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How to Win a Championship in NBA 2K23 Franchise Mode

NBA 2K23's Franchise Mode or simply MyNBA gives the players the opportunity to explore new content in the latest edition of the game. But when you are done exploring it's time to do something fun, and what could be more exciting than winning the MyNBA championship? With so many options it's easy to lose track of time and waste time on unwanted things rather than focusing on winning the championship. 

So, in this article, we will be discussing all the ways and provide you with some tips and tricks that will help you win the MyNBA championship. Those who have already tried the MyNBA mode are quite content with this game mode. So, it's going to be exciting. In MyNBA mode you get to control an entire team for several years. Your task is to add decent players and make this into a formidable team that can win the title of champions. If you ready for the challenge then read along to know what and how you can build a powerful team and what variables you should control to take your team across the line. Let's begin then…

Money Matters, Spend Wisely

Be it in real life, or game life, money matters. In MyNBA mode money is of utmost importance. When you began to control an entire team across various seasons and multiple years, the onus will be on you to manage the money. It will be your task how you distribute it among players, for instance, if you are paying too much to a particular player or group of players, then the money will fall short when you need to sign a new player that your team might need at that point.

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 This won't be a problem if you have someone good in the roster, but if you don't, it can really cost you a very good player, or a very good buy (a decent player with low pay). You need to understand no team can win championship on the back of a single player or some star players, your entire team must be capable of doing it together. So, spend money wisely on players, make sure you pay them decently and try not to fall short when buying a new star. If you are falling short of the in-game money, MT Coins, no need to worry, MMOPixel has got your back.

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It is Important to Keep Players Motivated

It doesn't matter if it's just a game where you control your players, but it's important to keep their morale high, to keep them motivated and keep them happy. Unlike MyGM mode, where you can interact with players, MyNBA doesn't allow you to directly interact with them but still if gives you a chance to motivate them.

A happy player will prove good for your team on the field. It's not just theory. In MyNBA if a player is unhappy, there will be a decrement of 1 or 2 points in that player's Overall Rating (OVR), and you don't want that, right? There can be various reasons for their unhappiness, but whatever it is, it will impact your team's performance. 

Keep a Balance of Badges 

Have you been one of those gamers who have been not paying much heed to the badges that a player obtained in the NBA 2K23 game? If you are then it's time you don't do that. Badges are important for a player as they hold too much information about that player. Badges will give you all the necessary information about the players, their best moves, on which plave they perform the best on the court. This will help you decide their role in the game. Players with a ton of badges are considered good, but you want to create a balance, so you have to look out for players who can perform wherever you want, not just a particular position. 

NBA 2K23 Badges

Master the Playbooks

One of the underrated aspects of NBA 2K23 is perfecting various playbooks and maximizing your team's System Proficiency. By playbook, we mean, how you want to play. Every team has a certain way of playing. The playbook you choose and master will depend on your roster's strengths. For example, choose a defensive playbook if you have lockdown defenders like Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis. On the other hand, select an offensive juggernaut playbook if you have scorers like Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving. Mastering the optimal playbook for your team can help win many simulated and played games. Even if you don't have the right strategy in mind, going through a particular play in mind can work wonders.

Hire the Right Coach and Staff

While playing most of the games yourself, you may not care much about the coaching staff. However, for simulated games, hiring a 5-star coach and staff is crucial to success. A highly-rated coach will maximize the team's playbook and system proficiency. Likewise, a top-notch scout can help avoid draft busts, and an elite trainer will keep your stars on the court and injury-free. Build a championship organization from the top down.

Make Shrewd Transactions

It's tempting as an NBA GM to make a big splash and trade for a star like LeBron James or Kevin Durant. However, the small moves often make the difference between a playoff appearance and a championship. Use the trade deadline or free agency to acquire role players like a 3-point marksman or a defensive anchor. Sign players that specifically address your team's few weaknesses. Build a well-rounded, cohesive roster capable of raising the Larry O'Brien trophy.

Look at How Players Match Your System

NBA 2K games have now added the latest feature that has the ability to see how free agents match your team's system proficiency. When viewing available free agents during the season or off-season, check their "system match" rating. This rating indicates how well a player's skill set and attributes match your current playbook and roster.

NBA 2K23 Free Agents

Rather than overpaying for big names, look for cheaper free agents with a high system match. They will likely outperform their contract by thriving in your team's system. By consistently acquiring players that fit your system, you construct a cohesive roster with complementary skill sets. When all players mesh around a central team identity, the collective whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This team-building approach leads to smoother offense or defense, better chemistry, and more wins. 

Focus on system matches and team needs over splashy signings. Championship teams are often built around fit and cohesion rather than fame. The perfect role players for a team's system are just as crucial as its stars. In NBA 2K23, you can mimic real-world dynasty builders by avoiding flashy transactions in favor of smart, system-matching moves. 

Try to Build a Balanced Roster

In the previous section also, we have emphasized on the importance of having multiple good players, rather than having a single star player. The roster should not be skewed but balanced. Having star players is good for any team but you have to accept that these players are hard to get and sometimes they won't even fit in your roster. In that case, it becomes crucial to examine and find a way to get a balance in your squad. 

If you are looking to win multiple titles, it becomes important to have young players on the team who take up the job when the veterans are done. You need young players who will evolve into the stars of tomorrow. 

Lookout to Scouting

Scouting is not something you would agree to do first. It's hard, tedious, time - consuming and sometimes boring. Scouting is looking for players who are good, going through their stats, and all. But with that many names to search from, you might get overwhelmed. But Scouting is important since you are looking to build a team that will win you the championship. So, it's your responsibility to put in some effort and find that player who can lead your team. Scouting will tell you what you want to know about a player, his strength and weakness and how will he act in certain situations.


In this article, we have mentioned all the important tips on how you can build a powerful roster that might help you win the Championship in the Franchise Mode of NBA 2K23. Follow these tips but make sure to use your game judgment as well. After all, it's your team on the court and you know them better than anyone else. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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