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How to Sign Free Agents in NBA 2K23 Franchise Mode

Have you started playing NBA 2K23 recently? Want to improve your game? Do you have questions regarding the free agents and how to use them effectively? Well, we are going to cover everything you need to know in this article. So be sure to read this till the end.

What are free agents and how to get them?

What if I told you there are players you can add to your team for a limited time or games to boost your performance? These players are the ones we call free agents. They are not under any contract so you can use them in your team when you want. You can actually create an impact in your game with them. But it comes with a cost, that they expire after a certain number of uses, 5 of them to be exact.

Now, you can acquire them through various means such as when you complete the in-game objectives and some challenges which can be played in different game modes in the game or you can also get them for free if you manage you get some promotional codes. Another way to get them is through packs as you might have some of them inside them. For effective use of this, you need MT coins to open as many packs as possible which you can get from MMOPixel. 

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Although it is awesome to get them, they are temporary so you cannot trade them with other players and also cannot auction them. So keep that in mind. But how do you actually sign them? It is as follows: 

  • Visit the Career mode (through the main menu) -> Visit the front office tab (on the right in the navigation menu) -> Here you can see the Free Agents menu -> Select them and enjoy.

You can also suggest some free agents to your General Manager (GM) but it will be based on your influence on the team. You can actually select upto 3 of them and your GM will try to do it on your behalf. If you want to know what your current influence is and how can you improve it, then keep reading as you will find it below as well.

NBA 2K23 Free Agents

Role of Free Agents in Franchise Mode

You must be familiar with the exciting new mode in this edition known as MyNBA Eras. In this mode, you can use these free agents for many things such as filling gaps, improving performance, providing backups, and giving an extra push to the team. The steps to sign those are the same as discussed previously except that you need to start through MyEra Mode and then do the same from the 2nd step.

How to increase influence in the game?

As mentioned before, you need a strong influence in your team to make the GM sign the free agents you want. You need to increase your influence so that it is easy for you to get those players for your team. You can increase your influence in many ways. They are as follows:

The first thing is suggestions. It is important that you know which players you need in your team and suggest them to the GM. As mentioned before, you can suggest upto 3 players. You can do it by going to MyCareer -> Career -> Suggest Free agents.

Second thing is to increase your popularity and ratings. This means you need to level up in simple terms. As in real life, the more respect you have, the more influence you have. This also translates to your popularity which would then help you increase your fame. You can achieve this through many means, the most effective would be to play as many games as possible and win them, increase your attributes, and complete the challenges. You can also complete some side missions to get extra points.

The third thing is simply another version of your popularity but in the streets. It is known as your street level which is based on your neighborhood. The method of achieving this is the same as above such as winning games and completing challenges etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Agents

Everything has its own merits and demerits. There are many things to learn about free agents. You need to know what is good and what is not in order to make good decisions for your team. Here are things that will benefit you in free agents:

  • Free agents are not that difficult to get in the game. It is as simple as opening a card pack or completing tasks and challenges which you would be already doing anyways. There is MT to spend but not as much as on other things but it is beneficial to keep them handy.

  • Using free agents you can do a lot of experiments such as making new combinations and new playstyles. Also, they help you give that X factor in your game that your opponent might not have which makes it very exciting and amazing to try out.

  • They are different from other cards basically because they are unique. They are like a temporary boost to your teams because of their higher ratings. So your team’s performance improves alongwith your ratings and skills which makes them very important for your team.

However here are a few things you should be wary of while using free agents:

  • Using free agents can be tricky because they are not permanent members of your team. So you must change or disrupt your strategies and combinations based on which you have selected your team and given the fact they are gone after 5 games, you need to find a way to not be dependent on them.

  • Sometimes your team feels powerful if you have good free agents but actually it depends on your permanent players. You cannot play them on easy matches as they have limited availability which can affect your decision-making. Also given the fact that these players cannot be traded or auctioned, you will have to fill these holes with permanent players you have.

NBA 2K23 Free Agents Guide

Our advice and suggestions for using free agents

 After a deep analysis of this mode, we have some advice for you on these free agents. They are mentioned as follows:
Never use them just for the sake of using them. Always find a compelling reason to use these cards as they are not permanent. You can either use them to fill any holes in your team or to even out your opponent. For example, if you think your opponent has a great defender and you need a player to counter it then you can use a free agent. Or if you are playing a knockout match and it is very crucial for you to win this match, then you can use the free agent. So save them for these situations and important games.

A free agent is a strong player due to its higher ratings so it is ideal to use it to try different combinations as it will perform better in those conditions so you are likely to not lose the match even if the combination doesn’t work. Also, you can check if your team is able to use that playstyle or compatibility in your current setup. If it comes out good you can even add them to your team on a permanent basis.

Every agent comes with a cost. You can only sign them if you have the budget to afford one in your team but you also have to see if they are fitting in your team and are available to play as well. Negotiation plays a huge role here as it decides if you get a great pick or if you have overpaid them. You should always have a second option if you think they are not worth playing so much for.

If you have a great rating and influence, then you will also see more agents attracted to your team and it will be easy to get the players you want and negotiate a good price with them. Also, you can look for players not currently contracted that you can sign for permanent if you see that they fit great in your team.


So, in conclusion we can say that free agents are a very important part of the game and using them smartly can greatly impact your game and help you become better than others. They have many benefits such as the ability to experiment, giving extra boost due to higher ratings, and are fun to use but they also come with a set of drawbacks such as limited availability and use, and cannot be traded or auctioned. Despite this fact, they are pretty popular due to their flexibility. You can acquire them by completing challenges or buying and opening packs through MT coins. If you are falling short, the best way is to get them is from reputed seller MMOPixel for real money. These coins will definitely give you an edge over other players in the game.

We have explored all of the above things in this article for you and a few pieces of advice and suggestions for improving your game and getting an advantage over other players. Hope we are able to clarify all your doubts here.

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