before the football is hit, make use of the left stick to guide the shot.

FIFA 23 Crosses


In FIFA 23, perfecting set pieces along with other techniques will give you an advantage over other players. Free kicks remain too infrequent compared to actual sports, but when you are given one this year, enjoy it and don't be afraid to attempt and miss. You now have all the information you need to understand set pieces in FIFA 23. Though initially unfamiliar, these new systems eventually give corners, free kicks, and penalties a lot more skill.

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