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Lost Ark Striker Guide - How To Become A Great Striker

One of the important factors to have in mind when playing Lost Ark is the DPS (Damage Per Second) character. The good thing is that Lost Ark has plenty of classes that can be used as such. The problem is that with all these options and different playstyles, you can find it difficult to choose between one character and another. 

If you like close combat, hitting enemies quickly, and a character that displays splendid aerial combos, then the Striker class is a good fit for you. This specialization knocks foes with fast-paced movements.

In this guide, you will learn about this advanced class and how to use this class in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Striker presentation cover.


The Lost Ark Martial Artist Class

The Martial Artist Class is the main class you have to choose if you want to become a Striker. This class is well known for hitting hard and striking even faster. Fast movement is on their side, and they fight using a lot of skill in successive combos.

A Martial Artist attacks enemies in a blink of an eye with a spinning kick and then punches the next one. This character has four advanced classes that you can select, and each one of them can deal great damage to both groups and single foes. Some of these classes offer:

  • Elemental attacks.

  • Heavy hits (like the knee attack).

  • Combined melee and ranged attacks.

Lost Ark Striker full set.


If you like to inflict damage in close combat and colorful attacks, then the Martial Arts class is for you. These characters are great for battle in PvP with standard builds. They are also useful for PvE, but other classes may have better performance in this matter.

Striker Advanced Class

The Lost Ark Striker class is one of the four advanced specializations the Martial Artist can choose. The path of the Striker is limited to physical skills and the use of powerful kicks and gauntlets on their fists. They use a lot of combos in both the ground and the air, sometimes mixing both.

Lost Ark Striker concept art.


The Striker has three best skills that essentially are the build of a good striker:

  1. Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges: Obtained at level 14. This skill allows the striker to gather energy and strike forward. The attack consists of doing two direct hits and then an upward attack that resembles a tiger. This last attack deals medium damage, and it’s great for staggering enemies.

Skill points are necessary to improve abilities.


  1. Moon Flash Kick: The Striker can obtain this skill starting on level 10. It allows you to push forward when you're facing a crowd of enemies. The attack begins with a fast push towards the enemy and unleashing a blue force with your leg. After that, thousands of flurry kicks start dealing damage per kick to the enemies. As you upgrade, you can even make four consecutive attacks.

One of the preferred abilities is the Moon Flash Kick.


  1. Storm Dragon Awakening: The skill is obtainable at level 12. It hits enemies with a sweeping kick, a powerful kick, and lastly a spinning back kick. You see, this skill is used to control crowds and finish demons off quickly.

To play with this character you must detail your other stats on the battlefield.


Of course, there are other Striker skills that can be part of a good Striker build.




Triple Fist

You give three serious punches to foes while advancing 4 meters forward. The downed foes won’t get up after that.

Sky Shattering Blow

You perform a roundhouse kick. If you use it again, you will do a kick upward to send foes airborne. This is a finishing blow that can change direction when executed constantly.

Lightning Kick

Do several kicks by forming a lightning tiger hurting your enemies. Then strike them down in a violent kick with extra damage. Ground enemies will get down and airborne foes will get slammed against the floor.

Violent Tiger

Give two kicks and then use the skill to rotate again and launch a powerful full moon kick that increases damage.

Sleeping Ascent Celebration

Tackle foes to inflict some damage. If you use a combo in a quick preparation, you can add an upper kick.

Berserk Circle

Strike down the ground after a high jump. Create an earthquake of wide trajectory that sends foes airborne.

Flash Heat Fang

Launch 10 punches in a rush and deal a lot of damage in huge bursts.

Swift Wind Kick

Deliver spinning kicks in the air to your enemies. You attack 22 times.

Phoenix Advent

Hit an airborne target. Focus on the enemy and gather energy to release it dealing great damage.

Lightning Whisper

Roll forward and summon lightning. This attack is capable of dealing great damage in a certain space.

Sweeping Kick

Your opponents are lifted from their feet by a powerful kick. Use the skill again to jump, spin and kick in the air.

Esoteric Skills

Strikers have a special ability that allows them to generate Esoteric Orbs or Elemental Orbs. These can be used to trigger the Awakening Skills or to boost your basic skills attack damage and transform them into Esoteric Skills.

Basic attacks are increased by Esoteric skill damage, making them way far stronger.




Esoteric Skill: Spiral Impact

Do a powerful strike that distorts space and releases a strong wind. Deals great damage and consumes only one orb.

Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges

This skill has been mentioned before as one of the main skills that matter. Consumes 2 orbs.

Esoteric Skill: Call the Wind God

Create a tornado that throws your enemy through the air. Enemies are damaged 13 times during 3 seconds. Consumes 2 orbs.

Esoteric Skill: Blast Formation

This skill can be obtained through an epic item at level 50. It’s a back attack that inflicts a lot of damage to enemies by kicking them to the air. Consumes 2 orbs.

Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike

This skill can be obtained through an epic item at level 50. It’s a back attack that inflicts a lot of damage to enemies by kicking them to the air. Consumes 2 orbs.

The trick with these abilities is that Esoteric skills consume an Elemental Orb. You can generate these orbs when you’re fighting and using your perks. Each of these special skills can consume between one or two orbs. So you must be careful when you use these powerful elemental skills, they can turn the battle around.

Awakening Skills

There are two Awakening Skills that you can use when you consume one chaos piece. They require you to be in level 50 and are quite powerful. They are great for striker builds, especially in PvP.

These skills are unique to each class.





Explosive Heat Awakening

This Awakening skill lets you hit your enemies with four explosive attacks. Each one deals great damage while you charge forward. You gather fire energy and then release it at once with each hit.

True Heavenly Awakening

Gather powerful energy in your legs and release it with a downward strike. The attack hits two times.


Engravings can be used to increase the character's abilities. For example, mobility, defense, or ambush damage. They can be found equipped with accessories and ability stones. The Lost Ark striker engravings are:

  • Esoteric Flurry: The main use for this engraving is to reduce the number of necessary orbs for Esoteric Skills.

  • Deathblow: This engraving increases the number of Elemental Orbs at your disposal.

 Each class's engravings are unique.


How To Use Striker in Lost Ark

To start playing Striker in Lost Ark, you need to understand how the character works. This is a powerful class for both PvE and PvE since it has lots of mobility and DPS. Luckily, new players can get used to the combo mechanics.

However, he doesn’t have a lot of defense, and the ultimate skills require practice to catch up, especially with back-attack abilities. So, your gameplay will be fast close combat to engage. But as soon as you are taking damage, you need to retreat. Otherwise, you won’t last long.

The best Striker knows he needs to use basic attacks to gather elemental orbs. Once the bubbles are filled, you can start kicking foes with deathly and powerful hits. Become the master of ambush and PvP battles knowing these principles.

Master the arts of the Striker.


The Bottom Line

The Striker is a great class if you want to enter the world of Lost Ark to hit everything you encounter, break faces and expect colorful movements. The idea of having a character that can do so much with a few abilities is what makes it interesting.

For you to become a great Striker, worry about leveling up your skills. Then, find items related to the class so you can increase the stats that the character lacks.

You can get some help by getting Lost Ark Gold on our site. Sign in and get some gold so you can focus entirely on the game.

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