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Lost Ark Classes - Find a Class For You!

Choose your new favorite Class from this Lost Ark classes guide!

Choosing your class is never easy and there are many to choose from! We do not really aim to make a Lost Ark tier list, so you can choose the s tier up front and just be done with it. It’s a guide to help you understand every class and pick one for yourself!

Whether you feel best as a DPS class, or maybe you prefer some ranged attacks from gunner classes? 

Are you more into Martial Artist Classes or just want to deal some heavy damage with Warrior Classes?

There is also an Assassin Class but it’s classified (more about that later). We’ve only heard it from Mage Class and you know how mages are…maging.

Choose your advanced class and do some significant damage! Combine offline data sources of your experience with our best Lost Ark classes list.

Knock enemies, change into some powerful demonic forms, deal damage to the face or kill the enemies with a sniper rifle! The Lost Ark has something for everyone. Just remember there are no B tier classes!

What Are The Best Classes in Game?





Martial Artist





What Are The Best Classes in Game?

No matter what class you’re going to choose, remember, that there are no weak classes and each one can be played well!

There are many different classes in Lost Ark, with five overarching classes and a few specializations for each one of them. The team is constantly updating and looking over the meta, so you can be sure that your pick will not be wasted! 

Choosing your class in a free MMO is really important, so the developers are set to make it work. So - don’t worry and pick what feels right for you.

We did our market research - all of the classes are great. With some audience insights and our own editorial powers, we grant you all of the Lost Ark Classes for Your Lost Ark needs! Check it out!


Warrior class can be really strong! With great damage comes great responsibility, so remember to always support your allies!

What can you do with the Warrior class that hasn’t been done already? Well, apparently a lot. Our guide to Lost Ark base classes starts with the simpleton of the squad - the Warrior. As you may imagine, he just wants to smash some heads with a stone, so why wouldn’t we allow him to do so? Here are some advanced versions of this crazy guy!

Pros: Big Damage Output

Cons: Weak mobility


Paladin is basically a support class. Like in Warcraft or some other MMOs. Paladins have the ability to bless and heal people (or other non-people characters). You really need one of these guys in your squad.

It is not only a healer but also has some damage buffs. So, compared to Bard's abilities which may exceed the healing ones of Paladin, this one has something else going on as well! It’s an easy-to-learn class, so it’s great for beginners and party members gratitude enthusiasts!


Attack speed is everything for Gunlancer. Damage output - maximum! Movement speed - average. He has two types of attacks - blue and red. 

Blue one generates the shield, and the red does some burst damage. It’s a tank of the squad with great utility in PvE fights when he interrupts bosses' channels. He is not the best for solo PVP as he frequently dies from ranged attacks.


There is not much to discuss with this guy - it’s a melee DPS class. The main idea is to build up your Runaway gauge. When you activate it - you gain some superpowers and just crush everything around you. In real life, this class is called a stressed office worker who is just fed up with all of this. So - beware!

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Martial Artist

Martial Artists are one of the most flexible characters with amazing amount of DPS that is just killing enemies! 

Martial Artist Class consists of great melee fighters, not so great for long-range combat. As most martial artist subclasses go, they are not some heavy armor tanks. You know, warriors are warrioring and martial artists create art with aerial combos! Keep in mind that all martial artists are female with the exemption of male Striker.

Pros: Great mobility and DPS

Cons: Defense could be better


Let’s start with the guy then, as an exotic one of the squad! As a Striker, you have two options - run or run some faster because he does not take prisoners! If you’ve ever watched Dragon Ball, you may be familiar with his Ki orbs. They are auto-attacking all the enemies, so stay away from this maniac—great class for PvE and PvP experience. Invaluable bar fights asset as well! A male version of the Wardancer.


Similar to the Striker, Wardancer is focused on Ki orbs and auto-attacking. The main difference is that Wardancer is most focused on auto-attacking, and Striker lays his eggs mostly in powerful abilities. She is more versatile than him as well.


Scrapper is someone aware of his surrounding. Essentially a Thanos, if you will? She uses a huge gauntlet with two opposite forms of energy inside. This may be relevant to her dual nature and plans to kill half of the… I digress. 

The game is simple with this one - while the one type of energy is being built up, the other is getting accumulated. It’s a yin-yang situation. Performs well in all situations.


Soulfist is another animal from martial arts classes. Her power lies in her pain. It means that your energy is being consumed while using your skills. There are three stages of empowerment in this one, with every stage making you stronger, but also - lasting less. If you can make a good and balanced progression with these, you can be really strong during some PvP action.


You can kill them from up far - the gunner classes can be a real pain when it comes to some long-ranged fights!

Take some guns and shoot some punks - as the old saying goes. Gunner is a ranged DPS class providing support from a long range. Gunners are typically male, but the Gunslinger happens to be a female. It’s worth mentioning that melee and ranged attacks are different (quite a lot), so rather avoid some close-range battle with this one. 

Pros: Big Damage from long range

Cons: Difficult to play


One of the most powerful and difficult classes to play. Pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles - you have it all to kill those not-nice-enemies! PvE is mostly spent with shooting your enemies with a shotgun. PvP is a place where the fun starts. If you master this big-damage-papi you will definately have an upper hand on the battlefield.


A female version of Deadeye. Many guns to choose from, pretty hard to manage. Gunslinger’s primary weapon is a Sniper Rifle, making it a bit easier to play.


Who is that beast? It’s an artillerist! (just had to do it) Swimming with popularity in PvP, his services never miss a bit! Using crazy artillery, you can really damage your opponents, and it will not be emotional damage with that! Don’t act surprised when you stand at one point and get shot! Keep your distance, jump and pray that you won’t get hit! Or - just pick the Artillerist.


High-damage class that really makes a difference in PvE! Not as good in PvP, as you are essentially a sniper, so if someone walks up to you - you may be a little defenseless.

Nevertheless - powerful. Can summon a bird to buff attacks, so it’s great class for bird enthusiasts out there.


Powerful Assasins can really turn the game upside down. Do not pick this one if you are not ready for some demon unleashing!

Dark powers, elemental power, special energy, a crazy skill that kills everyone and everywhere - those are the mages we know and love. You can prevent attacks, weapons - a perfect choice for those looking for power! A party must have at least one mage! Plus - all the mages are female, and it’s good to have a female perspective in the party.

Pros: Instant choice for every party

Cons: Could improve in defense department


We start with a strong one - a Sorceress is a class for all you destruction enthusiasts who just can’t stop themselves from blowing things up! You can be comfortable playing with some steady damage or give out some extremely big burst damage. The choice is yours! 


Essentially - bard sings, so you may live! Her songs can buff damage and heal you in need - it depends on different situations. The team loves her and fight for her approval. 

This character can get no rest in this cruel world. Also - she has as Super Armour if you want to be funny with her. Just saying, it’s not as easy to kill her as you may think.


Powerful Assasins can really turn the game upside down. Do not pick this one if you are not ready for some demon unleashing!

Back attacks, stabbings, demonic energy - those female assassins are really something in this game, aren’t they? Here are some advanced Assasins classes.

Pros: Very balanced class

Cons: Very balanced class - does not push in any direction


Fast melee combos and three swords - that’s the Deathblade we know and love. Very popular in PvP action. While fighting, you build up some Death Orbs and transform them into art to deal some real damage! Position yourself behind the enemy - you have the best chance to do some critical damage there!


Melee and ranged assassin with a little something extra just for you guys - she can unleash her inner demon and deal some damage. You can also suppress it and see how it goes for you. Pro-Tip: LET THE DEMON OUT! Great in PvE, can also work in some PvP action!

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! We hope that we could give some insight into the Lost Ark universe. There are plenty of other guides on our site so make sure to check out our other articles on Lost Ark-related topics! 

We’ve prepared a deep dive into all of the Lost Ark classes, some farming and leveling guides and even how to cook ramen in the game (the last one may be made up). Have fun and stay safe!

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