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Lost Ark Pirate Coins | See how to Gather as Much as You Can!

The pirate coins are one of many Lost Ark currencies players can do many things with, such as recruit ship crew, recruit stronghold crew, purchase upgrade materials for your ship, and get a variety of collectibles. 

What’s more, the currency allows you to buy the most wanted Song of Resonance from the treasure hunter Igran, so it's important to get as many pirate coins as possible. Let’s find out how to do that!

How to Earn Pirate Coins for Lost Ark

This Lost Ark guide will help you with ways to farm this coin the best way possible. There are many different ways to get pirate coins in Lost Ark.

Make Good Use of Adventure Islands and Island Quests

Traveling through different islands and completing the available quests is a great way to gather some more pirate coins. When you clean an island, you will have the advantage of collecting more than just pirate coins. Here follows a list of islands alongside the number of Lost Ark pirate coins you can get there.

  • Lullaby Island (16,500 pirate coins)

  • Freedom Isle (15,000 pirate coins)

  • Blackfang’s Den (10,000 pirate coins)

  • Kalthertz Island (10,000 pirate coins)

  • Atropos (10,000 pirate coins)

  • Cradle of the Sea Fermata (9,000 pirate coins)

  • Golden Wave Island (7,000 pirate coins)

  • Sublime Island (6,000 pirate coins)

  • Runaways island (5,000 pirate coins)

  • Peyto and Glacier Isle (5,000 pirate coins)

  • Giant Mushroom island (2,000 pirate coins)

Adventure Islands

These specific types of islands also reward pirate coins, but they are available only one time per day during the week and twice on the weekends. They are also a great tool to farm pirate coins in Lost Ark.

Coin Exchange

how many pirate coins you can get for other currencies

Lost Ark has many different currencies, some easier to find than others. So, to ensure a better balance in terms of coin possession, players can trade a currency for a different one. For example, you can exchange sea coins, ancient coins, or sun coins and earn pirate coins in Lost Ark.

Of course, all the coins in  Lost Ark have their exchange rates. This means that one pirate coin is not equal to one coin in other currencies. Here’s a list of currencies exchange rates.

  • 1 Gienah’s Coin - 10 Pirate Coins

  • 1 Sceptrum’s Coin - 12 Pirate Coins

  • 1 Arcturus Coin - 15 Pirate Coins

  • 1 Ancient Coin - 17 Pirate Coins

  • 1 Sun Coin - 20 Pirate Coins

Una’s Tasks

This is another excellent way to keep a constant income of extra pirate coins in Lost Ark. After reaching level 50, you unlock some daily and weekly quests. Completing quests such as these will not only reward you with pirate coins but also reputation points, for instance.

Some missions will give you many pirate coins and help you reach great cash soon. When completing Una’s tasks, focus on these missions:

  • Ride Like the Wind (42,000) – you will need to visit Peyto and three different islands.

  • Crook Catcher (32,000) – on Runways Island, you will have to look for three different NPCs.

  • Pest Control (30,000) – this is the hardest, as it needs another quest to be completed before. You need to finish Catch the Rats first. Then, go to Blackfang’s Den and complete the quest chains. 

High Seas Coin Chests

These coin chests are special and epic chests from which you can pick an amount of 100 coins of one of the possible currencies. The available currencies are all those listed previously. Since you have trading rates for them, it is obvious that, once again, you can use any other currency to trade for bonus pirate coins in Lost Ark. Outside almost every city, you will find traveling merchant ships that can make the trade for you.

Stronghold Expeditions

Your stronghold crew is a good way to find pirate coins. Every time you set them to go for an expedition, they will take some real-world hours but will come back with expedition experience and some pirate coins for you.

It may not be much, but you will get pirate coins doing that. Just mind sending them when you are about to stop playing the game. That’s because they will need the same number of hours. If you are about to stop playing, you can just come back later and get the reward of a complete expedition done while you were out.

Use the Game Events in your Favor

Besides the daily and weekly quests, you will also have several marine events happening everywhere. They are a great opportunity to get pirate coins and other sea coins. That way, remember to check your calendar and your compass, so you can be a part of the next naval event. Even though they are sporadic, they can make a difference.


Now, you know all the tricks and best ways to get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark.  The good use of currency is one of many factors that improve your development and gameplay in Lost Ark, and now you know what’s needed to start filling your pockets with it. 

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