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How to Use the Pick and Roll Effectively in NBA 2K23

Basketball is a game that calls both rapid decision-making and extensive planning. One of the most efficient strategies in NBA 2K23 is the pick and roll. You may utilise this move to make room for a drive to the basket or to free up a player for a jump shot. This post will discuss efficient pick and roll strategies for NBA 2K23.

What is the Pick and Roll?

The pick and roll is one of the most effective offensive moves in basketball, and NBA 2K23 is no exception. Each good basketball team will employ this play, which may be executed in a variety of ways. The pick and roll include setting up a screen for the ball carrier in order to clear up space and boost scoring opportunities. In NBA 2K23, effective use of the pick and roll might spell the difference between winning and losing. This post will go through how to use the pick and roll in NBA 2K23 in detail.

Setting the Screen

Setting up the screen is the first stage in carrying out the pick and roll. To activate the screen, position your big guy near the ball handler and hold the left trigger button on your controller as the ball handler approaches. To establish the screen, your large person should step in front of the ball carrier and hold his position. The ball-handler will have a few seconds to think about what to do next while the screen is in place.

NBA 2K23 Pick and Roll

Roll or Fade?

After the screen is set, the ball-handler has two options: to roll or fade. Rolling involves your big man moving towards the basket, while fading involves your big man moving away from the basket. Rolling is usually the better option as it creates more opportunities for scoring.


When doing the pick and roll, timing is essential. The ball handler must coordinate his drive towards the basket with the big man's roll. The ball handler will now have the room he needs to make a play for the basket. In order for the screen to be successful, the big guy must go towards the basket at the same rate as the ball-handler. If the big guy rolls out too soon or too late, the defender will have time to adapt and block the screen.

Reading the Defense

Reading the defense is another basic viewpoint of executing the pick and roll. The ball-handler must be able to read the defense and make the right play. In case the defense switches onto the ball-handler, it implies that the big man's guard is presently guarding the ball-handler. This opens up openings for the huge man to roll towards the basket and get a pass for a simple score. On the off chance that the defense does not switch, the ball-handler ought to make a play to form an open shot or pass to the big man. 


Passing is an important part of performing the pick and roll. When the ball-handler rolls towards the hoop, he must be able to make accurate passes to the big man. The big guy should be open for a fraction of a second, and the ball-handler must deliver the ball to him swiftly before the defender responds. Passing accuracy is critical in NBA 2K23, and it is critical to focus on your passing talents in order to efficiently execute the pick & roll.


Shooting is another important aspect of completing the pick and roll. If the ball handler is unable to generate an open shot, he must be able to make the proper option and pass the ball to the big man. The big guy must be able to finish near the hoop and, if unable to do so, move the ball to a teammate who is free to shoot. Shooting accuracy is critical in NBA 2K23, therefore practising your shooting methods will help you complete the pick and roll efficiently.

NBA 2K23 Pick and Roll Guide


In NBA 2K23, countermoves are essential since the defender will ultimately respond to the pick and roll. If the defender is continuously switching or double-teaming, having countermoves is critical to keeping the defense honest. Instead of rolling towards the hoop, have the big guy slide the screen and pop out for a shot. This makes room for the ball handler to shoot or drive to the hoop. Another strategy is for the big guy to establish a backscreen for a teammate, creating space for an open shot or an easy score. To keep the defense guessing, the ball-handler should be aware of these countermoves and employ them when appropriate.

How to Execute the Pick and Roll in NBA 2K23

Executing the pick and roll in NBA 2K23 is easy, but it requires a bit of practice to get it right. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Choose the Right Players

The first step in executing the pick and roll is to choose the right players. Typically, you will want to use a point guard and a center or power forward. The point guard should be quick and have good ball-handling skills, while the big man should be strong and have good rebounding and scoring skills.

Step 2: Call for the Pick

To execute the pick and roll, you need to call for the pick. To do this, press and hold the L1 button (PS5) or LB button (Xbox) to bring up the play calling menu. Choose the pick and roll play from the list of plays. This will prompt the big man to come up and set the screen for you.

Step 3: Set Up the Screen

Once the big man is in position, you would like to set up the screen. To do this, move the point watch towards the defender, and position him so that the guard is between him and the big man. This will drive the defender to go around the screen, giving you the opportunity to get open.

Step 4: Make the Play

Once the screen is set up, you'll make the play. You will shoot the ball, drive to the basket, or pass the ball to the huge man who is presently open. If you're shooting the ball, make beyond any doubt to require a great shot, as the defender will be attempting to square it. If you're driving to the basket, attempt to induce past the guard as rapidly as conceivable, as the huge man may not be able to hold the screen for exceptionally long. If you're passing the ball, make beyond any doubt to pass it to the big man who is open.

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Here are some tips for using the pick and roll in NBA 2K23 effectively:

Tip 1: Choose the Correct Players

As was already established, a successful pick and roll depends on selecting the correct players. Selecting a point guard and a big man with complementary abilities is important.

Tip 2. Choose the appropriate timing

When doing the pick and roll, timing is crucial. Be sure you position the players properly and call for the selection at the appropriate moment. The defender may be able to anticipate the action and block your shot or steal the ball if you ask for the pick too soon or too late.

Tip 3: Communicate with your teammates

Basketball requires good communication, and NBA 2K23 is no different. Keep in touch with your colleagues, particularly the large man setting the screen. Inform him of the location and time for the screen's placement. This will make it more likely that you can get an opening and that the play is completed successfully.

Tip 4: Mix up your plays.

If you want to score points, don't only use the pick-and-roll play. To keep the defender guessing, vary your plays and try new ideas. Create scoring opportunities with other plays and, if necessary, fall back on the pick and roll.

Tip 5: Practice, Practice, Practice

The pick and roll in NBA 2K23 require practise just like any other move. Develop your ability to lay screens, roll towards the hoop, and make precise passes. Work on your shooting accuracy by practising around the hoop. You can improve your ability to execute the pick and roll and use it successfully in games by working on these abilities.


In basketball, the pick and roll is one of the most potent offensive plays, and NBA 2K23 does not vary in this regard. You may successfully perform the pick and roll and generate scoring opportunities by following the instructions provided in this manual. Set the screen, time your roll or fade, read the defence, execute precise passes, and be prepared to counter the defender's changes, just to name a few. You can perfect the pick and roll in NBA 2K23 by frequently practising these techniques.

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