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Lost Ark Guilds | How The Guild System Works in Lost Ark

One of the main features of an MMORPG is guilds. Even though you can enjoy the entire game on your own, it's always better to count on people – or guildmates – that think as you do.

Lost Ark has a complete guild system like other MMOs where you can create, join or leave a guild. The game requires that teammates complete guild activities and endgame content together. So, in this title, the guild menu represents far more than just reuniting with your friends and battling against other guilds in the Guild Wars.

New members of a guild have responsibilities. You’ll have to make sure that you fulfill your tasks if you want to progress faster in the game, especially if you want to get more rewards than you can think of.

If you still don’t know how Lost Ark Guilds work, we have developed a short guide that will help you go through it all so you can earn Bloodstones, participate in special quests and be part of incredible GvE or GvG content.

What are Lost Ark Guilds?

Guilds in Lost Ark are communities of people that create a sort of fraternity. As such, guilds have a common goal, and guild members must work together to achieve it.

If you want to have more options to succeed in this MMORPG, it is necessary for you to join a guild as fast as you can. 

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Benefits of Joining a Guild in Lost Ark

If you are searching for a guild in Lost Ark, but you don’t know if these kinds of groups will do you any good, here you can see the benefits of joining a group whether they invite you or you ask to join one.

  • Have access to the Guild shop. This is a unique shop that allows you to purchase items that you can’t obtain from regular shops.

  • New guild quests are also available along with new weekly tasks. These will give you more XP than traditional quests.

  • According to the guild levels, you can get special rewards.

  • Research guild skills to help you during GvG PvP.

  • Participate in special events, raids, and more challenges where only guilds are allowed.

What Do You Do In a Guild?

Benefits aren’t the only thing you need to look after when you join/create a guild. You must understand that the guild has responsibilities and ways of doing things as an organization.

Be aware that to be part of these tasks, you have to wait until your “new member” tag erases. After that – which usually happens three days after joining a guild – you can complete the tasks that the guild master assigns to you.

Here are some of the things you can do when you are part of a guild.

Guild Recruitment

One of the tasks of a guild is to keep growing. Finding new members in active guild recruitment could be an exhausting thing to do, but it’s a necessary evil. 

A guild with more people in its ranks is a community that has better chances of getting rewards.

Complete Simple Table Tasks

Guild members must complete other simpler tasks that range from fishing, mining Ore – and other minerals – honing materials, PvP, and more. The guild masters are the ones who choose the activity that needs to be completed to gain more guild XP and level up.

Collect Sylmael Bloodstones

Sylmael Bloodstones are a special type of currency that players can earn by contributing to the guild. A contribution can be as simple as logging in or making gold or silver donations. You also can get Bloodstones when you accept and complete tasks.

Once you have enough of this currency, you can manage to exchange them for upgrade materials, entrance tickets to endgame dungeons, or powerful potions to help you in your battles.

If you have a good master, he may distribute some of the guild’s Bloodstones in stock with the members.

Weekly Guild Tasks

MMORPG games have special activities for guilds, and Lost Ark is not an exception. The weekly guild tasks aren’t like other activities distributed in the game.

You can only accept one per week and progress with it until the weekly reset – each Thursday – arrives. Once new missions appear, you can go and continue with other guild tasks.

However, if you have done your work properly, you can increase the number of tasks you can accept every week. You simply need the Weekly Task Slot+ that you can find in the Research section of the Guild window.

There are a couple of things you need to do if you want to unlock the Weekly Guild Tasks.

  • Play until your character reaches level 50.

  • Go to North Vern and complete the main quest in Vern Castle.

  • Unlock Una’s Tasks.

Guild Research - How Does It Work?

The Guild Research section allows you to unlock new features for your guild. You can have a bigger inventory, level up the Weekly Tasks of your organization, and more.

If you want to improve them, you’ll need Bloodstones – lots of them – and several days for the research to be completed as requested. It may take a while and a high investment, but the rewards are worth it.

Creating a Lost Ark Guild

After learning all this new information about guilds in Lost Ark, you probably want to create one. The process is easier than you think.

The main thing you need to create your own guild is to reach the first town and have 2,000 silver. After that, follow these steps to become a guild master:

  1. Press Alt+U to open the Guild tab. Find the Community section that is in the bottom right corner.

  2. Select Guild.

  3. Look at the top of the panel and find the Create Guild button.

  4. Customize the guild name and flag.

After doing this, your request as a guild master is complete, and your organization is live.

Managing Your Guild

Now that you have your guild, it’s time to manage it. The good news is that there’s a simple menu to change some features of your guild – like name or flag – in case you want to.

Follow these steps to do that:

  1. Go to the guild menu (Alt+U.)

  2. Search your guild’s home screen.

  3. Find the two-arrow icon pointing to the right to start managing your guild.

Here you’ll find the form to create a password so people can’t join instantly and other admin-related features.

Joining a Lost Ark Guild

If you don’t have enough money to become a guild master, you still can join a guild. And that has no cost for you.

To find organization opportunities, just press Alt+U to open up the guild suggestions. You’ll have a search bar in case you already know which guild you want to join. If not, you can use the recommendations and find the perfect match.

Guilds will have four methods to join:

  • Join instantly - You can join at once.

  • Join instantly with restrictions - You’ll be accepted if you comply with requirements like the level gap.

  • Password - You need to know the password to join.

  • Request - The guild master will receive a request form that he needs to sign so you can join.

How To Leave a Guild In Lost Ark

You can leave an organization if you’re ready to set on a different path away from your guild.

You only need to open the chatbox and write the command /guildleave. A pop will open where you need to confirm the action. After you’ve done that, you’ll enter a cooldown period where you won’t get to join other guilds.

Lost Ark Guilds - Summary

Guilds are one of the most important parts of Lost Ark to build communities and reach new heights in the history of the game. 

Being part of one organization gives you access to completely new content. After all, Lost Ark is also a group game that you can’t fully enjoy if you don’t have friends or people you can do that with.

The range of benefits that you can acquire only for joining a guild – like XP, skills, items, and more – is worth all the work you have to put into leveling up your association.

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