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How to Defeat V20 Kalunga in Final Fantasy XI

It has been a time in Final Fantasy XI that players get to experience something unique and extremely powerful to fight. Well, we are talking about the infamous Vengeance 20 Kalunga on Odyssey. Keep in mind, that this is not a single-person job, rather you have to get together with your teammates and make a plan to fight this monster. Being something extremely difficult, you will have to use tactics, timing, placements, and techniques to fight him. Don’t worry, here we have a guide on how to defeat V20 Kalunga in Final Fantasy XI. Therefore, stick to this guide till the end to figure out, how you can make this happen.

Guide on Defeating V20 Kalunga

What do you need in the team?

The first thing that pops up is the teamwork and the roles you require in your team to defeat V20 Kalunga. You will have to get one Rune Fencer, Samurai, Warrior, White Mage, Corsair, and Bard.

There are various buffs you will need in the team to defeat V20 Kalunga;

For singing, you will need two time minutes, one deluge, and an honor march. Furthermore, you will have to get rid of rune fencer debuffs, and also the same for the white mage. 

Important Mentions

Before jumping right into the fight, you will have to take care of one ability, which is Blistering Roar. If this ability activates, the V20 Kalunga will get his aura and be able to spawn. 

To stop this from happening, you will have to utilize a multi-chain spell on him. The first time Kalunga does it, you will need to do it three times. When Kalunga does it the second time, you will have to do it four times and on the fifth time, you need five-step. 

You have Samurai by your side to take care of this Kalunga attack because he can use Tachi Jinpu again and again. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a Dispel move by Kalunga that poses danger to you and your teammates. For this, the tank role in the team should never lose hate in this whole fight or the team will suffer. 

So, before jumping right at the V20 Kalunga, you need to spike the Hate on the tank through various means, which we will discuss below;

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Positioning and Fighting Steps

The most important thing you need to consider while fighting V20 Kalunga in Final Fantasy XI is your positioning, along with your teammates. We will consider that you are the tank in the team and from that perspective give you a detail on where to stand.

  1. At the time of reaching the top of the stairs, you will need to use Valiance, facing your teammates. Valiance also enhances your Hate, giving you a sudden boost. 

  2. Now, it is time to start running at the Kalunga and go a bit left, just like dodging the Kalunga himself. Then from behind of Kalunga, you will have to go right and move back to the area of stairs, but on the left side. Same as always, you will have to be careful that Kalunga isn’t close up to you, rather keeping a small space in between.

  3. On the left side, you will see a small rock and when you reach the left side of that small rock, just along the stair entrance area, you will have to stick with the corner of the rock. In this way, you won’t fall off the area and can’t get knocked back. 

  4. Make sure that doing all this process, the team doesn’t initiate a fight with the Kalunga, rather the Kalunga is targeting you only. At the spot beside that rock, the Kalunga will start attacking you. 

  5. The team should be behind the Kalunga and a bit on the right side of the Kalunga. 

  6. There is a space between Kalunga and you (as a tank) that is just enough to melee attack him. The warrior should be on your right side and the rear-left of the Kalunga, while every other teammate should be on your left and the rear-right side of the Kalunga. 

  7. When its spawns, the Warrior will be able to control the AoE attack from Kalunga. The warrior will take damage, while every other teammate will be safe from that deadly AoE attack from Kalunga.

  8. The Kalunga will shortly use the Dispel on you and as a tank, you want to have your Phalanx, Crusade, and Barfire up as soon as he uses the Dispel. 

  9. Another thing to make sure of is that you have your Panacea intact as well because Kalunga has that specific attack where you have to move a bit forward and utilize that. 

  10. At 75 Percent, there is a specific move of Kalunga that acts as an ability. Here, you will have to use your War Cry to make sure everything remains safe. Suddenly, after that, the Kalunga will attack you with another move, where you will have to use your second War Cry as well. Keep doing it, until you have used all your War Cries. 

  11. In case the Kalunga uses Blaze Rush on you, the multi-attack will kill you instantly and everything will fall apart. You need to have Battuta with you to perry that deadly attack from Kalunga. 

  12. Kalunga will spawn the Kalunga’s Matamata that will attack the Warrior. The positioning of the warrior should be in a way that the Matamata will be on his back, rather than fighting front on. 

  13. Every 30 seconds he should hit with Provoke to make sure the Matamata will stay on warrior, rather than going out to other members. 

  14. The Matamata spawns and attacks the number two on the list. This is a simple trick that will allow you to control the Matamata. There is a Hate table with Matamata that you will have to cover as well.

  15. Now, when the Kalunga uses Fedders on you, make sure the Samurai start using the Tachi Jinpu on the Kalunga. The three steps should be according to the blue exclamation marks appearing on the Kalunga. 

  16. When you get Dispelled, make sure you are buffing yourself, again and again, to keep things in the same circle. 

  17. Finally, there comes a point when V20 Kalunga in Final Fantasy XI will get stable and start doing the same normal attacks again and again. Things from now on become easier. 

  18. Sometimes, the V20 Kalunga will use an ability that gives a hard shell that interrupts everything and you won’t have anything else to do at that point. 

  19. One last tip is to have elementals ready with you as well. In case the Fedders appear and your teammates are not able to save you, the elementals will keep you alive in both the Fedders and the Hard Shell case.

Final Verdict

Kalunga on Vengeance 20 difficulty is on a whole different level. You will have to calculate everything and make sure the team works appropriately on the plan. Here in this guide, we have the most suitable way of defeating V20 Kalunga, but sometimes things don’t go as well for everything. In this case, you will have to make small adjustments and make the best possible team accordingly.

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