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Lost Ark Sailing Guide

Have you ever dreamed of being a sailor, traversing the seas in search of adventure and bountiful loot? If sea exploration is something you enjoy, then try your hand at Sailing in Lost Ark. There are many aspects to sailing in Lost Ark, and this guide will help you understand them all!


The basic objective of having a ship is simple – Travel from one port to another, exploring various places on the Lost Ark map. You can also gather a trustworthy crew to help you navigate and traverse. You can also take part in Lost Ark co-op events that are sailing-specific. It is a fun activity and provides a break from grinding for materials and slaying hordes of monsters.

How do I unlock sailing?

If you don't know how to start sailing, you aren't far along in the main questline. It is automatically unlocked once you start the Set Sail quest. The quest is in the Wavestrand Port and is relatively easy, requiring you to just talk to a couple of NPCs and learn the basics of sailing. You also receive your starter boat, which isn't that great stat-wise but is great from a learning standpoint.

Lost Ark Sailing

Ship Settings

Once you acquire your ship, there are many options you will see in your ship settings menu. This menu can be quite confusing, but it has options such as:

Active Crew: The crew in your ship that provides active buffs is present here. You can select which crew member becomes active, thus controlling aspects of your ship.

Ship Selection: The game offers many ships, each providing something new and niche. We will discuss the various ships in a later section.

Crew List: This section shows all the crew members you have recruited, active or not. Select the ones following your playstyle!

Ship Options: This section allows you to customize your ship. Here, you can change skins, and sails, repair your ship and open your crew window.

Ship Name and Level: This section allows you to change your ship's name and view your level.

Ship Skills: This section is mainly used for co-op. There are four skills – Treasure Salvaging, Harpoon Throw, Stun Harpoon Throw, and Dragnet.

Ship Stats: You can view the stats of your ship, such as speed, boost duration, recovery, etc., in this section. It helps you decide if the ship is right for you.

Hazardous Water Resistance: There are various types of hazards on the sea, each providing a different debuff. Preparing for these debuffs will prevent your ship from breaking down.

Docking Options: There are three options here – Dock (To enter a port), TriPort (Teleport to a TriPort), and Set Sail (Enter the seas and set sail)

Understanding these options in the menu can help you upgrade your ship and roam the seas more freely without the risk of breaking down.

Lost Ark Ships

Ships in Lost Ark

The game provides various ships for the player to use, each having its uses and specialty, helping the player choose one that is in accordance with their play style. The various ships are:






Tempest Seas



Cold Snap Seas

Eiber’s Wound


Dead Waters



Siren Seas

White Wind


Sandstorm Seas



Equal Resistances



Kelp Bed



Equal Resistances

Choosing the right ship is essential, as each isn't exactly easy to get. That being said, every ship is viable and can be used for exploration and co-op events. There is no 'best' ship, however:

  • The best all-around ship is Estoque, with Cals as a sailor.

  • The fastest ship is Astray, with Barakas as a sailor.

  • Eibern's Wound is the best ghost ship, with Berald as a sailor.

How do I upgrade my ship?

To traverse the seas more easily, you must ensure your ship is strong and fast enough. To ensure your ship can keep up, it's important to upgrade it frequently. You will need – Basic Timber, Common and Uncommon Ship Parts materials, Blueprints, and Additional Materials. 

They can be bought from Merchant Ships, NPCs throughout cities, and/or trade merchants in your stronghold. In addition, the game lets you know how many more materials you require to upgrade it to the next level.

These upgrades can have various new effects, such as increased speed, high durability, more boost, etc. 

Another method of upgrading your ship is making sure the sailors are top-notch. Hiring new sailors provides different types of buffs. While docked, you can open the sailor's menu and choose the available sailors. There are ship-specific sailors, too, so be careful in hiring your crew. There are various rarities of sailors present, with legendary and relic being the best ones.

Make sure to stock up on Pirate Coins. What are Pirate Coins? They are a currency acquired via participating in events and can be used to buy items and abilities at ports. Such events are Marine events and Island Quests.

Lost Ark Ships Upgrade

Sailing Co-op

To earn sailing coins, and obtain various keys to participate in Gate Events, make sure to participate in co-op sailing events. These events take place thrice a day, as seen in the calendar. Their starting points are scattered throughout the map. Once the event starts, ensure you're the quickest to complete the event, as the one with the quickest completion gains the highest rewards. Make sure you're in a crowded server for the maximum experience, and most importantly, have fun! There are various events, such as – Harvest Floating Souls, Barrel Roll, Save the Whales, etc.

Now regarding the Gate event, these are events exclusive to the people who have obtained keys to the sailing events. It is a team-based mode that focuses on capturing various fish for points. If your ship breaks down, you can refresh its durability too. The loot from this event is spectacular, as you can get treasure maps, Gold, XP, and a chance to obtain masterpieces. Trying this event is a must, if not for the rewards, then for the gameplay experience!

Gold can be a great reward from your sails and is used in many aspects of gameplay, from trading to buying new gear, recruiting the best sailors, and many more. However, sometimes it may or may not be enough. You need to grind endless hours for Gold just to keep up with your level peers, and you may not feel like grinding all that much. The best way to get the Gold is to purchase them for real money.

 If you need them, you can click on our website MMOPixel to buy Lost Ark Gold. We provide the best service.


Choosing the best ship for your travels and the different co-op events is crucial, and hopefully, our guide has given you an understanding of how sailing works. Also, don't forget to upgrade your ship by making it stronger and hiring better sailors as part of your crew. Finally, make sure to participate in all the events for optimal rewards!

We hope to see you unfurling your sails, heading towards the seas with high hopes!

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