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Lost Ark Glaivier Abilities, Engravings, Builds and Tips

When you start the game, Lost Ark allows you to choose your class from a variety of classes available. The Glaivier made its debut for the very first time in the ‘Battle for the Throne of Chaos.’  We will help the new players get familiar with the latest Glaivier Class and outline the various builds and class skills available to players in Lost Ark. 

Glaivier Class in Lost Ark

Glaivier is typically considered a martial artist build which is quite advanced. It can also wield two different types of weapons at the same time. The two weapons used by the Glaivier Class include Spear and Glaive, providing her with power, speed, and balance in attacking scenarios. The Spear helps the Glaivier to inflict highly focused attacks which cause great damage to the opponent. On the other hand, the Glaive helps the Glaivier to discharge a chain of fast attacks. 

They can also use as many as 13 skills at a given time. This includes 8 skills for the skill Flurry Stance for her Glaive and as many as 5 skills for the skill of Focus Stance for her Spear.

Lost Ark Glaivier

The skill of Glaivier Identity

As already discussed, the Glaivier has the liberty of wielding two different weapons which have a different set of characteristics. Thus the way you swap your weapons during any fight will determine the identity skill attributed to Glaivier Class.

There are three bars around the Glaivier weapon, which are of Dual Meter and slowly fill up. The more damage you deal to your enemy, the faster the bar will fill up. 

The work of this skill can be explained in this way, as and when you swap the weapon at the moment of any fight, provided that one of the bars is filled, the weapon will generate an attack and movement buff. This process can be repeated as often as you want, and you can keep using the buff gained. The higher the bars are filled, the stronger the buff you will receive. 

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Strengths and Weaknesses

As we have now covered the essential points of Glaivier Class, we move on to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of Glaivier Class before we dive into its key features.


  • Both the stances available to the Glaivier have low cooldowns and thus make her much more adaptable to different scenarios during a battle.

  • New players can quickly adapt to Glaivier without feeling less powerful. The playstyle of this class is very easy to adapt to, and there is also no need to formulate any complicated strategy to make this class work well. 

  • The players can entirely keep the smaller mobs under their control as the Focus Stance allows many knock-ups during attacking situations.


  • One of the skills that are not very useful in various situations is the Awakening Skill to use; the enemies need to be packed in one place.

  • Another drawback of this skill is that it has a very time-consuming windup time; thus, enemies usually just walk in another direction to get away from the area of damage of this skill. 

Lost Ark Glaivier Guide

Glaivier Engravings in Lost Ark

Glaivier Engravings appear as a series of events in the game Lost Ark. A Glaivier Engraving is a picture or drawing that appears on a wall, object, or location during a game. Glaivier Engravings are part of the story of the Lost Ark and help explain some of the histories in this world.

The first in-game appearance of a Glaivier Engraving is at the beginning of the game during the opening cutscene. During a tutorial to explain combat and combos, the player character encounters a flashback of their master, Glaivier, fighting an unknown enemy. The Glaivier Engraving shows what appears to be the Celestial Tree burning in the background.

The next appearance of Glaivier Engravings is at the end of the Valley of Geysers dungeon. After defeating a boss, a Glaivier Engraving informs the player that they must find six statues to open the gate and move on through the dungeon.

The Two Glaivier Engravings are:

  1. Pinnacle:  This engraving helps players to maximize the buff they receive on their weapons by the Dual Meter.

  2. Control: This engraving helps players to use only Fury Stance and lock them out of the Focus Stance. This also stops access to the Dual Meter during the fight.

Build of Glaivier in PvE scenarios

Flurry Skills:

  1. Soul Cutter (Level 1)

  2. Flash Kick (Level 4)

  3. Chain Slash (Level 4)

  4. Wheels Blade (Level 4)

  5. Moon Slash (Half)

  6. Shackling Dragon (Level 4)

  7. Raging Dragon (Level 10)

  8. Cutting wind (Level 10)

Focus Skills:

  1. Four-Headed Dragon (Level 1)

  2. Starfall Pounce (Level 10)

  3. Spiraling Spear (Level 3)

  4. Dragon’s Horns (Level 10)

Build of Glaivier in PvP scenarios

Flurry Skills

  1. Vault (Level 4)

  2. Cutting wind (Level 10)

  3. Chain Slash (Level 4)

  4. Moon Slash (Level 10)

  5. Shackling Dragon (Level 10)

  6. Raging Dragon (Level 10)

  7. Wheels Blade (Level 10)

Focus Skills

  1. Dragon’s Horns (Level 10)

  2. Starfall Pounce (Level 10)

Lost Ark Glaivier Skills

Glaivier Skills in Lost Ark

The Lost Ark Best Glaivier Skills and Tripods, the newest addition to the Lost Ark game, has successfully brought a whole new level of excitement to the game. The new edition offers new skills and items, one of which is the Glaivier. This special mount can be obtained by players who have at least one Lv. 100 characters and are level 70 or above. In addition, players will also be able to obtain a tripod after completing a series of quests.

The Glaivier is a flying mount that can be used to travel across the world map. The mount has a passive skill called “Glide,” which allows players to glide through the air like a bird. Players can achieve even greater heights by using their special skill, “Fly.” The Glaivier can also help a player avoid enemy attacks with its passive skill called “Shadow,” which turns you invisible for a short time.

In addition to that, the Glaivier is a mighty mount and will have no problem dealing damage on the battlefield. This mount is one of the most powerful mounts in the Lost Ark game, so players will want to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

The Glaivier comes with four skill slots and six stat points, which gives players the freedom to customize their character. The mount has two kinds of slots: Skill slot and Stat Slot. Players can put whatever skill they want in a Skill slot, while they will have to use a Stat slot to increase the mount’s stats. 

The Glaivier skills include:

  1. Windsplitter

  2. Four-Headed Dragon

  3. Starfall Pounce

  4. Raging Dragon 

  5. Dragonscale Defense


It is important to note that the Glaivier Class lost its importance in later games. In addition, their skills are not as helpful as in other classes. They are most effective at close range but lack the mobility of other classes. In addition, they cannot deal critical damage, which makes them third on the list of best classes.

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