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Lost Ark Reaper - A Guide For The Upcoming Release

Lost Ark is still developing their new game. Now, they have news for the Lost Ark classes, as a new female Assassins advance class – the Reaper – has been added.

In this guide, we will explore this new class, its survivability, best stats, skill trees, and the identity skills that all Reapers should use if they want to be good for PvP or PvE battles.

Class Identiy

The Persona State

The Chaos State


Moon Engraving

Thirst Engraving

PvP/PvE Best Stats

PvE Best Stats

PvP Best Stats

Why Choosing a Reaper Class?

What is the Lost Ark Reaper?

The Reaper class is the new Assassin’s advanced class that you can find in Lost Ark. This character is well-known in other MMO games as the Rogue. She uses two daggers as the main weapon and is used to deal burst damage and make more consistent damage with the use of poison in her blades.

In comparison to other classes, Lost Ark Reaper has incredible movement and attack speed, which allows her to one-shot unaware foes in battle.

The Reaper uses repetition and the power of darkness to turn invisible and summon shadow clones to surprise her opponents and deal the killing blow with her ability. She also has a chaos gauge that provides a 15% critical chance and deals extra damage when filled.

This new class is available along with the other two Assassin sub-classes.

Reaper class posing

Lost Ark Reaper’s Survivability

If there’s something that we have to say is that the Reaper, just like other DPS-based characters, can feel a bit squishy. Their build is not prepared to stand against other opponents with a lot of endurance. 

This means that in a PvP battle, you are required to use the rest of your team for survival purposes. Once you understand that, you will see the worth of the Reaper, who is in charge of dealing high damage and hindering the opponent without giving them even a chance of second thought.

Characters that apply “slow” or disable your skills are your main counter, like bards. But you also are their counter, so you’ll have to take them down first.

Reaper class official skill image

You will have to take advantage of the stealth, shadow magic, summons, and light equipment in your fights to create the opening to pierce enemies with your dagger.

Now, when it comes to PvE, your survival chances increase a lot since your class in Lost Ark deals great and consecutive damage. Your skills will also help you to have some crowd control when you release the duplicates.

As you can see, once you master the Reaper’s set of skills, you can know in which situations you can come out alive during your gameplay.

	 Reaper class concept art

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Reaper Class Skills

Let’s start by saying that the Reaper’s skills are divided into three colors: green, purple, and red.

  • Green skills: Each green skill focuses on the usage of a dagger. These abilities have a low cooldown and fast animations and will help you understand how to use the Reaper. Each time you use this skill, your Stealth gauge will be filled. Example: A Stroke of Pain.

  • Purple skills: For the purple skills, you will use shadow attacks. Your blade will be your best friend when you suddenly disappear or launch a shadowy dagger at your opponent. It also fills your Stealth gauge. Example: Dance of Shadows.

  • Red skills: These skills are a combination of both. They have a longer cooldown, but each attack deals tons of damage. It fills your Chaos gauge. Example: Burning Brand.

Some more examples of these skills are:



A Stroke of Pain

Pulls your opponent to you while inflicting damage.

Blade Throw

Throws a blade at the opponent and deals some damage. Use the skill again to teleport directly to the back of the wounded target and attack it.

Dual Blitz

Releases a strong thrust in the opponent’s direction.

Dance of Shadows

Move 2m forward, create shadows of yourself and stab your opponents several times.

Blade of Darkness

Summons a blade with a darkness that creates a gravitational pull while dealing damage to mobs.

Dark Haze

Summons a dark cloud around that will deal damage to opponents while reducing all damage taken. The effect doesn’t last long.

Burning Brand

Jump hard and hit the ground, leaving a fire shape that deals damage.

Scarlet Ray

Attack and stun your opponents.

Bloody Strokes

Move at super speed and release several strikes against foes.

There are more Reaper skills that players can use, depending on their playstyle. You can come up with your own build for PvE or PvP since this character has incredible agility and mobility.

Reaper's identity class summary

Class Identiy

Each class in Lost Ark has something that identifies it, and the Reaper class is not an exception. The Assassins’ advanced classes, including the ShadowHunter and DeathBlade, have a chaos gauge that is filled each time you strike an enemy. 

Once it’s filled, it allows you to tap into a great power that sometimes is the hope you were waiting for when you are in combat and about to get wiped out from existence.

The Reaper has 2 gauges, one for stealth abilities and the other for chaos skills. The former is filled with green and purple skills; the latter is filled with the red ones or when the stealth gauge is full.

With the gauges filled, you can enter one of two states:

The Persona State

This shadow state allows you to become invisible and invoke a clone. The created clone can be used to divert the opponent’s attention. If you don’t attack during this state, you will gain up to 30% movement speed and 25% of increased damage for each red skill.

The Chaos State

This state is more like a skill booster. It provides you with a 15% of critical chance and +10% of movement speed. Once activated, you can maintain this form by using green and purple skills.

The Reaper is one of the most efficient DPS characters in Lost Ark, but since it’s all-new content, there are still ways to find to master the Reaper’s set of abilities.

Reaper chaos state


There are two essential engravings that you must use if you don’t want to depend on your allies for a successful raid, PvE battles, or PvP encounters. These are the Moon engraving and the Thirst engraving. 

These engravings will help you level up your game strategy thanks to its perks, but you must read closely to know which one to use.

How general engravings look like

Moon Engraving

This engraving reduces by 5 seconds the waiting time of completing the max 125% damage stacks that you can obtain. And as you level the engraving up, it will escalate the maximum damage that you can do to players.

  • Level 1: 120%.

  • Level 2: 140%.

  • Level 3: 160%.

Note that you will need to stay in the shadows as long as possible to receive the damage stack bonus, each second counts. You will have to help your engraving with purple and green skills so you can fill your stealth gauge.

This is a great build piece for a Reaper that wants to deal with serious and burst damage, so your gear must be prepared to sustain and increase your stats to increase your final blow.

Thirst Engraving

This engraving helps you increase the rate at which your chaos gauge is filled by 30%. It also gives you a buff every 0.5 seconds when you use it. The damage buff increases as the engraving’s level do.

  • Level 1: 10%.

  • Level 2: 15%.

  • Level 3: 20%.

When using the Thirst engraving, your main goal is to keep your 20% buff as long as you can so you can make consistent attack damage, so make sure to have the skills that have low cooldown in your keyboard shortcuts.

You will need extreme agility to maintain your Thirst and Chaos gauge active through red skills, for example, the Burning Brand skill. Note that the gauge will expire after 8 seconds of not dealing any damage with those abilities.

Lost ark reaper engravings

PvP/PvE Best Stats

General vision of PvP battles

If you want to enter the game as a great Reaper, you will need to have the correct stats. There are a variety of combinations that you can come up with, but only the right ones will make you the shadow master as a Lost Ark Reaper.

So, for this class, you should have in mind the following stats if you want to watch your Reaper grow and become a real threat.

Some of the best stats for the Reaper class you can come up with are:

PvE Best Stats

  • Critical/Specialty-based: 30% points to critical chance and 70% points to specialty will give your special attacks finally the boost they need to actually deal damage.

  • Specialty/Agility-based: On our search for a balanced, fierce, and fast stat combination, we came up with a 50% points specialty - 50% points agility stats build. This will give you attack speed and help you evolve your special skills.

Reaper in a pve boss fight

PvP Best Stats

  • Agility/Specialty-based: For PvP, things are different. When you pick up how to distribute your stats, you need to think that you’ll be facing real players here. So, if you place most of your stats in a combination of 80% agility and 20% specialty, you can improve the Reaper class’s mobility.

Reaper vs Reaper pvp

Why Choosing a Reaper Class?

If you love the OG feeling of using a Rogue, then the Reaper class settings are the best choice for you. This character will give tons of hours of gameplay and satisfaction when you learn how to play with it. The character’s build requires a lot of mobility, so it can be quite a task. 

This character hasn’t been officially published yet in the entirety of the game. So far only the Russian server has been capable of playing with it. However, our research indicates that in the months ahead we may get to play it in the rest of the servers along with other great new advanced classes.

Save this guide so you can use it once it is out.

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