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Lost Ark PvP Guide - Proving Grounds & How To Start In PvP

If there’s something you all sure love about multiplayer games, it is the PvP combat feature. Lost Ark gives you, PvP lovers, the Proving Grounds entry board where you can enlist in PvP matches and test your abilities against skilled players.

There are many game modes that you play, but you will need to have a certain level first to unlock PvP and start enjoying the real experience of Lost Ark.

The main story doesn’t compare at all with the struggle you will encounter when facing competitive players. In comparison to PvE mobs, your enemies are stronger, smarter, faster, and have used skill points in a way that you may haven’t even tried yet.

But don’t be scared. We have created this guide to help you understand how PvP proving grounds work, how its system works, how you can participate in PvP battles, and what are the best PvP classes you can find in this incredible game to wreck people out in your competitive matches.

 Melee warrior reflecting attacks

What is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is a free MMORPG that uses a dynamic quarter-view angle, which provides an incredibly immersive experience in your gameplay. The combat system is quite similar to games like Diablo III or Dota 2. This grants players the possibility to set up strategies for both PvE and PvP.

In Lost Ark, new players will have to choose one of several professions and embark on a vast, vibrant world where they can explore lands, find treasures, visit mysterious places filled with enemies and participate in boss fights.

Lost Ark allows you to choose between classes, like the DPS class and other melee and ranged classes. Equip yourself with PvE gear, super armors, or other equipment made to last in PvP content.

Participate with friends or alone in several activities, like when you reach Luterra Castle to get the questline Rebuilding Luterra. Create a team, a guild, and communities within the game.

Mid-range and long-range characters

Lost Ark Skill System

Lost Ark has a brand new system to represent the skills and abilities of characters. You will start with certain skills that you can improve and use with letters like Q, W, E, R, A, S, and D. Each one of them is exchangeable, and you can improve them with engravings or leveling them up.

Each character has specific abilities according to the main profession and its advanced classes. For example, you can find skills to push immunity away or gain immunity as well. A class also has advanced skills like the Awakening or the Esoteric Skill Phoenix Advent.

The process of getting new powers is easy. You only need to level up, and as you become more expert in your class, more abilities will show up.

Lost Ark Skill system

Lost Ark PvP System

The Lost Ark PvP system doesn’t work as in other MMO games, where you can access it right from the moment you start playing.

You will need to level up your character to at least level 26, and then you are able to participate in PvP rank in the Proving Grounds. To do so, you will have to unlock the Rebuilding Luterra quest, and then you’ll have access to the arena.

The Grounds are presented with several modes so one player can face or play with other players.

In Lost Ark PvP modes, there aren’t any advantages with equipment or experience. The important thing in the arena is your ability to dodge a hit and how good you are in a fight to find the counter attacks to your opponent.

The non-advantage feature allows new players to get involved in PvP and jump into action with a viable chance of winning.

Below we explain further how ranks, rewards, and modes work when you are playing in the Lost Ark PvP arena.

Lost Ark Proving Grounds

Ranks and Rewards

When you start playing competitively in Lost Ark, there will be seven challenging ranks that will grant you different rewards. Prizes will split all those players that are in the same position.

Below you can see the entire complete rank range to know where you are.

Bronze (points between 1 – 1399): There are no rewards.

Silver (points between 1400 – 1599): Silver award casket.

Gold (points between 1600 – 1799): Golden award casket.

Platinum (points between 1800 – 1999): Platinum award box.

Diamond (points between 2000 – 9999): Diamond award box.

Master (ranked 11 – 40): Award chest Master, 1,500 crystals, special aura, unique title, and unique skin.

Grand Master (ranked 1 – 10): Award chest Grandmaster, 5,000 crystals, special aura, special title, unique skin.

Lost Ark PvP ranks follow seasonal progress. This means that you will have to grind during the season to reach the highest rank you can.

If you don’t play, your rank will decrease, so you have to make sure that you make the most points and stay at the top if you want to get the best rewards.

Lost Ark Rank point system

Coins Of Courage

Besides the ranking rewards, Lost Ark has Coins of Courage. These are tokens that you can use to buy interesting items like:

  1. Auras.

  2. Exclusive mounts.

  3. Exclusive titles.

  4. Experience skill point elixirs.

  5. Upgrade materials for PvE equipment.

The problem with these coins is that they expire after each season, so you will have to spend them before it finishes.

Lost Ark Coins of Courage

Lost Ark Rank Points

There’s a third aspect of the Lost Ark PvP that you need to understand. And these are the Rank Points.

Rank Points are a reward system susceptible to your winnings. You earn points as you complete battles to earn benefits, and after a week, it resets so you can start all over again.

These are the ranks you can reach in PvP:

  1. Gladiators (I to IX).

  2. Commanders (I to IX).

  3. Marshal.

With these settings, you can accumulate points and slowly but surely increase your positioning in the ranks to ensure a prize at the end of the season. With some character knowledge, you can spend your time in PvP and still get some at the end.

Lost Ark Proving Grounds concept

Lost Ark PvP Modes

There are currently 3 PvP modes where you can practice or compete. These are:


This is a one-player battle mode for up to 6 players. Essentially, you will need to battle each other and stand your ground. The player that has the most kills will be the winner.

In this free-for-all type of match, each warrior won’t want to lose, so they will try to attack you with everything they have from the beginning to knock you down. You will need a lot of mobility to dodge each enemy, so make sure you have the correct set of skills and class.

Team Deathmatch

In this mode, two teams are facing each other. You can gather a team of up to three players and fight others for fun or ranking purposes.

The team with the highest number of deaths in a certain time wins.

This is a great PvP mode to test how your group members support each other. Teammates will have to coordinate incredibly well if you don’t want to lose.

Foes can work with synergy, which could provoke that attacking your opponents without coordination can reveal weaknesses in your team.

Team Elimination

Players form two teams of up to three people forcing a 1 vs. 1 situation. The ones that lose will be eliminated until the winner defeats the last contenders.

PvP modes in Lost Ark

Lost Ark PvP Tricks

Lost Ark PvP is an amazing way to get to know the game completely. These modes push you to master your character’s fighting playstyle so you can be better each time you enter the arena.

However, the first time is always the hardest. So, if you’re wondering how you can start in PvP matches, you can check these tips that help you understand PvP behaviors.

You Have a Specific Role

If you are playing with a team, remember that all of you have a role to fill up. Whether it is a tank, gunner, berserker, DPS, heal support, etc, you have to stick to your role. Your team is counting on the task you have been assigned to.

So, if the match begins and you have to be the one tanking, make sure you know that if you don’t withstand the damage from foes, they will kill your team, and you’ll lose.

It’s important to remember how your class works, including each buff, combo, and stats.

Deadeye special ability

Aim for Burst Damage

PvP battles are won thanks to dealing damage. And as such, you need to locate the top-tier list of skills you have that deal damage and put them in your shortcut bar so you can have easy access to them.

A deadly combination will allow you to leave your enemy severely injured or at the bridge of death if you do your combos right.

Gunslinger burst damage

Constantly Check Your Health

PvP matches usually have a short duration because contestants will constantly be hitting each other.

As such, you have to do the impossible to keep an eye on your health and energy bars so you can know when to attack like a savage and when to retreat.

Lost Ark Interface with Health and Mana bars

Lost Ark - Best PvP Classes

Even though there are a lot of classes in Lost Ark, not all of them are suited for PvP. Some may have weaknesses that can make you lose almost instantly when you are out there in the field.

This is why we have come up with the best Advanced Classes you can find in the game for Lost Ark PvP.


A Bard is usually a healing-support profession. This is an advanced class from the Mage.

This character uses a harp to invoke soothing serenades that give buffs to himself and his team. It can also attack monsters and other enemies but doesn’t really deal a lot of damage.

Characters with these skills are focused on healing and protecting their teammates in both PvE and PvP battles.

Lost Ark Bard  concept art


This is one of the best classes for PvP encounters, and you can get it from the Assassin.

The Deathblade is one of those characters you prefer to kill in the early game of the match due to its troublesome nature. It uses three swords that, along with the Power of Chaos, can deal considerable damage and even stuns enemies.

It uses fast-paced attacks and has a lot of mobility and short cooldowns. It can work as a mid or DPS.

Deathblade concept art


The Wardancer is one of the advanced professions of the Martial Artist. This is a character that can be hard to use for new players because of its mobility.

Wardancers use elemental power to increase their stats and become deadly characters that hit and deal tons of burst damage.

Wardancer concept art


Paladins are top of the line when it comes to PvP. This advanced class has the power of the gods available for their use. They can channel incredible defensive and offensive attacks for crowd control or aim at a single target.

These characters are perfect for PvP since they can buff teammates and support them while also dealing a lot of damage and hurting enemies as well.

Paladin concept art


This advanced class is obtained from the Gunner. This is a speed-centered character that wields three weapons, two main pistols, a rifle, and a sniper that you can swap. It can be considered a rogue class because it’s a profession that focuses on making multiple hits without stopping until the enemy is knocked down.

If it’s played well and has allies that back him up, it can be a menace in PvP battles when it’s used as a mid-range and long-range character.

Deadeye concept art


Gunslingers come directly from the Gunner and can be used in the same role as the Deadeye.

This character also has different weapons that can be swapped between each other and can be used at all ranges. This character has a lot of mobility and a variety of skills to pinpoint enemies.

Gunslinger concept art


The Sorceress is the second advanced class from the Mage. It uses powerful spells containing three elements like ice, fire, and lightning.

This character can release attacks for all ranges and wide areas, allowing her to deal with several targets at once. If focused on a single enemy, she can wreck the opponent fast with a sheer amount of destructive attacks. She’s one of the characters that deals the most damage.

She can also have paralysis immunity that can help her overcome enemies at certain points of the battle.

Other classes don’t have this versatility but are found a lot in magical professions.

Sorceress concept art

Lost Ark PvP Guide - Summarizing

Lost Ark is an MMORPG that is way more than just PvE encounters. This title developed by Amazon Games provides you with an immersive experience in a world filled with wonder and dangers similar to Warcraft.

Even if it can be a bit tough in the beginning, once you pull through, you will fall in love with this game.

Lost Ark PvP game modes expand all you can do in this MMORPG. This is a great way to compete with your friends and finally discover who masters their character the most.

With a combat system created straight from scratch and gameplay that requires strategy, combinations, and communication, Lost Ark is a rewarding game to play and watch.

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