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Lost Ark Farming - How To Farm Gold?

Lost Ark is all about stacks, so get to them before others can! Check out our MMOPixel gold farming guide for the latest gold-related information!

It’s about the money, money, money! It is, isn’t it? There are many different lifestyle choices, but there is one that just keeps on giving, and that is - having an absurd amount of money. Whether you like it or not, it’s a material world, and I am the material adventurer who took an arrow to the knee but will live through it, do not worry.

The same goes for the Lost Ark Gold hunt! Chaos dungeon, merchant ships daily and weekly quests, or, in the incredible turn of events, just wanting to buy gold from cash shop - the more gold you get, the more upgrade materials you have. Whether we’re talking about your main character or one character from your best class - you just need to earn gold to make them look incredible!

The gold itself is rather rare in this MMORPG Lost Ark, so make sure you have plenty because you need those items from the auction house. Silver you can get easily, but gold - it’s something else. The most common way to keep getting more and more money is to do the major events in the game, but there are a few ways and tricks to go around this!

So - check out how to farm gold guide and head out to the major town or abyssal dungeons to get what you need to survive!

Gold, Huh, What Is It Good For?

With gold, you can upgrade your character, items, life, start a family perhaps or just deal with that crazy creatures! The possibilities are endless!

Absolutely…everything. Well, not everything, everything, but if you have gold, you don’t really need to look out for much else. The main reason to obtain gold is the action house. You can use it as currency there, so make sure you have full pockets because the prices are insanely high.

You can get some deals there for sure. Especially from other players with whom you can exchange collectible items you gained from your daily quests. I’m talking about equipment, potions and, in some cases, some really good shoes with designer’s logo for 20x price of the normal shoe. You gotta ride with style, ain’t it right? 

Gold is also useful if you want to upgrade your equipment and items, so make sure you don’t spend everything in one place!

How To Get Lost Ark Gold?

There are many different ways to get gold in Lost Ark. The great example is a Chaos Dungeon, where you can really find some incredible treasures!

There are many different ways to achieve this, some better than others, like always. Amazon games prepared a lot of fun activities for early game and more advanced players. The cost of the quest is always time so we’ve prepared a method for this madness. Defeat bosses in boss fights, create better weapons, and stick it to the Man! Here are some tips on how to pull this off!

Chaos Dungeons

In the beginning, there was chaos. Chaos dungeons, I mean. Many players have fought in there; many have fallen. But - what doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger, as one wise man said.

Thus, definitely engage in any Chaos Raids out there, especially for the special Ticketed Events. 

  • Normal raids can get you some armor or consumables. 

  • The ticketed ones give you a chance to earn Combat Books that are really something at the auction house! 

Una Tokens

Una Tokens can really help you out in this world! Remember, you can always get what you need!

It basically means playing the game. Really. You get Una Tokens when you log in and do your dailies and weeklies. When the progress bar fills, you get the gold caskets that you can exchange at any Gold Merchant. He will then give you some gold currency in exchange, and now everything is gold, and we’re moving up!

Crafting and Selling

You can also do it in an old-fashioned way, putting the hours in, checking out of the crafting place, and just selling your items on the market. The system gets you, man! 

You can create some very valuable accessories, though, that are in high demand all the time. Those are really good when they boost your Crit or Speciality, so remember to check if you can do it this way! 

If you’re good enough (I’m talking about - high level individuals), you can sell Engravings at the auction as well!

You can also craft items using resources you got from life skills and sell them at the auction house. Check out what’s in and make it yours. Some herbalism always gets you places!

Voyage Missions

Voyage, voyage! Complete some voyage missions for extra gold and boat advancement! You can always find something going on near the docks!

There are always Voyage Missions that get you gold. Those are scheduled cooperative missions you can find in most major ports. Players can get together in a fun spirit to do some short mini-games and earn some Pirate Coins or other voyage currencies. Remember to don’t use the skin that makes your ship unable to use its functions (I know, fashion, but really?) 

In rare events, you can get a special key that allows you to visit Gateways for some additional rewards, and by those, I mean maps with rewards that get you a nice sum of Gold!

Sell Your Skills!

You can actually do the impossible in this game! You can sell your services as the high-level beast you are and just carry other players in different dungeons for gold.

You need to agree to the term before you help them, because if there is something I’ve learned about the gamers throughout these years is that you can’t trust them! (crying in Diablo II items).

After you complete the dungeon with your new friends, you get the Gold from them in the mail. Or the postman lost it, I don’t know!

Or…Just Buy It?

You can always just buy it with real money! It may not be the most glorious of ways, but it is the easiest one indeed!


If you don’t want to spend hundreds of hours grinding for gold - you can always buy some with real money! There are many good bundles and prices out there, You'll find something for yourself. It is, indeed, the easiest way to farm gold in this game.

Hidden Level - Harmony Shard Farm

It’s a green thing that everyone talks about! Remember to get them early, because they are really important in the late game! Check out our Lost Ark Harmony Shards farm guide!

But wait - there is more! Gold is not the only thing you can farm in Lost Ark and definitely not the only one that’s important. Have you ever heard about a little something called Harmony Shards? Yes? No? Well, I’ve got the story for you!

Harmony Shards are the late game phenomenon, but it’s good to start from the bottom to understand why we’re here! There are many ways to build your character in Lost Ark (and in real life). With new challenges, there are new responsibilities in Arkesia, and things get harder with time.

Here’s the kicker of Harmony Shards - at high levels, it is the way to increase the level of your items, and make it better for combat with some new upgrades as well. It is a critical resource, so we’ve prepared a quick guide for where to look for them and farm them in Lost Ark.

Farming Harmony Shards

Remember to get some Harmony Shards! It's a very important tool in endgame leveling! The easiest way to earn them is to complete Chaos Dungeons.

 One of the easiest ways to farm some shards is to complete the Chaos Dungeons. They are available once you hit level 50 and Item Level 250, so it’s a great place to start taking care of some shards.

You can get to them by approaching any Chaos Dungeon statues in big towns in Areksia.

Remember - you can’t just grind them to the ground. There are two Chaos Dungeon statute runs per day, but there are many great prizes to earn, so make sure you do those two runs, even if it's the last thing you do! For example - you can earn Disorder Crystals there and many other unique currencies or materials and even some equipment.

Visit The Tower

The Tower is the another Chaos Dungeon of the game. Simply putting it, it’s one of the simplest ways to get a lot of stuff for you and your character's family!

The idea is pretty simple - you must try to get to the 50th floor of the Tower. Every single floor gets harder and harder with every step. Every floor also gives you a unique challenge and higher and higher item requirements with a specific time limit of progression. If you die - well, I guess we’re doing the floor again, aren’t we?

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