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Lost Ark Sorceress Guide - Bring Out The Magic!

Sorceress is a powerful mage that conjures three elements in the grasp of her hand! For the Lost Ark Sorceress Best Build  - check out our MMOPixel guide!

Who are we? We are the Sorceresses! What do we want? To wreak havoc on our enemies and their friends! When do we want it! Approximately - NOW!

The Sorceress is one of the most fun classes in Lost Ark. She is an Elementalist, you may say, with lots of fire, ice, and lightning as her damage’s main source of income. It may seem like an easy class to conquer then but you may not be so sure about that. It is, after all, an advanced mage class, so you can expect the unexpected!

Elementalist thrives in combining a lot, so you need to get yourself some good engravings, a magic crystal, some gems perhaps, and, of course, use all the best skills you can for maximum damage! Conquer your enemies and change their faith with your unstable rule!

Lost Ark Sorceress: Identity Skills

Identity skill is very important when building your character in Lost Ark! Quick prep will not be at all sufficient when it comes to picking something that deals extra damage!

What is an identity skill? Well, it can be explained just by looking at the name. It is the skill that identifies you as a person or, in this case, a magical being that can kill thousands!

So basically, it’s an ult. Our lovely Sorceress has two identity skills - Arcana Rupture and Blink

Arcane Rupture is one of the reasons why people play (and hate) this character. It has great skill progression with incredible effects in the end. It can increase the damage of your skill, and if your Arcane meter is fully charged, it turns into Arcane Torrent, giving even more benefits when it comes to the speed of casting and damage output.

Blink, on the other hand, is another reason why people on the server will hate you. It creates a 15-meter teleport that pierces (with damage) through enemies. So it’s a get-out-of-jail-free card when things get messy.

Lost Ark Sorceress Class: Engravings

Choose the right engravings and develop your attacks! If you’re wondering and stuck - check out our guide! You will find many useful information!

Being a Sorceress is not easy. All the outfits and crazy skills - you just can’t focus on what’s important. Like your engravings for example!

Luckily - we got you!

The Sorceress has two class engravings in Lost Ark. It’s an endgame thing but will further determine who you are as a Sorceress, so make sure you choose wisely.

The first one is Igniter for some igniting action. It’s a big burst of damage, so if you fancy killing multiple enemies with a wide-angle attack - you should definitely check this bad boy. 

But, if you’re more into critical damage and steady casting - you should invest your skill points in Reflux!

What else? Well, check out Grudge for some boss damage increasing but remember that you will receive more damage yourself as well. If you believe in your movement skills - be our guest! 

You also can check out Precise Dagger for some crit damage and chance buff or Cursed Doll for buffing your attack power and blasting enemies with some powerful magic. It’s an advanced class after all.

Sorceress can burst a lot of damage or just keep on steady casting. Choose the best Engravings for your playstyle.

If you find yourself in times of trouble - Magick Stream will come to your help! Increase your HP to make sure that no one can outkill you! Also, if this does not help enough, you can go with Heavy Armor engraving that increases your defense, depending on the level, even by 100%!

Oh, and of course, you can get some Adrenaline shock! It increases the stacking of your damage output and cast speed. So if you want your enemies to meet their unavoidable fate in one single blow - this is the best way for dealing additional damage!

Those would be the most effective Sorceress engravings there are but check out more for yourself! Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to crack the “extra damage” door!

Lost Ark Sorceress: Gems

You can enhance your power with the right combination of gems! Choose your path and become the most powerful Sorceress there is!

Many Sorceress skills can be enhanced by using the right gems to do so. Dealing damage is rather easy when you’re this powerful, but what if you could perform an enhanced strike rather than just your simple normal one?

Well, then this gem (or gems I should say) is for you! Gems are a great feature to get you some buffs that make your skills faster, reduce cooldown, and many more!

When it comes to Sorceress, it’s all about your engravings. For Igniter playstyle, try to choose gems that charge your Arcane gauge for Arcane Torrent and Rupture action.

Reflux build is more about cooldown time reduction, so choose the ones that help with that problem.

Lost Ark Sorceress: Skills

 Lost Ark’s Sorceress really knows how to make an impression! This beast takes   advantage of your weaknesses to spam you with incredibly powerful attacks!

Here is the full list of all the skills you can get while playing Lost Ark Sorceress! If you want to 

deal area damage, or need some PvP action going - gain access to sustained damage in one of the best DPS advanced classes in the game.

Remember - the game really relies on putting many eggs into a few baskets so keep that in mind while dealing skill points!

Normal Skills



Level Req.






10 seconds

Creates a rectangular flame forward, dealing Fire damage and paralyzing foes. Inflicts Fire damage for 5s.

Lightning Vortex.png

Lightning Vortex


12 seconds

Creates spherical lightning within 12 meters of the cursor location for 3s, for Lightning damage. On hit, the foe is pulled to the center to inflict additional Lightning damage.

Energy Discharge.png

Energy Discharge


6 seconds

Fires a concentrated magick bullet that pierces the foe in front, inflicting damage. When an additional skill key is pressed, it fires again, inflicting X damage.




14 seconds

Creates a powerful whirlwind in front, inflicting 3 hits for damage and then pushes foes while inflicting damage.

Seraphic Hail.png

Seraphic Hail


18 seconds

A huge wave is created, covering the foes in front and inflicting Water damage. While the enemy is in the air, it will be launched up again on hit.

Frost's Call.png

Frost's Call


24 seconds

Causes a Cold Snap at the cursor location within 12 meters. Inflicts a total of Water damage to the foes over 9 times for up to 4s.




18 seconds

Creates a pillar of flame at the cursor location within 14 meters, inflicting Fire damage to foes and knocking them into the air.

Punishing Strike.png

Punishing Strike


28 seconds

Calls forth a giant Thunderstrike at the cursor location within 16 meters, inflicting Lightning damage to foes.

Reverse Gravity.png

Reverse Gravity


16 seconds

Creates an Earth Rift Magick Circle on the spot. The Rift Magick Circle knocks foes into the air, dealing damage. Then it inflicts damage when striking down.

Ice Shower.png

Ice Shower


11 seconds

Strikes the ground with the power of Frost, dealing Water damages to foes within range.

Lightning Bolt.png

Lightning Bolt


24 seconds

Fires lightning towards the designated location. 50 degree directional change is possible while holding. Inflicts Lightning damage to foes in a straight line over 5 times for a maximum of 2s.

Esoteric Reaction.png

Esoteric Reaction


24 seconds

Creates a Magick Crystal within 12 meters of cursor location. The crystal evolves by levels, up to level 3, at which point it explodes and inflicts damage to foes and knocks them back.

Rime Arrow.png

Rime Arrow


22 seconds

Creates multiple Ice Arrows at the cursor location within 14 meters, inflicting Water damage.




28 seconds

Casts a spell to fire a flaming projectile. It explodes upon hitting the target, inflicting Fire damage and knocking foes into the air.

Elegian's Touch.png

Elegian's Touch


40 seconds

Magick Protection around the body consumes 330.0% MP of the proportion of HP consumed when damage is received. MP Recovery -30.0% when Elegian's Touch is active and MP does not recover for 3.0s when hit. When the current amount of MP is less than 20.0%, Elegian's Touch expires.




32 seconds

Calls forth a giant Meteor at the cursor location within 14 meters, inflicting Fire damage to foes and knockback foes.

Awakening Skills



Level Req.



Enviska's Might.png

Enviska's Might


300 seconds

Releases lightning energy from the rod, dealing damage to foes, and pulling the released energy back to the center to deal Lightning damage. Then gathers up the foes to one spot to cause a great explosion and deal Lightning damage.

Apocalypse Call.png

Apocalypse Call


300 seconds

Drops random Meteor fragments within 18 meters for 8s. Fallen Meteor fragments have an AoE Radius of 6 meters, dealing Fire damage and knocks down foes. If foe is Challenge or below, +200% damage.

Thank You

Thank you for checking out our guide for the Lost Ark Sorceress! We hope that you will find the best ways to deal with your enemies and choose the combat style you need! This Smilegate RPG is really something! Pick your favorite spells and make bosses pay!

Check out our guides for other classes with crazy abilities as well! Also - you can find many helpful links on MMOPixel that will guide you through your Lost Ark experience! Remember - opponents are also people (although they’re sometimes mobs) so treat everyone with respect! Stay safe and game on!

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