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Lost Ark Una’s Tasks Guide

Do you ever find yourself out of gold frequently? Isn't it frustrating to grind for gold to purchase unique endgame items? However, gold is a precious resource, and procuring a vast sum will help you in your gameplay endeavors. One such method is by completing Una's Tasks. What are they? 

What are Una's Tasks?

Una's tasks are daily and weekly quests you can complete to earn rewards such as gold, pirate coins, etc., via a currency called Una's Tokens. They are fairly easy to complete and are generally recommended to complete to progress at a faster pace in-game. You can perform up to 3 tasks per day. However, you can purchase an extra task in Mari's Shop. Completing your daily and weekly tasks can help you gain some gold relatively easily and quickly.

Una Task Menu

By pressing ALT + J, you can open your Una Task Menu. It comprises 4 sections, which are:

Daily: As the name suggests, this is a task given to you daily. These tasks are relatively simple, and you can even choose the location of these quests, so choosing your dailies that are concentrated in the area can save you a bunch of time. They reset daily too. These tasks are great for some quick cash you need. Completing these tasks also boosts your reputation, which will be useful in the long run. You can have all daily tasks active at the same time. Each Daily task gives you two points.

Weekly: These are the tasks that reset every week. They are usually longer quests compared to daily tasks and are recommended to be done with decent gear. You will be doing endgame content such as dungeons, bosses, etc., which will require more time and effort. Of course, your hard work will be rewarded, as you will receive more items than your daily commissions. There are 3 tasks, and you can only have one active at a time. Each weekly task gives you twelve points.

Lost Ark Weekly Roster Mission

 Reputation Status: The more tasks you complete, the more reputation you earn with certain NPCs. To track said reputation, you can check the Reputation Status. This tab is essential, as increasing your reputation level can help you receive rewards that are usually harder to grind for, such as pirate coins. In addition, completing quests for a specified character can rapidly increase your reputation with them, granting you additional rewards.

Guild Requests: If you are part of a guild, you can participate in various guild quests. Completion of these quests not only grants rewards for you as a player and helps your guild grow by providing it with XP. The guild leader can only select these quests. If you aren't part of a guild, visit Prideholme City, where you can see the list of available guilds.

Every task, whether daily or weekly, awards you with points. You can trade in these points for Una's Tokens. The tradeoff is as follows:

    • 25 Points = 27 Una’s Token

    • 35 Points = 27 Una’s Token

    • 45 Points = 36 Una’s Token

    • 55 Points = 36 Una’s Token

    • 70 Points = 54 Una’s Token

If you are consistently completing all tasks, the maximum amount you can earn is 180 Una's Tokens, which is quite a lot and can help you redeem many rewards. On the other hand, you can miss out on four daily tasks and still reap maximum benefits; however, it is not recommended, as you will be missing out on NPCs. So now, what do you do with these Una's Tokens?

What do I do with Una Tokens?

You can claim your Una Tokens at the Una Task Menu. Once you have your tokens, it's time to head out to a merchant. Merchants are located in major towns. These merchants will sell you three items in exchange for your tokens. Those items are:

Hefty Gold Sack: You can procure this item for 80 Una's Tokens. It is the cheapest and usually traded in case the player needs some quick cash. You can get 200 gold, a thin gold bar (100 gold), and a thick gold bar (1000 gold).

Small Safe: You can procure this item for 200 Una's Tokens. It is a good upgrade from the hefty gold sack, as you can get 700 gold, a thin gold bar (100 gold), and a thick gold bar (1000 gold).

Large Gold Chest: You can procure this item for 500 Una's Tokens, making it the most expensive in the lot. This one is quite the gamble, as it has the same rewards as the previous two items, a thin gold bar (100 gold) and a thick gold bar (1000 gold). What makes this worth it is a gamble, a chance to get the Giant Gold bar (10,000 gold), making it well worth it.

Lost Ark - Items to Receive with Una Tokens

If you are grinding for something costly, I'd say the Large Gold chest is a good option. It'll take around three weeks to amass the amount, but it's well worth it if you 'win the lottery.'

If you want quick/consistent gold, the first two options are viable as an option, as the risks are relatively low considering the price. However, the final decision is ultimately very situation-based and is ultimately in the player's hands.

Gold is a valuable resource that can be obtained from grinding daily and weekly tasks and is used in various gameplay activities, including trade, purchasing new equipment, life skill gear aspects, and more. But occasionally, it might or might not be sufficient. For example, you might run out of your daily and weekly missions and still not have enough gold. To keep up with your peers, you must grind for gold nonstop for hours on end, even though you might not feel like it.

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Additional Tips

Be mindful that choosing your daily task is key. In the long run, choosing one that helps your account can help you kill two birds with one stone. This means choosing missions that help you obtain giant's hearts and island souls.

Finishing tasks that involve great leapstones helps advance your account greatly. If you have alts, it is advised to do leapstone tasks on the main and reputation tasks on your alt, to maximize efficiency. You should be doing three daily missions: Needles and Threads, Kinsera's Memorial Service, and Unsolved Mystery of the Watchers.

Daily tasks are usually reset at either 1 AM PST, so make sure you finish your tasks by then, or else you have accidentally lost some points. You can still skip up to 4 daily tasks, but it is advisable to be consistent and finish all tasks.


Una's Tasks are a great way to grind for gold, especially in the endgame, where you require so many items and simply don't have enough money. Hopefully, our guide has given you a general idea of how to tackle Una's tasks in the best way. We hope to see you grinding for those tokens!

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