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Lost Ark Gunlancer Guide For Dealing Damage!

Gunlancer takes everything that’s best in warrior class and just combines it in one single monster! Check out our guide for Gunlacer build at MMOPixel!

Bring out your battlefield shield, prepare a formidable weapon and feel like your attack speed may need some tweaking! Warrior class really has some beasts within it. Gunlancer can absorb damage but also deal massive destruction, so use it wisely! It’s one of the best DPS classes on the market with incredible crit damage, striking foes left and right!

If you’re wondering - what kind of Lost Ark Gunlancer build is the one to go with, well, we’ve got a story for you! 

It’s an advanced class of warrior kind, so there is a lot of armor destruction with your gun lance. That essentially makes it a melee class with some crazy high burst damage!

Lost Ark Gunlancer Class Guide - Choose The Best Build!

The best is yet to come! Gunlancer is a grinding class but will definitely make you happy with your choice! If, of course, you like some big guy action!

You want to deal some decent damage, right? Also, if you want to help other classes, you NEED to have the best skills out there. Luckily, you came to the right place!

We will tell you how to: 

  • make decent DPS, 

  • damage buffs, 

  • and keep your party safe while being the first line of defense all the time! 

Your movement speed may not get a huge amount of likes, but your true value is dealing high damage to the nearby enemies!

So, without further ado - here are some facts about Gunlancer that you may need in the battle!

Gunlancer Engravings

Remember to get the best engravings you can! It can really enhance the abilities of your character and change the way you fight!

The most common build for Gunlancer uses two-class engravings. It means that you don’t have to choose your specialization; you can use both of them at the same time. 

But - it has some downs, unfortunately. Once you choose this path, you may say goodbye to your offensive Identity skill for even more damage inflicted. 

Throughout the game, you will find many different engravings, but the most common is the Master Brawler (say three times fast, I dare you!). It increases front head damage by 25%, so while being always at the front lines, it will make the boss fight much easier. 

Also, you should definitely get: 

  • Cursed Doll - ncreases your Attack by 16% and decreases incoming healing by 25%.

  • Grudge - ncreases damage against bosses and higher-leveled enemies up to 20% and decreases damage intake by 20% as well.

  • Super Charge - it is also extremely effective as it helps your charged skills that you have plenty of. 

Gunlance and Charged Strike will probably be your most important skills, so it’s good to pick them one up as well. Charge enhancement is something you should always keep in mind.

If you’re aiming for support build, take the Expert. It enhances the power of healing and shield. It best works with a Bard or a Paladin so make sure you’re not the only support in time - you’ll get some extra damage you really want to avoid.

Gunlancer Runes

Take everything you can into consideration! Choose the best runes there are for your class and become an unstoppable killing machine!

Whether we’re talking about normal skills, awakening skills, your shield identity, incoming damage blocking, or just combat readiness - it is worth mentioning that runes can be a great asset when it comes to combat! 

For some great damage in PvP (especially against some ranged DPS classes) or PvE action - make sure you have the runes necessary to run the show.

The most important runes for this class are those that enhance your damage and reduce the cooldown rate of your skills. You should be focused on how to let your group survive, that is why those buffs are necessary.

Use Bleed rune on the the skill with lowest cooldown. The same goes for Rage. If you have few skills in your rotation, definitely check out Quick Recharge that can reduce the cooldown of all of the skills that are already cooling down!

You also need to find some charged runes for increasing the charge speed of your skills that need some charing.

Gunlancer - Identity Skill

Choose the best Identity Skill! It may not be the most useful for Gunlancer per se, but used wisely can be a great asset!

Everyone needs an identity and Gunlancer is not the odd one out! 

Typically, the Gunlancer uses two skills for Identity: 

  • The first one is a jump-in and dive to do some AoE damage when you stay in a position that allows you to knock up the enemies in the place you’ve landed. 

  • The other one is a shield that gives some extreme bonus to defense and makes you immune to most CC (and let me tell you, this game is some CC-heavy experience!). As we stated before, thanks to the lone knight engraving, you will probably never deal damage based on your Identity.

Gunlancer Skills

 With great skill comes great responsibility! Took down the enemies with your shield and your gun lance. Protect allies and be the change in the world you want to see!

Whatever we would tell you, it’s best to see it with your own eyes. Here is a detailed list of every Gunlancer skill there is with a description, required level, and cooldown. Choose wisely and incorporate your Identity, Engravings, and Runes in the list of skills you need to choose from. 

Remember, Lost Ark is a game that rewards putting a lot of eggs in a few baskets, so keep that in mind that while choosing your skill points!

Normal Skill






Perform a shield attack. It deals damage and stuns foes for 3s.

Dash Upper Fire.png

Dash Upper Fire

Advance 3 meters forward. Strike foes with your gunlance and launch them into the air. Use the skill again to fire a shell.

Fire Bullet.png

Fire Bullet

Shelling attack at foes at close range.

Rising Gunlance.png

Rising Gunlance

Stick a spear into the ground for damage, then pull it out attack foes in front of you, launching them into the air.

Sharp Gunlance.png

Sharp Gunlance

Thrust the spear forward.

Shield Bash.png

Shield Bash

Perform a fierce shield swing. Use the skill again to inflict more damage with the following swing.

Leap Attack.png

Leap Attack

Leap 9 meters toward the target location to strike at the ground, and inflict damage.

Guardian's Thunderbolt.png

Guardian's Thunderbolt

Lightning strike from the sky to inflict lightning damage to foes in a 5 meter radius, electrocuting them for 3s.

Hook Chain.png

Hook Chain

Throw a long chained hook to inflict to deal damage, then pull that foe to you and deal some more damage.

Shield Charge.png

Shield Charge

Charge forward with your shield raised in front of you. While charging, inflict some damage with each hit.

Charged Stinger.png

Charged Stinger

While in a defensive stance, focus energy and thrust the spear in front of you. Slowly change the direction of the attack while focusing energy. Damage varies according to the charge stage.

Shout of Hatred.png

Shout of Hatred

Let out a fierce roar to inflict damage to foes within 8 meter radius, taunting non-player foes for 5s and disabling certain skills on them. Challenge or higher foes cannot be taunted again for a set period of time.

Shield Shock.png

Shield Shock

Strike the ground with your shield, inflicting damage. Foe Move Speed -40% for 4s.

Counter Gunlance.png

Counter Gunlance

Raise the shield to defend attacks from the front for 2s. You can negate the Damage using 10000% of Max HP. If you defend, perform a counterattack within 1s, inflicting damage and knocking foes back.

Nellasia's Energy.png

Nellasia's Energy

Let out a roar. Damage to all party members in a 24 meter radius -10% for 6s.

Gunlance Shot.png

Gunlance Shot

Perform a vicious thrusting attack to inflict damage and focus energy at the tip of the gunlance. The energy draws foes toward you, inflicting damage. When the energy is charged, fire a shell to inflict damage and launch the foe into the air.

Surge Cannon.png

Surge Cannon

Compress the energy using the exploder on your weapon, then propel it out in front of you. If the energy is not fully compressed, inflict damage and push foes away. When fully compressed, inflict damage and knock back foes.

Guardian's Protection.png

Guardian's Protection

Upon using the skill, recover 100% Shield Meter and release a 10 meter radius protection aura in the nearby area for 10s. Foes within the aura take damage and become stunned for 4s. Within the aura, all party members take -40.0% less Damage and become immune to Pushes and debuffs.

Lance of Judgment.png

Lance of Judgment

Summon a giganticspear of light at the target location, inflicting Holy Damage and launching foes into the air. Crit Rate +10% for all party members within a 5 meter radius for 10s.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for checking out our guide for Gunlancer from the Lost Ark game. We hope that you had an amazing time and hope that we could help you choose the best build there is for your character.

Remember to share and like this article and show it to your friends who are in some serious Gunlancer trouble! Check out MMOPixel for more useful guides and information on many Lost Ark-related topics and other incredible games!

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