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Lost Ark Deadeye Guide Abilities, Engravings, Builds and Tips

The Gunner offers a variety of ‘shooter’ classes, all with specific pros and cons. One of these classes is the ‘Deadeye.’ With this class, you are a demon with firearms, dealing heavy damage at close range. Utilizing your close-range gunfire in the form of shotguns and rifles, get ready to destroy your enemies, whether in PvP or PvE.

What is the Deadeye class?

Deadeye is a class that belongs to the Gunner tree. Unlike the other classes in the family, deadeyes are specialized in close-range damage, almost like a melee gun character. Your primary damage comes from shotguns, but you have many other options. To help you get up close and personal with enemies, your class kit also offers high mobility and manoeuvrability to evade enemy attacks and strike your own.

Lost Ark Deadeye

Why should I choose Deadeye specifically?

The Gunner tree provides 4 classes that each have their niches. The Artillerist deals damage in the form of turrets and sets up barricades. The sharpshooter uses bows with special arrows to deal damage. The gunslinger is more of a ranged character that uses guns. Finally, the Deadeye has a large arsenal of weapons like the gunslinger, but unlike it, they use shotguns primarily for close damage. The majority of their damage comes from backstabs and specializes in survivability. They also possess the lowest health, making your movement all the more critical.

If you choose Deadeye, know it’s a very high risk, high reward character. You must be skilled enough to evade enemy attacks while backstabbing them for optimal damage. The high damage you deal is your payoff. It is easy to learn and hard to master character.

Deadeye also has a unique mechanic for its identity skill. Its identity skill is split into three weapons. Remember that if you choose to build Deadeye to play as a long-ranged character, this character isn’t the right one. You are better off selecting a gunslinger, as that class is more fit for your playstyle.


Using Deadeye’s unique and aggressive playstyle, you can quickly dispatch your enemies with relative ease and the right build. He has two sets of skills, the ordinary skill and the awakening skill. They are as follows:

Normal Skills: Enforce Execution (Dash and shoot close with your handgun), Sign of Apocalypse (Fires your shotgun twice), Spiral Flame (Flame bullet that deals fire damage), Meteor Stream (Fires bullet in air to land on enemy), AT02 Grenade (Grenade throw), Plasma Bullet (Low speed bullet that deals continuous damage), Spiral Tracker (Throws a handgun), Somersault Shot (Move forward and deal handgun damage), Equilibrium (AOE handgun damage), Hour of Judgement (3 bullets in a cone shaped area), Catastrophe (Launches a claymore attack), Death Fire( Throws a grenade and rapid fires), Triple Explosion (Explosive Bullet), Shotgun Rapid Fire (Fires shotgun thrice), Dextrous Shot (Move forward and fire 4 times), Quick Shot (Quick two shots), Shotgun Dominator (Fire two shotgun that knocks enemies), Aimed shot (High damage bullets that affect movement speed), Cruel Tracker (6 handgun shots), Last Request (Explosive bullets that launch enemies), Perfect Shot (High speed and damage bullet, that can knock enemies)

Awakening Skills: This skill line has 2 abilities, which are – Clay Bombardment (Throws many explosives, fires a handgun along, and also launches enemies), and Bursting Flare (Fires 3 high damage bullets that deal high damage and knocks them away too)

Your best skills are the ones that fit your playstyle. You can have multiple variations of these, depending on your build. You can always reset skills at any moment without triggering any consequences, so if you do make a mistake, know that it is simple to rectify.


Engravings are class-specific skills that help determine your playstyle. For deadeyes, the following engravings are:

  • Enhanced Weapon – This engraving ensures your charging stance improves your crit rate by 20%/25%/30% for 9 seconds.

  • Pistoler – Grants increased 40% damage to your twin handguns at the expense of losing your sniper and shotgun.

Lost Ark Deadeye Engravings

Both these engravings are top-tier options and it. The first one gives a slight damage increase while you retain all your skills. The other skill grants more significant damage but can be riskier. Other recommended engravings are:

  • Grudge – Higher damage to bosses and reduced damage is taken from them.

  • Master of Ambush – Back attack damage is increased. This helps you play with your class strengths.

  • Keen Blunt Weapon – Higher crit damage, for the trade-off of lower attack.

Choosing the suitable engraving is vital; make sure to decide with a sound mind!

Based on the information provided, there are many builds to pick from, whether a PvP build or a PvE build. They each provide different advantages and improvements specific to the opponents they face. We will talk about both build types and offer some suggestions.

Each class has an arsenal of skills they can pick from but can only select 8 of them. However, Deadeye’s are unique and can choose up to 16 skills, making their builds very flexible.

It is assumed that you are level 50 when these builds are made.

Build #1 – PvE Deadeye

PvE Deadeyes have the potential to dish out insane amounts of damage, provided you run them with the right skills and build. The build I will be working on is shotguns, the most potent weapon in your arsenal. The skills and their tripods are:

  • Spiral Tracker

  • Cruel Tracker with Swift Fingers, Rapid Fire, and Explosive Bullet

  • Shotgun Dominator with Close Shot, Weak Point Detection, and Ruler

  • AT02 Grenade with Weakness Exposure

  • Enforce Execution with Light Footwork and Tenacity

  • Somersault Shot with ignoring Collision

  • Equilibrium with Weakness Exposure

  • Last Request with Quick Prep, and Execution.

  • Sign of Apocalypse with Close shot enhanced shot

  • Shotgun Rapid Fire with Close Shot, enhanced shot, and Special Bullet

  • Quick shot with Swift Fingers, Gradual Devastation, and Final Light

  • Dextrous Shot with Agile Movement and Excellent Mobility

As for your awakening, keep Enhanced Weapons at level 1 (crit increase isn’t very high); using grudge and Keen Blunt weapons are powerful options and will make your build stronger.

Lost Ark Deadeye Build

Build #2 – PvP Deadeye

Since Deadeyes have poor health, you must be very mobile and deal great damage in short bursts to stay alive. For that reason, this is the build I’ll be recommending:

  • AT02 Grenade with Weakness Exposure, Enhanced Grenade, and Internal Ignition

  • Cruel Tracker with Quick Preparation, Rapid Fire Enhancement, and Quick Draw

  • Dexterous Shot with Agile Movement and Excellent Mobility

  • Enforce Execution with Excellent Mobility and Tenacity

  • Equilibrium with High-speed shot and Decimation Shot

  • Meteor Stream with Weak Point Detection, Piercing Explosion, and Meteor Fall

  • Plasma Bullet with Quick Shot, Heavy Duty, and Plasma Split

  • Quick Shot with Swift Fingers, Initiate Shot, and Vital Point Shot 

These skills provide the perfect mix between strength and mobility. Keep in mind Deadeyes require a high skill ceiling, too, as it can be hard closing the distance sometimes.

You need to farm some gold to ensure you have the best gear to match your skills. This can be a very tedious process, which can be exhausting. Fortunately, Lost Ark Gold is quite cheap to buy.

If you need them, you can click on our website MMOPixel to buy Lost Ark Gold. We provide the best service.


Deadeyes are a strong, aggressive, and fast class that is fun to play once you get the hang of it. Hopefully, this guide helped you understand this class, and we hope to see you slinging your shotgun at enemies!

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