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Lost Ark – Burnt with Love Hidden Story Guide

Burnt with Love Hidden Story Guide on MMOPIXEL

Lost Ark is full of epic quests, dungeons, and hordes of monsters attacking you all at once. However, there are plenty of Hidden Stories scattered throughout Arkesia, and Burnt with Love Hidden Story is one of them. Considering how fast-paced Lost Ark is, it’s not hard to miss out on hidden story quests. 

This is your perfect opportunity if you’re interested in Lost Ark’s lore and its many characters. Your Adventurer’s Tome is the source of all hidden stories in each zone, but you’ll have to find them on your own. 

In this Burnt With Love Hidden Story Location Guide, we’ll show you where to find this Hidden Story and how to complete it.

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What is the Burnt with Love Hidden Story?

Burnt with Love is one of many hidden story quests that you can do in the Rethramis Continent. It’s a love story about a man and a creature that ended tragically in flames. However, it’s hard to tell from the description alone since it's quite unclear initially. It says: “the man wailed, holding the Half-melted Ring. The relationship might look bizarre to some, but it was pure-hearted and true.”

How to Complete Burnt With Love Hidden Story?

Regria Monastery is your starting point

Burnt with Love Hidden Story is located on the Rethamis Border, on the western side of Lost Ark’s map. Travel to the Regria Monastery or take the Triport if you have it. To start and finish this quest, you must retrieve a half-melted ring from the burning ruins near Rethrasmis Border, towards the Ankumo Mountain. Simply follow our map, and you won’t have any problems finding it as it’s hard to miss ruins covered in flames.

Investigate the Item Found Within the Flames

You'll find the quest in the south-west corner of the map

Go to the red-marked area shown on the map above. You need to go there to find the Hidden Story. Once you travel there, you’ll notice a burned-down house that you must enter. Don’t worry; the flames from the burning wreckage won’t hurt you. Watch out for two NPCs trying to attack you and some monsters along the way. 

After getting close enough, you’ll see a prompt to investigate. After doing so, you’ll get the following message: “Charred remains of what appears to be a frog. There is a melted ring hanging from its little neck.”  As a reward for completing the quest, you’ll receive +1 Charisma.

Burnt with Love Hidden Story Rewards

Completing several Hidden Stories in each area is pretty rewarding

Completing the Burnt with Love Hidden Story won’t get you much aside from +1 Charisma. However, it counts towards completing hidden stories in your Adventurer's Tome for the Rethramis Continent. Those additional rewards will be added immediately after reaching a certain completion rate.


Completion Rate



10x Phoenix Plume


30x HP Potion


Surprise Chest


Prideholme Neria Card


Charisma Potion


Stat Increase Potion


Emote: Bored


Gustaven’s Holy Water


Structure: Rethramis Lion Status


Ignea Token: Rethramis


As you can see, completing Hidden Stories can keep players busy for quite some time if they decide to complete more of them. Apart from learning some lore, there are also some rewards for completing them all for each area. You will also find small bits of background stories while completing these hidden stories in Lost Ark.  It’s an excellent springboard from fast-paced gameplay and neverending grinding.

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