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Lost Ark Stronghold Training Grounds - Full Guide

Lost Ark still has a lot to surprise you. This time, we will explore the Stronghold training camp that is mainly used to create healing potions and craft battle items for your quests.

There are a lot of incredible features we still haven’t explored in Lost Ark, and Strongholds is one of them. This housing system in Lost Ark has particular characteristics that you will want to obtain if you want to develop even faster and have facilities when you are about to go on a special mission.

Lost Ark is well-known now for having a different system compared to other MMORPGs, but this only makes it more interesting.

Want to get to know more about the Stronghold experience or know how to unlock the housing system? Everything has been covered in this Lost Ark Stronghold guide so read on!

Table of Contents

What is a Stronghold in Lost Ark?

How to Unlock the Stronghold

Management Menu - Managing the Stronghold

Action-Energy in Lost Ark - How does It Work?

How To Upgrade And Level Your Stronghold

Lost Ark Stronghold Training Grounds - Additional Features

Leveling Characters With The Stronghold

Stronghold Tips

Lost Ark Stronghold - Final Thoughts

What is a Stronghold in Lost Ark?

The Stronghold in Lost Ark plays a similar role as a private island/house in the game. This is basically your land’s extension that you can customize in the management menu. You can place decorations, and structure, invite crew members and host weekly Stronghold quests or normal missions with them.

This is an account-wide Stronghold that can be used for crafting healing potions, building structures, training your trade skills, or even completing research according to your wishes. Of course, you will need to spend pirate coins and other currencies if you want to upgrade your Stronghold to have all this available.

Stronghold’s main attribute is a Crafting Workshop that allows you to have powerful items with attractive discounts, so you rather craft them here instead of buying them in the trade merchants.

Now, Strongholds aren’t available from the first moment you play the game. If you want to have this training camp unlocked, you will need to meet a few requirements first.

How to Unlock the Stronghold

Unlocking Stronghold doesn’t require doing special missions or anything like that. When you reach level 25, you will receive the quest “Clerk Theo’s Invitation.” After finishing, this main story quest will give you your state, Stronghold, and a fast-travel song.

The Stronghold you’ll get will be in its base form, which is why you can improve it as you gather resources, use the Action Energy available, and complete special station missions to add new features.

It also helps when you do research projects or increase the level of your Stronghold.

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Management Menu - Managing the Stronghold

Once you have your Stronghold, you will need access to it. You can fast-travel to its location using F2 and selecting the “Song of Hearth and Home.” This will teleport you to the Stronghold.

When you visit your Stronghold, you can sneak around and get to know all the structures and features it has. You can also press Ctrl + 1 to open the entire menu that shows Stronghold activities and the different structures you can build in your piece of land.

You can also start decorating various structures using Ctrl + 2. When you’re here, you can equip structures to your Stronghold, for example:

  • Lab.

  • Workshop.

  • Station.

  • Manor.

  • Training Camp.

  • Knowledge Transfer.

Let’s break down each one of the structures to see what they do.


The Stronghold’s lab is the structure where you’ll be crafting recipes for the workshop. It is also where more research is driven to upgrade the Stronghold’s parts.

Most projects take several hours to complete, and they require ore, wood, and other rare materials.


The Workshop will help you increase the Stronghold level. This is the structure where you craft items to use later. These include, for example, health potions, tools, items, cosmetics, and much more.

To gain access to recipes to start crafting structures, consumable items, and more end-game content, you will need to unlock them in the Lab. Your main character and alternate characters can use this Stronghold to improve their trade skills.


The Station allows you to store a ship and use it with crew members to complete a Station mission. Each mission completed will provide your Stronghold with currency, upgrade materials, and rewards from Chaos Dungeons or Guardian Raids.


The management tab gives you the ability to build a Manor where you can develop passive effects to help improve your land and increase the Stronghold level.  

You can equip specific items that have boosts for the performed activities in the Stronghold – for example, reduced Action Energy and even improved crafting items speed so you can complete your research or crafting in less than eight hours.

Training Camp

The Training Camp is unlocked when you reach level 52. It allows you to access many benefits that provoke to passively increase the level of your characters. 

You can level up alt characters too, but they only can reach 2 levels below your highest level character. So, if our main is level 40, your new characters can only reach level 38 with this method.

When you passively train your characters in the Stronghold, you need to consider it will take multiple days. You can also use them while they train, so it’s an XP farm boost.

Knowledge Transfer

This is a more effective option than the Training Camp. The Knowledge transfer machine can be obtained after you complete the “Nothing is impossible for Cykins” quest. It allows you to level up your character to level 50 instantly for 600 Gold.

It takes eight hours to complete the process.

Action-Energy in Lost Ark - How Does It Work?

The Action-Energy in Lost Ark is a scarce resource you have in Strongholds. You can use them every day to perform actions similar to the ones you would do in a trade merchant. For example, crafting, researching, completing daily missions in the Station, and more.

The amount of energy available doesn’t increase as you level up your Stronghold or your own level. So, make sure that you use them wisely to improve your fort.

How To Upgrade And Level Your Stronghold

Some of the important aspects of the Stronghold is that you can increase the Tier of your stations. You will have to gather the materials needed to do this, but it’s entirely worth it.

Once you see an option like “Manor Level 2” in the Lab, you should start researching it. This upgrade gives essential features to the stations and will unlock more options to progress certain quest lines.

Now, keep in mind that you can’t just increase the stations’ level just like that. You need to complete certain missions, like the one from Luterra Castle and level up your Stronghold.

You see, when you unlock your Stronghold, you will have two levels you can increase, yours and the Stronghold’s. These pieces of land can earn XP when you use them. 

So make sure you start crafting, researching, or starting missions to send your crew members on expeditions.

Obtaining Stronghold Materials

Any player that has reached a certain level and unlocked the Stronghold needs to know that upgrading your Stronghold will require many materials. Every feature needs ores, wood, plants, food, and others. 

This is a great opportunity also to increase your trade skills mastery while focusing on Mining, Harvesting, and trade skills. 

There are some good spots you can find materials:

  • Ores: Lakebar

  • Wood: Sunbright Hill

  • Flowers: Dyorika Plain

As you gather materials, it’s possible to obtain a rarer item level, which can later be used for better improvements.

Exchange Materials Without Effort

On the right side of the island, there is a trade merchant. He can exchange all your materials or turn exotic variants into common ones.

You also can exchange seals that you earned from crew missions on the continent.

Lost Ark Stronghold Training Grounds - Additional Features

There are additional Stronghold features that you shouldn’t miss if you want to see improvements in your character.

Unique Trade Merchants

When you get your Stronghold, many merchants will be roaming in and out of your land. They will carry temporary good offers that you probably shouldn’t miss.

You can find crafting recipes (like the Urr’s tree bench), collectible items (like Blue Crystals), cosmetic items, new ship types, or even new crew members.

Unlocking Resource Farm

If you want to increase Stronghold XP fast, the best way to do it is by unlocking the in-house Resource Farm. This is achieved when you complete the guide quest “A Verdant Land,” which gives you a portal to the farm.

The inner farm has a max limit of what you can farm on a daily basis. And sometimes, it also grows unique resources that can increase the quality of the Stronghold’s functions.

These items can’t be sold or traded. You can only use them for crafting purposes – for example, to improve an important building, create a specific item level, etc. This will allow them to gain experience and earn free resources. 

Boost Feasts

There is an incredible feature that you shouldn’t let pass in your Stronghold, which is the Feasts menu. Feasts are unlocked when your Stronghold reaches level 10 and allows you to craft powerful consumable items not as you have created before using your Life Skills.

This consumable will give a two-hour buff for you and anyone inside your Stronghold.

Special Station Missions

Reaching level 50 not only allows you to unlock a bunch of new features in Lost Ark, but it also gives you the quest “Ealyn’s Request” in North Vern. This mission will unlock Chaos Dungeons and several other missions you can complete with other players.

These special tasks give you various items that are considered endgame loot. There is also Chaos Dungeon loot. You have to complete two types of quests to obtain it, the Chaos Dungeon mission and traditional station missions.

Pet Ranch

The Pet Ranch is a feature that is mainly reserved for the Korean client of Lost Ark.

Your Stronghold has the ability to get access to a Pet’s Ranch where you can turn your pets into resource farmers. They produce cookies, which are later exchanged for upgrades or even new pets.

Leveling Characters With The Stronghold

One of the most important parts of having a Stronghold is the possibility of instant-leveling other characters. It’s not a coincidence that for a lot of players, the most important building is either the Training Camp or the Knowledge Transfer station.

Of course, this can be done because you already have one character with a high level, and you don’t want to go through all that again.

Even though it may seem similar to the Powerpass available when you reach level 50, your Stronghold doesn’t have any limit.

If you want to level up an alt character instantly, we highly recommend using the Training Camp instead of the Knowledge Transfer. Even though the success rate is the same, the former is free, and the latter costs 600 Gold.

This resource is quite scarce and important in Lost Ark, so you should use it in other aspects of the game, like getting more items with better stats.

Stronghold Tips

There are a few tips related to taking advantage of all the Stronghold services that you can find.

• Always complete a Station Mission. In the beginning, this is a great way to get Stronghold XP and seals.

• Upgrade certain structures before anything else – for example, your Manor. If you do this, your research increases the options available in your Lab.

• When you’re about to log off, make sure you send an expedition out to search for something. You can claim the reward when you’re back online.

 • You should activate a Feast before going on a dangerous mission.

• Merchants offer collectibles that you should get without hesitation. They increase your stats, skill points, and more. They cost gold, but they are cheaper than crafted.

• Use the Resource Farm to improve your trade skills whenever you can.

Lost Ark Stronghold - Final Thoughts

Improving your Stronghold to find new items, expand your world, and complete your story in Lost Ark is the greatest investment you can make.

You have access to this piece of land located on East Luterra through the sheet music from the quest “Legends and Fairytales.” It can give you incredible advantages in comparison to other features of the game, so make sure you don’t miss them.

If you are a Lost Ark fan and want to try all the characters that you find in this incredible MMORPG, the Stronghold will make your life a lot easier when leveling up your new characters.

With enough dedication and resources, you can level up your trade skills and completely skip the leveling time (that can take even weeks) you have to spend in your alt characters.

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