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Lost Ark Sharpshooter Guide: Abilities, Engravings, Builds and Tips

Out of the many classes, there is one that uses powerful bow attacks and special arrows to defeat its enemies. Along with their range comes their agility to make sure of their survivability. This class is called the Sharpshooter, and it’s a compelling class and will help you quickly clear most, if not all, content in the game.


Sharpshooters are male gunners who use bows to deal damage to enemies. He also has a hawk, which he can call upon to deal considerable damage. Most, if not all of his damage, comes from ranged attacks. This is why having enemies at a range is optimal for your survivability and DPS. The class is both optimal for PvE fights and PvP fights. I would personally recommend PvP, as this is where your class shines the best. 

However, your options as a support are pretty minimal. You don’t have skills or abilities that will support the team as a whole. If you plan on being a support class, maybe this isn’t the class for you; maybe try Bard or Paladin. If you aren’t careful, you can easily be taken out, as your defense stats aren’t great.

However, you will be dishing a lot of damage, capable of soloing a dungeon if you play smart enough. It’s relatively simple to pick up too, along with being very fun too!

Lost Ark Sharpshooter


With Sharpshooter’s wide range of skills, you can quickly dispatch an army of creatures. The two types of skills are Normal skills and Awakening skills, which are as follows:

Normal Skills: Rapid Shot (Shoot 3 arrows), Atomic Arrow (Shoot an explosive arrow), Arrow Wave (A tornado arrow is shot), Arrow Shower (Shoot a shower of arrows that land in an area), Moving Slash (Close range damage), Blade Storm (Throw blades), Claymore Mine (Deploy an active mine), Charged shot (Shoots an arrow, whose damage depends on your charge), Salvo (Shoot multiple arrows), Sharp Shooter (Shoot 10 energy arrows), DM-42 (Sets up a mine that launches enemies in the air), Stalker (Close range attack), Evasive Fire (Spin and shoot 7 arrows), Deadly slash (Dagger strike), Smokescreen arrow (Damages and creates a smokescreen which hinders mobility), Shadow Arrow (Arrows that reduce movement speed), Electric Nova (Fires an electric arrow), Snipe (manual aiming of a powerful bullet)

Awakening Skills: This skill line has 2 abilities: Fenrir’s Messenger (Summons a hulking or small Fenrir’s Messenger that deals damage based on charge) and Golden Eye (Summons 4 golden hawks that make a whirlwind, while being in stealth).

Since only 8 of the normal skills can be chosen, our picks, with their respective tripods are:

  • Snipe with Quick Prep, Weak Point Detection, and Easy Prey.

  • Charged Shot with Quick Prep, Double Shot, and Fast Fire

  • Arrow Wave with Enhanced Arrow, Slow Tide, and Wave Streak

  • Atomic Arrow with Amplified Damage

  • Moving Slash with Excellent Mobility

  • Blade Storm with Silver Master, Lightning Blade, and Shadow Dance

  • Sharp Shooter with Vital Point Strike, Weak Point Detection, and Focus Shot

  • Deadly Slash with Silver Master, Sawtooth Blade, and Double Slash

  • You can customize your playstyle to suit your preferences and increase your ability to deal massive damage by upgrading the relevant skill with the appropriate awakening. If you make a mistake, know that it is simple to fix because skills may always be reset at any time without penalties.

Lost Ark Sharpshooter Skills


Engravings are class-specific skills that help determine your playstyle. For sharpshooters, the following engravings are:

Loyal Companion – This engraving essentially ‘upgrades’ your hawk, i.e., greater damage, range, uptime, etc. If the hawk hits the enemy, the damage output is increased.

Death Strike – When Last Rush is activated, you recover half of your hawk meter. The enemy is also susceptible to more damage.

Both these engravings are great, and it depends on what build you’re running as a build. The former skill is for high hawk uptime, while the latter is high damage in short burst builds. Some more recommended engravings are:

  • Grudge – Higher damage to bosses and reduced damage is taken from them.

  • Adrenaline – Stacks crit damage with every attack and increases basic attack percent.

  • Keen Blunt Weapon – Higher crit damage, for the trade-off of lower attack

Every engraving is viable if you play according to your situation and playstyle.

There are numerous builds to choose from based on the information presented, whether a PvP build or a PvE build. They each offer various benefits and enhancements that are tailored to the opponents they take on. Both build types will be discussed, along with some advice. These builds are created assuming you were level 50.

Build #1 – PvE Sharpshooter

You will be abusing your skill ‘Snipe’ in an exceptionally powerful build to deal high damage to bosses. This build is relatively easy to build. It is as follows:

  • Snipe with Quick Prep, Weak Point Detection, and Easy Prey

  • Charged Shot with Quick Prep, Double Shot, Fast Fire.

  • Sharp Shooter with Vital Point Hit, Weak Point Detection, and Focus Shot

  • Atomic Arrow with Amplified Damage

  • Arrow Wave with Enhanced Arrow, Slow Tide, and Wave Streak.

  • Deadly Slash with Silver Master

  • Moving slash with Excellent Mobility

  • Blade Storm with Silver Master

As for your awakening, Golden Eye provides survivability against bosses while also dealing a considerable amount of AoE damage. You can always enter stealth mode to evade bosses if you are running into problems.

This build is great for Dungeons, Raid Boss fights, etc. You can adjust it according to your playstyle if need be.

Lost Ark Sharpshooter Guide

Build #2 – PvP Sharpshooter

With a good mix of mobility and damage, this build is guaranteed to confuse your enemies. The build is as follows:

  • Deadly Slash with Silver Master, Sawtooth Blade

  • Moving Slash with Quick Preparation, Silver Master

  • Charged Shot with Quick Preparation, Double Shot, Steady Aim

  • Blade Storm with Silver Master, Lightning Blade, and Blade Dance.

  • Sharp Shooter with Amplified Damage, Painful Shot, and Focus Shot

  • Snipe with Quick Preparation, Weak Point Detection, and Easy Prey.

  • Atomic Arrow with Amplified Damage and Flaming Gunpowder.

  • Rapid Shot with Amplified Damage, Double Shot, and Quick Pace.

As for your awakening, it depends. If you are having issues with survivability, Golden eye will help out. But if you want to be more consistent damage, Death Strike or Grudge might be a good alternative. However, a grudge can be hard to use, so ensure you are comfortable if you choose to equip it.

You need to farm some gold to ensure you have the best gear to match your skills. This can be a very tedious process, which can be exhausting. Fortunately, Lost Ark Gold is quite cheap to buy.

If you need them, you can click on our website MMOPixel to buy Lost Ark Gold. We provide the best service.


Sharpshooter is an easy-to-build, fun, and viable class which can enhance your gameplay experience. However, invest your time and resources into it properly to maximize your damage. 

Hopefully, this guide helped you understand this class, and we hope to see you aiming your bow at your enemy on the battlefield!

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