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Nacrasena Lost Ark Guide - Defeat the Scorpion Guardian

Nacr asena is one of the most interesting raid bosses you can face in Lost Ark. Some gamers have big issues facing this boss, while others do not have problems defeating it. This Nacrasena Guardian Raid Guide is intended to help the first group, so they can continue advancing in the adventure. 

What is Nacrasena?

Nacrasena is a large level 2 Lost Ark boss, being a part of the Guardian Raids. It looks like a giant scorpion crossed with Anubis, the ancient Egypt god of the dead. It uses powerful lightning attacks with different attack ranges and features both heavy and moderate damage. 

Its mechanics are not so complex, so defeating Nacrasena is not so hard, but still, you must keep attention to its paralyzing attack because the subsequent attack can kill you with one hit. 

How to Unlock Nacrasena Guardian Raid?

Nacrasena level 2 Guardian Raid in Lost Ark

The first step to unlocking the Nacrasena Guardian raid is progressing through the main storyline of Lost Ark. Since Nacrasena is a level 2 Guardian, you have to defeat all the level 1 raid bosses to access this fight. Besides, you need to reach item level 500 to enter the Nacrasena raid. 

Nacrasena Guardian General Patterns

Below you’ll find all the movements of Nacrasena. Knowing them well will make things easier for you. Learn and memorize them because the Guardian performs a quick succession of them. 


Nacrasena jumping in Lost Ark

Nacrasena will cross its claws in front of its head, and then jump and stomp the ground heavily. This hit produces a shockwave around the Guardian. In some cases, Nacrasena can jump twice and electrocute you if it’s in a charged state. 


Nacrasena's charge in Lost Ark

At the beginning of the animation, the Guardian will flail the left claw and the right claw before attacking three times. Then, it will charge forward rolling in a straight line. Sometimes, Nacrasena may glow blue while channeling charge. You can stun it by hitting it during this time. 

Tail Swipe 

Nacrasena's Tail Swipe in Lost Ark

Nacrasena stomps the ground with its tails and swipes it from right to left. Tail Swipe damages everyone in a big zone behind the Guardian causing stagger. This attack will deal moderate damage. You can prevent stagger by using a skill with the Super Armor affix. 

Claw Strike

Nacrasena's Claw Strike in Lost Ark

The Guardian raises one of its claws. This is an indicator that it’s preparing for an attack. Nacrasena will slam the claw into the ground. Then it stomps the ground with the other claw. Immediately afterward, it will take some steps forward. When you see the claw in the air, just step aside to avoid the hit. 

Decomposing Breath

Nacrasena's Decomposing Breath in Lost Ark

The Guardian will rear its body and spit out twice. If you’re touched by the spit, a big part of your Stamina or MP will be drained. To avoid this attack, head to the left side of the Guardian as soon as you see Nacrasena's rears back.

Dig and Chase

Nacrasena's Dig and Chase in Lost Ark

Nacrasena will bury itself into the ground and start chasing you from beneath the surface. A dust trail indicates how Nacrasena is moving. When you watch the dust trail disappears, stay away from the area and use the dodge skill. Shortly, the Guardian will appear jumping and landing, providing high or low damage, depending on the strike, to you or your team. Still, be careful and avoid the impact. 

Summoning Scorpions

Nacrasena's Summoning Scorpions in Lost Ark

Nacrasena will summon mini scorpions while stationary. The Guardian will conjure these creatures from the ground to face you on its behalf. Meanwhile, it will dig a hole to protect itself from your attacks. Small scorpions do not do high damage, but you must kill them if you want to attack Nacrasena. 

Triple Lightning Strikes

Nacrasena's Triple Lightning Strikes Breath in Lost Ark

Nacrasena will stop moving and cover its face with its front claws. The Guardian also will raise its stinger in the air, and a blue shield will appear around it. Then, some blue circles will appear on the ground and start to chase you. A lightning bolt will fall in the area electrifying you or your teammates. To avoid this triple attack, just step away from the blue circles. 

Lightning Barrage

Nacrasena's Lightning Barrage in Lost Ark

The Guardian buries its stinger into the ground and stomps the ground with its claws followed by several small lightning strikes. These strikes can knock you, which can become successive lethal attacks. The best way to avoid the Lightning Barrage is to run away in the opposite direction, far from the Guardian, or stand very close to one of its hind legs. If you’re skilled enough, you can stay in a straight line and dodge the attack at the right timing. 

Lightning Zap

Nacrasena's Lightning Zap in Lost Ark

Nacrasena will charge its stinger for a few seconds with electric power. When the Guardian’s fully charged, it will discharge the stinger towards you. The shockwave will make you moderate damage and paralyze you. To dodge this lightning attack, just move around the boss. 

Tail Sting

Nacrasena's Tail Sting in Lost Ark

If you’ve been paralyzed by Nacrasena, the Guardian will sting you, dealing heavy damage. This attack can instantly kill players with low HP. Nacrasena also holds you over its head for a period before slamming you to the ground. Then, you’ll land hard in some random place on the screen. If Nacrasena stings your friend, you can release them using a destruction bomb and/or stagger abilities.   

Special Interactions and Patterns

Although Nacrasena has a medium level of difficulty, you can defeat it more easily by keeping in mind a few steps, thanks to which you’ll be able to provide extra damage. 

Counterable Charge

Nacrasena's Counterable Charge in Lost Ark

You can counter attack Nacrasena during its charge pattern. When the Guardian prepares to charge, it glows blue. This is the right time to deliver a counter skill while standing in front of the boss. If you succeed, you will stagger Nacrasena for a few seconds. Besides, this is the right moment to deal additional damage. 

Electric Charge Attack

Nacrasena's Electric Charge Attack in Lost Ark

Nacrasena starts to charge up with electric power while standing in a protective stance. This phase can be interrupted by using combat items or skills with Stagger Damage. This way, the boss will be vulnerable for a few seconds. 

Tail Cut

Cut the tail of Nacrasena in Lost Ark

When the stagger bar of Nacrasena is depleted, the Guardian will be incapacitated, exposing its weak point. Use items with Stagger skills to do this. When Nacrasena is exposed, you have a short window to destroy the protection of its tail by using items or skills with Weak Point affix. It may take you two or three times to cut its tails. 

Keep in mind that countering the charge does not expose Nacrasena’s weak point. Furthermore, do not stagger Nacrasena close to a wall, or you won’t be able to hit its weak point properly. In the battle against Sacrasena, the player’s position is crucial.

How to Beat Nacrasena?

Nacrasena has two phases: a regular one and a charged one. In the latter, its tail is lethal, then stay away from it and be aware of its lightning shoots. When it’s charged up, try to stagger it by using Whirlwind grenades or staggering skills. You can also use a Destruction Bomb and hit the tail when it’s on the floor. 

Nacrasena will disappear every time you successfully cut off its tail. Just avoid the movements we’ve mentioned above, at least you find the window to stagger it and cut its tail.  

Tips for Nacrasena Guardian Raid 

Nacrasena's main menu in Lost Ark

Take out the tail. Destroy the Nacrasena’s stinger with destruction bombs or some abilities since its tail is full of energy, having access to a full arsenal of melee and lightning attacks. 

Flares. Carrying a flare is mandatory in any Guardian Raid, either you’re playing alone or with teammates. Flares will help you to locate Nacrasena easily. 

HP Potions. Use an HP potion anytime you need to recover your HP after receiving massive damage. 

Pheromone Bomb. Using this item will make the boss go back to the location where you are without the need to use a flare. 

Whirlwind grenades. These are great items to liberate your party members from the effects of the Nacrasena’s stinger. 

Earth damage. If you can charge your attack with earth damage, you’ll be able to deal massive damage to Nacrasena. 

Since Nacrasena delivers many fast strikes, you’ll be moving a lot to avoid the hits of this Guardian. We recommend you to grab Wardancer or Deathblade class due to its speed buffs. However, this is not fundamental. 

Nacrasena Rewards

  • Splendid Vanguard Necklace

  • Splendid Vanguard Ring

  • Splendid Watcher Ring

  • Splendid Vanguard Earrings

  • Splendid Watcher Earrings

  • Harmony LeapstoneDestruction Stone Fragments

  • Guardian Stone Fragments

  • Legendary Ability Stone

  • Uncommon Class Engraving Recipe

  • Rare Class Engraving Recipe

  • Nacrasena Card

  • Rare Skill Rune

Final Thoughts

Nacrasena is a good Guardian raid challenge that you can easily manage if you follow the advice we’ve given here. But if you want a harder challenge, the game gives you the chance to face the raid level 5 Armored Nacrasena, a similar enemy with similar but stronger attacks. 

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