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Lost Ark Perception Shard | What Is and How To Find Them

Many functionalities in Lost Ark are relevant, but lots of players don’t know how to use them. One of them is the perception shards. 

These stone fragments are rare, hard to find, and used as one of the best currencies – like harmony shards, guardian shards, gold, silver, Lost Ark Disorder crystals, and more – in this game.

If you want to harvest the real utility of perception shards, you also need to know about the Chaos Dungeon missions.

Here we explain all you need to know about perception shards and how to use them.

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What Are Perception Shards in Lost Ark?

Perception Shards are a sort of currency that you’ll be able to use to level up your character’s stats in Lost Ark. They are similar to Harmony Leapstones since they also improve your armor item level.

You can use these shards to purchase items in the Chaos Dungeon vendor NPC. We will explain all you can buy further below.

How To Earn Lost Ark Perception Shard?

As a special currency in Lost Ark, you can earn perception shards by completing some activities even though they’re not a standard reward.

However, the only moment you get to earn this currency in the game is if you reach level 50. But this is not the only requirement; you also have to:

    • Have access to high-level PvE gear.

    • Have available PvE dungeons – like the Chaos Dungeon – and other similar activities.

    • Purchase them on Perception Shard vendors.

Now that you know what perception shards are and where to find them, you need to know how to get them.

What Can You Do With Perception Shards?

After you complete the quest and receive the Perception Shards, you can exchange them for items and enhance materials for your gear.

When you collect and spend Perception Shards, you can grind and sell them to other players. You also can look for Chaos Dungeon vendors, which is a secret shop where you can use those resources.

Be aware that vendors won’t sell you items at a good rate. For example, to get a Harmony Leapstone, you’ll have to pay 60 shards.

Other items that you can trade for Perception Shards are:

  • Stone Fragments.

  • Engravings.

  • Jewelry.

  • Guardian Stone Fragments.

  • Destruction Stone Fragments.

  • Shards of Purification.

You can use most of the exchanged materials to power up/upgrade your gear and weapons.

What Is The Chaos Dungeon?

The Chaos Dungeon is an endgame gaming experience in Lost Ark that you play alone or with up to four players. Even though it doesn’t have a story, players interested in this mode will have to forget about thinking and focus on brutality and skills.

Gamers will have to learn to slay monsters to fill a gauge within 5 minutes. If you can complete the gauge, a Chaos Gate will open so you can go ahead and enter a new zone.

If you can accept the lack of complexity of this endgame activity, you’ll notice that this is a great way to alternatively farm upgrade materials. You can later use them on the gear you have obtained in your adventures. 

Chaos Dungeon events are one of the best ways to get rewards for all those that search for a way to get good items.

Make sure you have an empty inventory because the Chaos Dungeon drops lots of materials. There, you'll find Engraving Books, tickets, and gems that you can use for your upgrades.

Now, remember that this activity consumes Aura or Resonance (AOR). This means that you can create a party and visit the Chaos Dungeon twice a day with full loot. After you’ve spent the resource, you can continue to enter the event, but you’ll earn a lot less.

We recommend you measure the best moments to do that and develop a strategy so you can reach the post-scenario of this mission.

Dungeon Entrances

To access random drops of Perception Shards, you’ll have to find your way into the Chaos Dungeons, usually with a vendor. When you complete these game activities, your character will earn this currency. 

The effectiveness of Chaos Dungeons is restricted to twice per day. You need to have a character that can manage high-level gear if you want to ensure that you’re completing Chaos Dungeon Missions alone or with friends.

Chaos Gates events also drop Perception Shards, but they are tricky to find due to the active event inside the game.

How To Complete The Chaos Dungeon?

The words spread fast saying that the Chaos Dungeon is easy to finish. But still, you have to know the details about how to complete it if you want to make the most out of it.

This event consists of three stages where all monsters will welcome you in hordes.

Stage I

You have to defeat as many opponents as you can within a frame of time, so you can open the Chaos Gate.

The level gauge will give you a sign to know when you can pass the next stage. 

Stage II

At this stage, you won't face a lot of mobs, but instead, you’ll have to battle mini-bosses on the same site if you want to reach the next level. 

Stage III

Now you face Rift Core Crystals and mini-bosses in the last stage of the game. This level could have a bonus boss – a phantom enemy – that you’ll need to defeat if you want to get in-game currencies. 

There’s no way to do fraud in this event, so this is the only way you can obtain the content of that mystery boss.

Perception Shard Lost Ark - Is It Useful?

Perception Shards are one of the most important currencies to find upgrade-related materials in Lost Ark. 

Since it's a hard-to-find currency – like other essential items in these kinds of games – you need to have strategies.  To do this, use the Aura or Resonance correctly if you want to get the most out of the Chaos Dungeon events.

Now that you know how you can use the Perception Shards, you can follow our how-to guide to complete the Dungeon. Become a pro-gamer and even sell your services as a veteran in the game.

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