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Lost Ark Deathblade Guide: Abilities, Engravings, Builds and Tips

Did you ever want to be a deadly assassin who strikes fear into enemies' hearts with your fast-paced gameplay? Then Deathblade is the class for you in Lost Ark. It is a melee-based class that primarily uses dual blades and a longsword for a swift hack and slash-type gameplay.


Deathblade is quite a unique class, being able to use many skills that are charge based amid battle. There are many ways to build this class, whether in a PvP based, PvE based, high uptime burst based, or high burst damage. You can choose whichever one fits your playstyle the most.

So why Deathblade? Your ability to use charge skills, high mobility and maneuverability, and high health and defense stats make it superior to other classes, giving you an edge in creating chaos and being an absolute menace in combat.

However, keep in mind that the build isn't exactly the best in PvE. Since most of your damage comes from backstabs on enemies, you must greatly accommodate your playstyle. It is still very much viable, but you need to reposition quite a lot, and at that point, you're better off using other classes.

It has the following advantages in PvP: Supercharge engraving, high mobility, range in melee attacks, remaining energy, straightforward engraving, identity mechanic, and a fun gameplay experience. But, of course, there are different builds for PvP and PvE, so that is something to note.

Lost Ark Deathblade


Deathblade comes with various skills that help you kill hordes of monsters with high skill uptime. There are two categories of skills, Normal and Awakening skills. They are as follows:

Normal Skills – This class of skills includes Surprise Attack (Dash and slash), Wind Cut (Slashing forwards creates a gust of wind, which helps in cc), Upper Slash (Swift slash that launches enemies in the air), Blade Dance (Deals 7 blows with enemies launched in the air), Spincutter (Spin damage), Polestar (Slash Upwards then slamming foes down with your longsword), Dark Axel (Jump and push enemies back and slash to knock them away), Soul Absorber (Damages based on how long you charge your attack), Death Sentence (Leap and deal damage by slamming enemies down), Moonlight Sonic (Do a sweeping attack bringing enemies close), Maelstrom (Creates a tornado that protects you).

Awakening Skills – This skill line has 2 abilities, which are - Flash Blink (You dash through your target, inflicting damage after a short while. Helps in orb generation), and Blade Assault (A hold skill that inflicts high amounts of damage at the cost of lost mobility)

Upgrading the appropriate skill with appropriate awakening helps you optimize your playstyle to your preferred one while also helping you deal with mass amounts of damage. In addition, skills can be reset at any time, free of cost, so if you make a mistake, know that it is easily rectified.

Death Orb

Death orb is the Deathblade's strongest aspect, allowing you to enter 'Deathblade Arts,' which grants buffs to your attack, speed, recovery, etc. Every time you damage your enemy, you fill up an orb, which enables you your Deathblade Arts. Filling more orbs increases the amount of buff you receive, and is generally recommended to fill more orbs unless it doesn't fit your playstyle/you are having problems with uptime. This Deathblade art ends when your energy hits 0.

You can end your Deathblade arts early, which dishes out an overhead slam. The more orbs you have filled, the greater the damage. You can end your Deathblade arts when it's just about to end for optimal damage.

Lost Ark Deathblade Guide


You may have read the term 'Engravings' in the context of this game and may be wondering what it is. They are specialized class skills that grant abilities that link to your class. They determine how you play your character.

For the Deathblades, there are two options to choose from – Remaining Energy and Surge.

Remaining Energy – This engraving focuses on orb generation and buffs from Blade Surge. This is great for people who enjoy consistent damage and stat buffs.

Surge – Contrary to Remaining Energy, this is more of a once-in-a-while engraving that deals great damage. It also relies on Blade Surge stacks but is much harder to use but rewarding as you deal more damage. Great for experienced players who know what they're doing.


Now with the information provided, there are several builds to go off of, whether a PvP build or a PvE build. Both provide different values and buffs, specific to the enemies they fight. We will be covering both types of builds and suggesting some tips too. These builds are made with the assumption that you are level 50.

PvE Build

Even though Deathblades are highly inclined to the PvP builds, PvE builds are also viable, being able to dish out high numbers on your bosses, provided you have the right build.

This is a Remaining Energy build with consistent damage and uptime, high mobility, and great team synergy. For this build, the skills we will be using are –, Maelstrom and Moonlight Sonic (For Death Orbs gain), Dark Axel (For back attacks), Soul Absorber, Void Strike and Blitz Rush (For DPS and Death Orbs), Earth Cleaver (For crowd control), Spincutter (for cc and mobility) and Flash Blink (For back attacks and death orbs). These skills are synergized with each other and provide for optimal DPS.

High Swiftness is preferred for backstabs, followed by specialization. Of course, make sure your build has enough crit stats too.

To ensure you have enough uptime on your death orbs, equip wealth runes. Another must be the Galewind Runes for higher damage output.

Lost Ark Deathblade Build

PvP Build

Deathblades are optimal for PvP, as they have high mobility, can easily output great damage, and are very slippery to catch. The melee attacks have some range, too, giving some flexibility in your build.

Some must-have skills are – Surprise Attack and Spincutter (High Mobility), Upper Slash (Defence Skill), Moonlight Sonic and Dark Axel (For damage), Maelstrom (For your and your ally's mobility), and Head Hunt (For Crowd Control). Finally, Flash Blink as your awakening is helpful as it does great damage and can also manage to knock up enemies. 

Make sure to prioritize Swiftness, as this is your class's specialty, and you must capitalize on it. Domination should be your secondary priority, as it increases damage based on how debuffed your enemies are.

Like a PvE build, equip wealth runes to ensure your death orbs have enough uptime. Galewind Runes must be equipped, too, because they inflict more damage.

You need to farm some gold to ensure you have the best gear to go with your skills. This can be tiresome, as it can be a very grindy process. Fortunately, you can buy Lost Ark Gold for great prices.

If you need them, you can click on our website MMOPixel to buy Lost Ark Gold. We provide the best service.


Deathblades are a strong class and relatively easy to use and learn compared to the other class. It is insanely fun sneaking up on enemies and backstabbing them for extra crit values. While levelling up, make sure your gear priority is towards crit and specialization, while your skill priority is towards clearing hordes of enemies while maintaining high uptime. 

That being said, hope this guide serves as an informative guide, and we hope to see you slaying on the battlefield!

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