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Guide to White Mage in Final Fantasy XI

This image is an artwork of White Mage in FFXI

A party is never complete without a White Mage in it and that clearly shows the importance/purpose of White Mages in Final Fantasy XI. This job is exactly the opposite of Black Mages, helping the team to survive and live longer through the use of healing spells. For that reason, they are also the most famous to pick for a party. The only issue is that the beginners don’t know how to do this job in FFXI. Therefore, we have here a guide on how to white mage in Final Fantasy XI. So, let’s jump straight to the guide.

What actually is a White Mage?

White Mage is one of the standard jobs in Final Fantasy XI, that you can equip from early on in the game. They are the pinnacle of team support, coming with raise, cure, regen, and bar spells. Their job is healing and that is why the whole team depends on them and is also blamed if things don’t go exactly as planned.

Being a healer, you can also go the other way around with White Mages. Not being destructive, but rather being a powerful tank in the game, arming with a durable shield to survive extremely powerful attacks. 

What makes White Mage Different?

Guide to White Mage

Race Selection

Like any other job in FFXI, there are five races that you can select with your White Mage. Not every race is perfect for White Mage and that is why we are going to discuss them here in detail. Keep in mind that, unlike other mages, the white mage goes well with all the races, so you should only pick the one that suits your needs.


Tarutaru Race has the most MP in comparison to other races. Having more MP indicates that you will be able to use spells for an extensive period and even have longer chains of experience. Keep in mind that they suffer in HP and Vitality.


Mithra Race has that sweet spot with Mind while giving you decent Agility and Health in comparison to the Tarutaru. The only drawback here is that you don’t get to enjoy that sweet MP found with the Tarutaru race


There is rarely any difference between Hume and Mithra, other than the fact that Hume has more health and less agility. Still, the drawback here is the same as Mithra, not having enough MP in comparison to Tarutaru


This race comes with the best Mind score in comparison to any other race. Having this benefit allows you to have more cures and survivability than the above-mentioned races. The drawback here is your MP pool, which is much lower in comparison to the above-mentioned races.


The only reason for picking Galka would be their sturdiness but honestly, it won’t matter with White Mage as your job is not to tank, but rather to use spells to survive and let the team stay alive as well.

Best Starting Location

With a White Mage, you won’t feel any special difference in locations. Still, considering which location has more quests and spells, you will have to consider Windurst as the top candidate. Still, it doesn’t matter that Bastok or San d’Oria are bad picks, rather they come with their benefits.

The reason for picking Windurst is its Quest at the start which can help you get the Justice Badge from the early game. This badge will provide you with Mind stat, providing a plus 3 on it. You also get it for free, meaning you can save gils for something else.

Furthermore, you also get a ring, named Saintly Ring which provides you with Mind plus 1 stat. You are getting two of those, so it rounds off to Mind plus 2 stat in total. 

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White Mage Equipment

The concern with any mage is spells and your main goal should be getting the most useful spells as you can. In the early game, it depends on your own choice because it is your playstyle that makes one spell better than another.

Still, once you reach level 21, you will have to buy Regen before getting Cure 3. Get the spells by doing quests or you can purchase them in the cities. Just don’t go for the Auction Houses because they sell the spells at the maximum high price.

After getting the right spells, you need to go for equipment and the only thing you have to keep in mind is that the equipment should enhance your Mind Stat, your MP, and your Intelligence. Besides this, none of the stuff matters for White Mage.

Considering the Rings, you need to go for Ascetic’s Ring, Saintly RIngs, and Friar’s Rope. Another essential is a justice Badge, Brass, and Silver Hair Pin. 

Just like any other mage, the most important on-hand weapon is your Wand and then rounding it off with a Shield in the other hand. Your choice should be Maple Wand, Yew Wand, Hermit’s Wand, and that sweet Chestnut Wand.

On the Armor side, you need to go for Seer’s Outfit, especially the Seer’s Tunic, Seer’s Slacks, and Seer’s Pumps. 

Sub-Job for White Mages

One important key point with the sub-job is that you should always get the support job level to around half of the main level in White Mage. For example, a Sub-job as Black Mage level 9 and White Mage level 18 is better than a Sub-job Black Mage level 4 and White Mage level 18. 

There are quite a lot of choices for White Mage Supporting Job, but the best ones are only three;

  • White Mage: in the realm of non-advanced jobs, the best one is probably the black mage for the white mage. It will give you more MP, and provide the best spell set for you. These spells are Warp, Bind, and even Sleep which are the most popular. 

  • Red Mage: you also get the useful black mage spells in the sub-job of red mages like the sleep and bind. While you get to enjoy MP, it is not the same as black mage here. The most useful thing with a red mage is its Fast Cast or spells like Gravity.

  • Summoner: summoner provides the most MP out of all three sub-jobs we have here. At a certain level of 25 with summoner and 50 on the white mage, you will get regeneration for MP, which makes it great with the auto regen of white mage HP.

Final Verdict

There has always been a quarrel against White Mages; some consider it the hardest job, while some consider it an easier job in Final Fantasy XI. Well, it depends on you, which path you are walking on that paves the way to be easier or more difficult. The only thing sure about White Mage is that they have the most burden in the party because of their role as support and making sure the team is staying alive. For this specific reason, we have here a guide on how to white mage in Final Fantasy XI, to help you understand them in a better way.

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