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Lost Ark Pheon - Currency Guide!

Lost Ark Pheon currency guide on RoyalCDKeys

Pheon is a currency used in Lost Ark when trading and bidding on the Auction House. If you haven’t reached the end game yet and didn’t try to gear up your character properly, it shouldn’t concern you. However, understanding the game’s economy will be strongly beneficial for you in the long run and will save you a lot of money. In this guide, we’ll explain why you shouldn’t ignore Pheon and what it has to do with Lost Ark’s tax system.

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What is Pheon?

As we stated in the beginning, many different currencies are used in the game, and Pheon is one of them. It cannot be obtained through in-game activities like Lost Ark gold or Blue Crystals. It’s used to purchase rare items from Auction House like armor or weapons.

It’s added here to prevent bots from taking over the market and regulating item prices. If there weren’t any taxes in the game, buying and reselling items at a higher price would be incredibly easy. This would cause the prices in Auction House to inflate in no time.

This is why Pheon is present in Lost Ark, as it’s one of the methods to limit gold sellers. So if you want to spend your gold on a legendary item, you have to add some Pheons to the initial price.

Currencies Connected to Pheon

Eastern MMOs have an overwhelming number of currencies, and Pheon is one of them. To completely understand how it works, first, we will explain other currencies connected with Pheon.

Blue Crystals

Blue Crystals exchange window in Lost Ark

By default, they’re called just Crystals, but we will call them Blue Crystals to avoid confusion with other currencies. They are used for purchasing the majority of MTX items and Roster Upgrades, such as Card Collections and Roster Bank.

They are obtained through in-game events, gold, and real money. You don't have to spend your hard-earned cash on Blue Crystals, as you can trade gold for them. And most importantly, you can buy Pheons as well.

Royal Crystals

Royal Crystals are essentially the most premium currency in the game. Many players pay with them for certain items that cannot be acquired otherwise. We’re talking about cosmetic items such as pets, armor skins, weapon skins, etc. There’s only one way of receiving Royal Crystals – in-game shop.

There are a few packages to choose from, and the amount you’ll get depends on how much you are willing to pay. You can also exchange them for Blue Crystals and then into Pheons, but that’s just a waste of Royal Crystals. That’s not what you should buy them for in the first place. Besides, it’s entirely possible to acquire many Pheons without spending real money.     

How to Get Pheon?

There are several ways of acquiring Pheon in Lost Ark.

  1. Pheon can be purchased from the in-game shop for real money by purchasing Royal Crystals.

  2. You can exchange Blue Crystals for Pheon, which can be obtained with login rewards.

  3. Buy Royal Crystals and exchange them for Blue Crystals. Or, buy Blue Crystals with gold and then exchange them for Pheons. The price for 100 Pheons is 850 Blue Crystals.

These are the most common ways of acquiring Pheons, but you should focus on the second one, in our opinion. As we stated before, Blue Crystals can be acquired by simply playing the game, and there’s no reason to spend real money to get “tax currency.” Pheons are sometimes even given as login rewards.

What is “Bound to Roster” Tag?

"Bound to Roster" tag on an item in Lost Ark

Bound to Roster means that the Pheon currency is tied to your characters on the specific server. Every character you own can access them, as long as they are on the same server. If you’re playing on different servers, you won’t be able to transfer Pheon between the two.

If you want to transfer Pheon between characters on the same server, go to the Storage Keeper, which can be found in every town (chest icon). Any “Bound to Roster” item can be kept here and any of your other characters.

What to Do With This Currency?

Pheon is a late-game currency, so simply save it for later if you're not there yet. People are also suggesting not to spend them right away on T1 And T2 gear, as you won’t keep it for long. Save it for the future to buy legendary items.

That being said, it’s all you need to know about Pheon in Lost Ark. 

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