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Lost Ark Helgaia - The Guardian Raid Boss Guide!

Helgaia is one of the strongest and most complicated bosses of Lost Ark. As the raid where you find Helgaia is an important part of the end game content in Lost Ark and gives some exciting loot, we will help you to defeat it. 

Even though it’s a very hard boss, there are ways to defeat Helgaia. To do so, you need to understand Helgaia’s attack patterns and weaknesses. Besides that, the most crucial thing may be to deal with her evolutions, as her attacks become more substantial and can hit kill a target. Let’s prepare for the fight as we start the Helgaia Guardian Raid Guide!

Unlocking Helgaia

Before you can beat Helgaia, you must, first, unlock its raid; as it is a part of the end game content, you will have a long way until doing so. Besides that, remember: guardian raids aren’t easy tasks. Here are the requirements:

  • First, you must finish the game's main story. 

  • After that, you must defeat all the bosses from levels 1 and 2 on raids. 

  • To complete, reach item level 840. 

Only when you do, the Lost Ark Helgaia Guardian Raid will be available.

Helgaia Evolution

Helgaia Evolutions

One of the most problematic things you have to deal with is Helgaia evolution. The giant bird can evolve twice during combat. That way, it has three different forms, and the combat is divided into three phases. After every evolution, new attacks are added to her set, and the ones already existing become stronger to the point of instantly killing the unlucky ones on her way.

Thankfully, there are ways to prevent Helgaia from evolving for some time. For that, whirlwind grenades and stagger skills are fundamental. Before it starts to evolve, Helgaia will take a “charging time,” and that’s when players must use the skills to make the stagger check. 

It will try to evolve every 30 to 40 seconds, and the stagger required will be higher every time. This means that, after some time, the stagger check will be impossible to meet, and Helgaia will pass to the next phase. Keep the skills and a whirlwind grenade at hand anyway.

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Helga's Attacks

Besides the capacity to evolve, we must be aware of all the Helgaia attack patterns. As mentioned before, the evolution phase of Helgaia interferes with the attack moves, so let’s divide it between the three different phases. But, no matter the phase, you will always have a short time to stagger or dodge on the ground.

Helgaia Guardian Raid Battle First Phase

Charge: Helgaia raises her wings for a charge attack aimed at the direction she is facing. Dash out the way as soon as you see the wings going up or as soon as Helgaia flies. She can turn blue, and you can use your counter skill to interrupt her attempt.

Fireball: Helgaia moves her head forward and opens her wings. After the movement, she spits a fireball attack toward a targeted player. Helgaia can move and turn to hit her target, so you can’t stop, Keep circling her to avoid the fire damage. She can perform the attack twice.

Fling: Helgaia will lower her head and flap her wings. And then, with a huge movement, fling it upward. If you are caught in the move, Helgaia throws you upward as well. Instead of a dodge move, the better way to escape is not being in her head's direction.

Leap Attack: She will jump forward towards a target player. The point she will land opens in a crater, making a shockwave AoE damage. Watch for the peak of the leap and start dodging out of the impact at the right moment.

Peck: Helgaia will prepare a beak attack. For that, she moves her head like a wisp. When you identify the move, dash out of range. Then she will slam to make the beak attack twice.

Tail Whip: She starts to move her tail around her in a tail swipe, hitting everyone on the range in an arc. Quickly dodge in the direction of her body. If you stay underneath her, close to the legs, you can keep dealing damage while she makes her move without getting hit.

Wing Attack: She will swing her wing right after moving her head to the side. You should dodge in the direction of her tail to escape it.

Helgaia Guardian Raid Battle Second Phase

At this moment, Lost Ark Helgaia’s attack patterns from the first phase will remain and get stronger. Besides that, she will get some new moves. That way, the Helgaia fight will get harder. The moves are:

Fly-By: An even stronger charge attack. After a short time, she starts a flight in the air towards the direction she’s looking, in a straight line, leaving a fire trail at her back. This is a counterable charge, so you can use a counter skill against Helgaia to interrupt and cancel the guardian attempt.

Triple Fireballs: If dealing with one was complicated, now Helgaia spits three fireballs. Well, no secrets. Keep dodging until she shoots the two sets of fireballs. 

Helgaia Guardian Raid Combat Phase Three

Of course, she will evolve the last time. In the third phase of combat, she has all the attacks from phases 1 and 2 available. To complete, she “learns” the last attack.

Meteor Rain: The last attack learned by Helgaia is the meteor rain. Helgaia flies as high as she can into the sky, and summon meteors. They will land randomly on the map. The area of impact of each one glows in yellow, so gamers know where to run. Getting hit deals more damage than you want to take, and you are thrown up. Yes, it is possible to be hit by more than one meteor per attack.

Useful General Tips to Fight Lost Ark Helgaia Boss

Besides knowing the guardian attacks, patterns, and mechanics, there are some interesting general tips. This extra information on this Lost Ark Helgaia guardian raid guide will make your encounter easier. 

The first thing you should know is that Helgaia is weak against water. This means you can use water element skills to cause bonus damage.

Second thing, Helgaia applies to burn debuff with its attacks. It stacks and lasts for 20 seconds and every time you got hit, the burn debuff timer resets. It is important for you not to let it stack four or more times. To avoid it, you can use a panacea potion during the fight. You can also count on the cleansing ability of a Paladin, for instance.

To complete, we recommend you take only the necessary things to face Helgaia. Even though you don’t lose your items when you die, it will be easier if you have an organized inventory, with whirlwind grenades for a counterable charge and Panacea, for instance.

The Guardian Loot

Another important thing that you and your party may want to know before you enter the fight is the rewards you can get. These are the items you can get after defeating Helgaia and completing the raid.

  • Destruction Stone

  • Ephemeral Monarch Necklace

  • Ephemeral Monarch Earrings

  • Ephemeral Monarch Ring 

  • Ephemeral Pulverizer Earrings

  • Ephemeral Pulverizer Ring

  • Epic Class Engraving Recipe

  • Guardian Stone

  • Helgaia Card

  • Life Leapstone

  • Rare Class Engraving Recipe

  • Rare Skill Rune

  • Tier 2 Rare Ability Stone


At the end of this Guardian Raid guide, you know everything to make the best of your fight against Helgaia. Now, you just need to go to the raid and enjoy its spoils. If you want to stay always ahead of other players and learn all you can with guides, tips, lists, builds, and everything else about Lost Ark, check MMOPixel!

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