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Lost Ark Soul Master Guide

Have you ever desired to be a destructive martial artist, taking down your foes with pure skill and manoeuvrability? Then your pick is the Soul Master. They are an advanced class belonging to the fighter archetype that have both intense melee and ranged attacks, as well as the ability to use varied combo attacks


Soul Masters (or soulfists) are female fighters that take heavy inspiration from the popular show ‘Dragon Ball Z.’ They use their ki to make their attacks stronger and faster. It is a pure DPS-focused class and one of the best ones while at it.

They can charge their attacks for a specific period to make them more powerful; however, that can inflict a cooldown. This playstyle is recommended if you want to deal with significant damage in short bursts rather than consistently.

Remember that your survivability can be an issue, as soul masters are known to be incredibly squishy and not exactly resilient. However, using your mobility to the fullest helps you master this class.

This class is also known to be a great solo carry, and you are more than capable of handling your own in arenas/dungeons. It is an enjoyable class, and you’ll have fun unleashing a fury of combos. Your awakening skill is also known to hit like a truck; however, it requires high skill to use as it can easily miss.

Overall, if you decide to use the Soul Master class, it is a good decision to carry you throughout the game.


Soul Masters are adept at combat and are known to be excellent PvPers and PvEers. There are 2 sets of skills, Normal and Awakening Skills. They are as follows:

Normal Skills: Venomous Fist (A palm attack that can poison), Energy Bullet (Shoots energy), Magnetic Palm (Jump attack that helps in crowd control), Pulverizing Palm (Dash forward and do high energy damage), Bolting Crash (Trip enemies and knock them), Deadly Finger (Move backward and do finger damage), Lightning Palm (Palm damage that knocks enemies), Heavenly Squash (Squashes the enemy with your palm), Flash Step (Move towards the target and launches them). Palm Burst (Energy concentrated palms while dashing backward), Tempest Blast (Shoot energy), Shadow breaker (Strike the ground to knock foes), Force Orb (Fast energy ball), Crippling Barrier (Creates a barrier that slows enemies), Merciless Pummel (Move forward to punch and kick), Energy Blast (Focus energy and throw it at your enemies), Energy release (Creates a shockwave that debuffs)

Awakening Skills: This skill tree has 2 abilities, which are – World Decimation (Similar to a Spirit Bomb, you gather energy for 3s to throw it at your enemies) and Annihilating Ray (Shoot a powerful ray of energy at your enemies while also summoning a friendly that attacks with you)

Choosing which skill to use and upgrade is very important for your gameplay. You can make your class dependent on your combos or bursts, depending on your playstyle. Skills can also be reset at any time for absolutely free, so if you made a mistake or want to switch up your playstyle, you can do so without repercussions.

Identity Skill – Hype Mode

This class’s identity skill is Ki. It’s a meter you fill using abilities and has three stages, called Hype Mode. Each stage makes you stronger, buffing aspects of your kit. You need to be careful of your energy management too. Once you have mastered this skill, you will be a formidable force.


If you have been reading in-game texts, you may have encountered the term ‘Engravings’ multiple times. If you don’t know what they are, we got you covered. They are skills specific to your class and its gameplay, granting you special abilities. They largely determine how you play your class.

For Soul Masters, there are two excellent engravings, which are:

Energy Overflow: If your energy is below 30%, you deal a certain percentage of extra damage. This is a harder engraving, as managing your energy can be quite hard. However, it can be great if you are in a pinch, as your damage increase is considerable.

Robust Spirit: When you activate Hype Mode, you have a damage increase and receive energy faster. This is a relatively more straightforward engraving to master and is the more popular engraving for the Soul Master.

Other than these two class-specific engravings, there are ones that are more general and provide a great alternative. Those are:

  • Grudge – Increases damage against bosses while decreasing incoming damage.

  • Spirit Absorption – Higher attack and movement speed.

  • Cursed Doll – Higher damage but at the cost of reduced healing.

All engravings are viable, so make the right decision while choosing yours!

Lost Ark Soul Master Guide

Build #1 – PvE Soul Master 

As a Soul Master, you can defeat an army of enemies yourself with the skills of a true martial artist. A PvE build, with skills and their appropriate Tripods, is as follows:

  • Crippling Barrier with Sturdy Armor and Weak point Detection

  • Deadly Finger with Swift Fingers and Defenseless Target 

  • Flash Step with Excellent Mobility, Victory Shout, and Tireless

  • Force Orb with Quick Preparation, Powerful Wave, and Scattering Wave

  • Heavenly Squash with Hard Hitter, Harsh Training, and Enormous Palm

  • Magnetic Palm with Sturdy Armor

  • Merciless Pummel with Wide Strike. and Clear Hit

  • Tempest Blast with Song of Time, Harsh Training, and Demolition.

As for your awakening, I recommend using either, depending on your comfortability. If you are comfortable using Energy Overflow, go for it. Otherwise, Robust Spirit is an easier option and can help you immensely. There are other options such as Grudge, Spirit Absorption, etc.

You need to farm some gold to ensure you have the best gear to match your skills. This can be a very tedious process, which can be exhausting. Fortunately, Lost Ark Gold is quite cheap to buy.

If you need them, you can click on our website MMOPixel to buy Lost Ark Gold. We provide the best service.

Build #2 – PvP Soul Master

To use this class in PvP, you need to be very careful with your survivability, as you are very fragile. However, it is still an excellent class for PvP and exceptionally strong. The build I’ll be recommending is:

  • Energy Blast with Efficient Striker and Concussion

  • Flash Step with Excellent Mobility and Quick Pace

  • Force Orb with Enhanced Speed, Powerful Wave, and Scattering Wave

  • Heavenly Squash with Hard Hitter, Harsh Training, and Exquisite Attack

  • Merciless Pummel with Hard Hitter, Cold-Hearted, and Double Up

  • Pulverizing Palm with Excellent Mobility and Fighting Spirit

  • Shadow Breaker with Predator, Concussion, and 6th Sense

  • Tempest Blast with Song of Time, Harsh Training, and Terminator.

This build helps you be the ultimate glass cannon. Make sure to play safely, and use your movement well to stomp your enemy on the battlefield.


Soul Masters are a fun class if you like dishing out strong Ki-based attacks and unleashing a barrage of combos. They are excellent if you choose to main it, and we strongly recommend them. 

That being said; hopefully, this guide helped you understand Soul Masters. We hope to see you on the battlefield, charging up your Ki attacks!

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