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NBA 2K23 MyCareer Shoe Deals: How to Negotiate and Choose the Right Deal

In NBA 2K23, building your brand is just as important to the gameplay as participating in a game. Brand sponsorships are a terrific method to increase your popularity and money while you're off the pitch. You must improve yourself since, as is frequently the case, major corporations have no interest in working with unpopular and underperforming individuals. One way to get accepted and make money through well-known company advertising is through Shoe Deal. The game allows you to sign with major brands and get a shoe of your own just like star players do in real life. But these deals take a lot of virtual currency and depend on your on-court performance. However, there are a few things you must fulfil in order to receive a Sneaker Deal in NBA 2K23 MyCareer. Our article will assist you in doing so.

How to get a deal?

In NBA 2K23, obtaining a shoe deal is as simple as having the top player. You must be the greatest at what you do if you are interested in securing partnerships & sponsors. If you like, you will be a rising star, when your MyCareer in 2K23 begins. As a result, in order to get noticed, you must stand out. You must choose the appropriate Manager in addition to doing that. A supervisor like Harper Dell is going to be connected to numerous brands, including Converse, Jordan, and Nike. As a result, you will start to receive Shoe Deals from these businesses as your popularity increases.

In NBA 2K23, you'll need to start by unlocking business endorsements if you want to land a shoe deal. You must have completed the Going National quest in order to obtain brand endorsements in MyCareer and unlock the world of endorsements. Before receiving an endorsement, footballers must fulfil a set of criteria specific to each brand. Uou might have to spend MT Coins at various instances in the game, so if you are falling short of the same, purchase it for real money.

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Negotiating a Shoe Deal

It's crucial to comprehend the negotiation procedure before signing a shoe contract. Brands will start to pay attention once your athlete reaches a certain level of notoriety and talent and may offer deals. You are free to select the brand and terms you want to sign with. Knowing the value of your player is the first step in arranging a shoe deal. This is determined by their overall ranking, level of popularity, and on-court performance. Your player will be more valuable to a brand the better they are. Look at the offers from various businesses and the VC rewards that go along with them to get an estimate of how much your player is worth.

It's time to think about the deal's terms next. Different VC reward tiers will be available from brands, along with extras like special shoe designs as well as performance upgrades. You must consider the advantages and disadvantages of each offer to determine which is ideal for your player's requirements. It's critical to remember that you have some negotiation power when negotiating. Use the fact that brands are vying for your player's support to your advantage. Never be hesitant to fight back and demand additional incentives or venture capital if you believe a brand isn't providing enough of either.

NBA 2K23 Shoe Deal

Choosing the Right Deal

Let's discuss how to choose the best shoe deal for your MyCareer player now that you are familiar with the negotiation procedure. When making this choice, there are a few things to take into account.

Virtual Currency

First and foremost, think about the VC rewards that each brand is providing. Your player can purchase new equipment, increase their talents, and do other things with this virtual currency. Your player will advance and get better faster the more VC they collect. Comparing the offers is crucial because different brands will provide varying quantities of VC. Remember that you can always ask for extra venture capital if you believe the original offer is too low. We already know how important VC is for the game hence, try to maximize this opportunity and gain the most out of it.

Performance Boosts

Performance upgrades are often included in shoe agreements, which might provide your player with an advantage on the court. These advantages can include but are not limited to, greater speed, shooting precision, or defensive prowess. Search for a shoe deal that provides the right boost based on whatever your player needs to get better on. For instance, if your athlete has trouble in shooting, search for a deal that improves shooting accuracy. Shoe deals give you an opportunity to improve your form and increase your player's attributes. Hence look for deals which improve your weak side and give your player a boost.

Exclusive Designs

The benefit of exclusive shoe designs is included in several shoe partnerships. These can be a terrific way to make a statement on the court and display your player's personal style. Think about what would look best on your player from among the design alternatives each company has to offer. If the look of the shoes is crucial to you, don't be scared to make your decision entirely on that. You can also add special elements to your shoe which gives it a personal touch. These exclusive designs make your player stand out on the court. 

Brand Reputation

Finally, think about each brand's reputation. In the virtual world of NBA 2K23, some companies are more prestigious than others and may have more influence. Think about the brands that fit the character and image of your player. Think considering joining together with a company that has a track record of promoting social causes, for instance, if your player is all about social justice. Brand reputation will also help in gaining and maintaining a fan base, which will in turn lead to more endorsement deals and other brand offers. Hence going with a brand which has a reputation in the market and is liked by fans all around can get you more virtual currency.

Brands Available

There is certainly no doubt that NBA 2K23 has brought all the famous brands to its platform. Popular brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas offer some of the best deals while comparatively less famous brands like New Balance and Converse also offer decent deals. Here is a set of criteria which must be fulfilled for getting a deal with these brands. These criteria vary according to the brand you want to pursue. The following are the requirements of different shoe brands in NBA 2K23.

  • The Nike deal requires - 6 Corporate Levels, 420,000 Fans, and 10 Solo Players

  • Jordan deal requires - 9 Fashion Levels, 415,000 Fans, 9 Flashy Levels

  • Adidas deal requires - 8 Levels of Free Spirit, and 10 Levels of Music, 390,000 Fans,

  • The New Balance deal requires - 365,000 Fans, 9 team-oriented levels, and 7 fundamental levels 

  • Puma deal requires - 7 Levels of Free Spirit, and 6 Levels of Fashion, 355,000 Fans,

  • Converse deal requires - 3.5 million fans, eight levels of the free spirit, and six levels of fashion

  • Under Armour deal requirement - 345,000 Fans, 4 Corporate Levels, and 8 Team-Oriented Levels.

NBA 2K23 Shoe Brand


As you can see, it will be a lot simpler to draw customers to companies like Under Armour, Converse, Puma, and New Balance than to industry behemoths like Adidas, Nike, and Jordan. However, you will attract attention from each company in NBA 2K23 as you strive to develop your brand and devote more of your time to your followers. You have to put on the brand of the shoe you represent, and you can only maintain one current shoe agreement at a time. It should be noted that shoes are more than just a style statement it helps you build your fans, and your overall game and slowly help you in becoming a star. Hence you should be patient in deciding which brand of shoes to go for.

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