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Most Expensive Drop of Abyssea and How to Farm it in Final Fantasy XI?

Players with a higher level are looking for adventure in Final Fantasy XI and what would be better than a trip to Abyssea. This land packs a lot of valuable items and experience learning, along with some limit points. Still, some people are wondering what would be the most expensive Drop of Abyssea. Well, here we have a guide on the Most Expensive Drop of Abyssea and How to Farm it in Final Fantasy XI. So, without any further ado, let’s hop into the details.

Entering Abyssea in FFXI

Abyssea is an adventurous land genuinely for players above the level of 75 or unlocks at 30 plus levels in a Job. To enter Abyssea, you need to have 30 plus jobs for cutscene and zone in Port Jeuno. 

From the Port Jeuno location, you will have to chat with the Port Jeuno Joachim, available at the H-8 level. Head to the Cavernous Mawns and examine to enter the land of Abyssea.

Most Expensive Drop of Abyssea - Kukulkan Skin

This image shows the in-game Kukulkan FFXI

Abyssea has one specialty that none other places in the game has, which is Kukulkan Monsters. The most expensive drop is no doubt the Kukulkan’s Skin being the most durable and pliant skin of Kukulkan. It works as an Armor with shock-absorbing abilities. 

To get this you will only have to run around the land of Abyssea and beat three different NM’s to get their Key items. 

Reason for Expensiveness

The reason for Kukulkan’s Skin being the most expensive is primarily its lower drop rate, and butter on top, it is used for high-level crafting. Another thing that makes it so unique is its use in the Grin Cuirass Synergy and Hexed Mitra/Bliaut.

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How to get it?

Getting your hands on the Kukulkan is the real question most beginners ask. You can also get it in the Leathercraft section under Materials in the Auction House. On the other hand, you can also get it as a Random reward from Gobbie Mystery Box Special Dial or sources that act similarly.

The first location where you can get this is Kukulkan Monster. Yes, you can find this monster in the Konschtat H-5 zone of Abyssea. After Examining the triple-question mark sign having with you; Mucid Ahriman Eyeball, Cracked Wivre Horn, and Tattered Hippogryph Wing.

The second location is from the Monster named Celaeno. You can find this monster in the J-8, H-4, and I-12 Zone of Dangruf Wadi. During the Voidwatch OP, it is spawned or you can also catch it from the Riftworn Pyxis.

Details on Kukulkan Monsters

Kukulkan is from the family of Peistes that are weak against Ice and considered one of the Notorious Monsters. Mostly, you can find them in the area of Abyssea - Konschtat, where they drop the following things;

  • • Kukulkan’s Fang

  • • Kukulkan’s Skin

  • • Coin of Vision

  • • Anguinus Belt

  • • Jewel of Vision

  • • Atma of the Noxious Fang

  • • Synthesis Material

  • • Venomous Peiste Claw

The only quest that considers these monsters is “To Paste a Peiste” and besides this, you don’t have any other quest to meet the creatures. Being something that drops one of the Best Drops of Abyssea in Final Fantasy XI, they are somewhat rare and Unique in their Realm.

They can Spawn by clicking the triple-question mark sign at the level of H-5 in the Abyssea region. The important things you need to have with you are Mucid Ahriman Eyeball, Tattered Hippogryph Wing, and the Cracked Wivre Horn. Further, they are located at the Conflux 5 above level.

Final Verdict

Some might even argue that Kukulkan Monsters are famous because of Abyssea Zone FFXI, but it is somewhat the other way around. Players are genuinely looking out for only Kukulkan in this area because of how rare and unique they truly are. Not to forget, they drop the most expensive item in Abyssea that sells for millions of gils in the game. For this reason, we have here this guide on the Most Expensive Drop of Abyssea and How to Farm it in Final Fantasy XI.

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