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Lost Ark Character Creation - Build the Character of Your Dreams

Is this going to be your first time in Arkesia, the world of Lost Ark? You’re not sure about which class of character you’ll find in this MMO? In this Lost Ark Character Creation Guide, we’ll cover all the related to this first step. 

How to Create a Character in Lost Ark?

Just like most MMOs and some RPGs, Lost Ark is a great but personal adventure. Such as, you can create your character and customize their most important characteristics, personalizing your gaming and experience.   

Name Change Ticket in Lost Ark

Later in the game, you can also alter the appearance by purchasing an Appearance Customization Ticket which costs 900 Royal Crystals, as well as change your name by buying a Name Change Ticket for 1,800 Royal Crystals. 

Character Slots

Character Slots in Lost Ark

Lost Ark provides you with six slots to create and alternate characters. At first, you create the main character. The other 5 are the optional characters who you can alternate. This way, you can vary your class in the main quest. 

Creating alternate characters will allow you to frequently finish weekly and daily quests, such as Abyssal Dungeons and Raids. Competing in these events will result in getting more material and gold to improve your gear and your main character.

If you want to create an additional character, you can buy a Character Slot Extension Ticket which costs 900 Royal Crystals.

Choosing the Character’s Class

Character's classes in Lost Ark

The first step when you begin in Lost Ark is choosing the class and the subclass of your character. Keep in mind that each class has predefined stats. This is relevant since you won’t allocate points to skills or attributes. The five basic stats are the following:

  • Attack Power;

  • Dexterity;

  • Defense;

  • Support;

  • AoE Radius – Area of Effect Radius.

The most important stats are Attack Power and Dexterity, of course, if your gaming style is head straight forward to the conflict. The classes with the highest Attack Power and Dexterity are Assassins and Martial Artists. On the other hand, the best classes for defense are Martial Artists and Warriors. But if you want to be the best in AoE damage, your choice should be the Mage. 

Lost Ark attributes

There are five main classes and fifteen advanced classes in Lost Ark. Upon selecting your class, you’ll talk to Beatrice to specialize in a subclass or advanced class at level 10. The following are the classes and their corresponding advanced classes available:


  • Berserker (Male)

  • Gunlancer (Male)

  • Paladin (Male)


  • Bard (Female)

  • Sorceress (Female)

Martial Artist

  • Scrapper (Female)

  • Soulfist (Female)

  • Striker (Male)

  • Wardancer (Female)


  • Artillerist (Male)

  • Deadeye (Male)

  • Gunslinger (Female)

  • Sharpshooter (Male)


  • Deathblade (Female)

  • Shadowhunter (Female)

Once you select the class and subclass to your character, then you will pass to the customize part of the Lost Ark’s character creation. 

Character’s Customization in Lost Ark

Two created characters in Lost Ark

Lost Ark features several customization options. This way, you can create a new character of your preference. The options you will find in this game are the following:


Character's Preset Options in Lost Ark

As its name suggests, this corresponds to the body base of your character. Here you also find several options. You can check how your character will look in their gear and with different styles. 

Character’s Face

Character's Basic Faces in Lost Ark 

Just like the body base, here you get several presets for the faces of the character. Besides, you can expand the possibilities by selecting the different features of your face that you can customize.

  • Eye;

  • Eyebrows;

  • Cheeks;

  • Chin;

  • Nose;

  • Mouth.

Hairstyles and Hair Color

Character's Hair Styles in Lost Ark

Most hairstyles fit a specific class. Of course, you can also customize the hair color through a color wheel, hair gloss, highlight color, and more. Besides, there is an option with which you can pick and blend two colors for your character’s hair. 

Each appearance option has many sub-settings to further detail the customization process. Additionally, you can also hide your helmet if you prefer to show your incredible hairstyle.  

Eye Color and Pupil Shape

Character's eye color selection in Lost Ark

You can customize your eyes together by changing their color and pupil shape. You can alternate one eye at a time or both together.


Change skin color and complexion in Lost Ark

Here you can control not only the skin color but also its intensity and details. You’ll have to determine the aspect of your character’s skin in the following features:

  • Skin color;

  • Wrinkles;

  • Shine Intensity;

  • Freckles.

Tattoos, Makeup, and Beards

You get makeup options for your character’s eyes, eyebrows, lips, and blush. And as for Tattoos, they are basic fixed, fixed+, basic moving, and moving+.


Playing MMO games like Lost Ark involves customizing the voice of your character to personalize them even more. Players can choose from low to high voices, and check how they sound while doing specific movements. 

Display Outfits, Emote Actions, and Save Preset

Display Outfits, Emote Actions, and Save Preset

In this option that you can find in the top-left corner of your screen, you can decide among different clothes for your character. This way, you can check how your character will look for most of your journey. Besides, you can modify it later in the game. Finally, you can choose the emote action to check how your character will look while dancing. 

In the Present Settings, you’ll find five available slots to save your character’s presets. You can later load them if you desire to change something without starting from scratch. 

Character Name

Random Character in Lost Ark

Now it’s time to give your character a name of up to 16 characters. Your name should not contain the following:

  • In-game unique terms and names;

  • Special characters;

  • Expletives;

  • Repeated words and characters;

  • Developer or GM impersonation.

Now you’re ready to confirm and start your adventure in Arkesia. 


Respecing combat skills in Lost Ark

Despite classes have basic stats you can’t modify, Lost Ark has a Skill Respec which allows you to change the point allocation of a skill. This is a very simple mechanic. Just head to the skill menu and click on Reduce Point Allocation. This is great when you take part in different PvP activities. 

Vern Powerpass

Vern Powerpass description in Vern Powerpass

Your alternative classes have access to the Vern Powerpass at the Lost Ark’s launch. Thanks to that, you can reach the maximum level and standard gear for the character. You’ll get it upon finishing the main quest called Ealyn’s Gift. You’ll receive an in-game mail with a second Power pass. Note that you can receive a third Powerpass, but it’s not sure yet. 

Final Thoughts

Playing Lost Ark is an experience you should not miss. This marvelous game is full of options and opportunities, and character creation is just one of them. There’s nothing better than to play with your creation and progress in the journey knowing your character is unique and unrepeatable. 

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