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Lost Ark Assassin Beginner’s Guide [+ How To Use It]

Lost Ark is the new MMO and ARPG that has come out recently and is giving players something to talk about. This new multiplayer game has a vast, vibrant world. You can explore new lands, seek out lost treasures, and test yourself in dynamic action combat. 

But before doing that, you must define your fighting style by choosing one of the five main classes that are available. These are:

  • Warrior.

  • Martial Artist.

  • Gunner.

  • Mage.

  • Assassin.

In this guide, you will learn all you need to know to get the Lost Ark started and use the Assasin Class the best you can. Gain access to chaos powers that you haven’t used before in this action-packed free-to-play RPG.

Lost Ark characters posing.

Table of Contents

The Lost Ark Assassin Class

Two Advanced Classes



How To Use Lost Ark Assassin

The Bottom Line

The Lost Ark Assassin Class

The official description for the Assassin Class is: “These mysterious melee-makers fight demonic with demonic, channeling the dark powers in the name of the light in quick, colorful attacks.”

The Assassins are based on pure speed. Speed, agility, and stealth favor them so they can perform deadly attacks channeling dark powers. They can unleash chaotic power and do insane amounts of damage to enemies. 

These characters are only females that have learned to use demonic abilities and movement speed to fight. Blades are part of their nature.

Lost Ark advanced class Shadowhunter concept art.

The counterpart is that the Assassin character doesn’t have endurance. They can’t stand their ground for long. As they aren’t made to last long on the battlefield, the playstyle with them is quick. You must deliver as much damage as you can and get out of the battle or go behind your tank teammates.

The Assassin uses Dexterity as the base to increase their damage. And after reaching level 10, you can choose two advanced classes to continue your journey through Lost Ark.

The two assassin advanced classes.

Two Advanced Classes

Once you reach level 10, you can select an advanced class to develop: The ShadowHunter and The DeathBlade. Beware that you can’t change your class after selecting one, so you must be certain about them. Each of them is viable for PvP and PvE. 


ShadowHunters are specialized in using demonic powers to beat their enemies. They can shapeshift into powerful demonic forms to unleash demonic energy. The demon form lets them tap into incredible destructive powers and have their health and movement speed increased when they transform.

This character is great in Damage Per Second outputs and most of the attacks have a wide area effect, which gives them great crowd control. They can cut through columns of enemies at once in a flash blink thanks to their speed.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter eyes.

Their range capabilities let them use a spinning weapon as a basic attack. The Shadowhunter throws spinning blades in a sharpened cut and reaches a lot of enemies. This class is great to push enemies away and clearing space in a blitz rush.

The Shadowhunter has three skills that are a “must-have”. These are:

Demonic Vision

Obtainable at level 14. The demon vision is a skill that does high damage. It’s a powerful charge attack in the form of a beam that can vaporize tons of enemies at once, ensuring their death. This ability can be upgraded so it can last longer when you use it.

Assassin advanced class concept art.

Demonic Clone

You obtain this ability right after you choose the ShadowHunter advanced class. You should definitely level it up early. A mantle of a demon shows up behind you and attacks different targets with 3 lethal blows. 

The last attack is a cataclysmic impact that will let your enemies down for good. As you upgrade it, you get more chains to the combo.

Shadowhunter showing the dual-blades.

Cruel Cutter

This skill is learned at level 12 and has a high damage output to several mobs at once. The swords are tossed to the floor and take the head of a lot of enemies. It’s quite useful if your targets are scattered on the map.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter promotional content.

Demon Form

This is the special ability of the ShadowHunter. There is a meter that needs to be filled. Once you complete this, you can enter into the demon form. This allows you to have more health and damage but you’re not immortal. 

You also get a new set of skills (like Fallen Ruin or Gate or Eruption) that you can unlock by leveling up.

Shadowhunter demon transformation.


The DeathBlade advanced class is another option for Assassin players. This subclass uses three swords as main weapons, something that other classes can’t use. You will have two one-handed swords and a longsword on your back that will combine or switch automatically depending on the attack you use.

It leans heavily into fast attacks. This means that the characters rely seriously on rapid strikes, even more than when you were just an Assassin.

Deathblade concept art.

This profession can handle staggering tight-packed groups of enemies more than dealing damage to a singular and powerful enemy. However, it doesn’t mean that this class doesn’t have strong attacks. On the contrary, it can hurt the health of bosses like a hot knife cutting through butter.

The DeathBlade has three main skills related to the class that will help you get through:

Blade Dance

Obtained at level 10. The character attack foes for up to 2 seconds and deliver seven fast blows and one finishing strike. With this quick attack, foes are launched to the air, where you can keep attacking. 

It’s great for staggering crowds of enemies and focusing on one target at a time. It’s like being killed by a thousand cuts.

Assassin advanced classes official information.

Soul Absorber

Soul absorber is obtained at level 14. It’s a charge attack that you thrust into a single opponent. It’s a boss-killing skill that will be useful during your whole journey. It can deal a great amount of damage and if foes are forming a line, you can hit several at a time.

Both Assassin advanced classes posing.

Dark Axel

This mobility skill obtained at level 12 is a 2-step attack. First, you jump 6 feet in the air while spinning and pushing back demons. After you land, you use the longsword to do a serious hit.  It’s a must-have skill if you want to maintain the course of the battle.

Deathblade about to attack.

New players are using this character a lot because it’s easy to learn and deals a lot of damage. Besides, there are other skills like Moonlight Sonic that are charming players alike.

No matter the path you choose, it must be the one that suits you and your gameplay. These advanced classes can be deadly in PvP battles and very helpful in raids and other PvE encounters. 

The Assassin may be defined as a mix of fighting styles, so you will be able to adjust the character while you play around.

Deathblade and Shadowhunter appearance.

How To Use Lost Ark Assassin

Utilizing the Assassin class and its sub-classes is not that hard. Basic controls are similar to other characters, but you need to understand that the character settings don’t include durability. This means that you won’t be able to tank or stand your ground when you launch an attack.

The Assassin uses furtive attacks to defeat her opponents without them even noticing. Your gameplay must be agile and with perfect moves so you take as little damage as possible. Assassins are the powerhouses of Arkesia, but they aren’t the most nimble. 

Take advantage of your multiple attacks to stun and deviate the enemies’ attacks and you’ll be fine.

During PvP encounters, try to focus your attacks the best you can. Now, when it comes to PvE and crowd control, ensure that you have leveled the skills you need so you don’t fall short of damage and ability.

Assassin base class.

The Bottom Line

Using the Assassin class in Lost Ark can be a great start for players. It’s a character that can be controlled fast and it’s useful in general terms. Learning how to use the primary skills and combining them to create fearful attacks is key.

Thanks to its crowd control, you can level up faster and dominate the field.

If you want to download the game, you can do a search and access the original website. Take a look at more videos and great information about your Assassin class and other more.

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