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NBA 2K23 MyCareer Skill Points: How to Use them Wisely

It seems like the Leadership Skills system in NBA 2K23 MyCareer Next Gen has a lot of possibilities for those who intend to play the game frequently. In MyCareer mode, players may design and nurture their own individuals with the goal of making them NBA superstars. There are, however, a number of side quests and tasks to do in addition to doing excellently on the basketball court and developing a personal brand. Players will receive Leadership Skills from one of these tasks, which help their team perform better on the court.

What does NBA 2K23 Next Gen mean by leadership skills?

When playing NBA games, an individual's Leadership Skills effectively act as in-game buffs, greatly enhancing both their own and their teammates' stats. When competing against the computer, NBA 2K23's Best Leadership Skills let players practically become unstoppable in each element of the game. Even though they must be excellent at their roles and play styles when it comes to internet gaming. Two Leadership Skills may be equipped at once by a player.

The catch is that when you want to use them, you must meet the in-game requirements. With ones with greater bonuses requiring more difficult objectives. Three different leadership skill sets are available for players to acquire. To purchase and improve Trailblazer Skills or General Skills, players merely need to acquire Skill Points. Selecting Trailblazer and General responses in discussions gives the skill points. You gain skill points in matches when you successfully use your leadership abilities.

Engaging College Flashback games is the sole method to obtain College Skills. Players could choose one among two Leadership Skills to employ during each College Flashback. Choose in utmost care since the skill chosen will be enabled for usage in future games while all others would be lost permanently. Players must employ the College Skill while gaming to properly complete the Flashback, therefore choose a skill with prerequisites that are doable.

NBA 2K23 Leadership

Leadership Skills

Each skill set consists of one Tier 1 skill, fourteen Tier 2, twenty-one Tier 3, and twenty Tier 4 skills. Tier 4 skills are accessible once you have accumulated 40 total skill points. Silver skills at Tier 2 cost six skill points, whereas Level 1 talents cost two skill points.

The basic Leadership Skills in NBA 2K23 demand nine skill points, while the middle-level leadership skills price twenty, and the more complex Leadership Skills take thirty-three. After gaining access to Tier 4, level one abilities demand 36 skill points at the beginning, 76 skill points at level two, 120 skill points at level three, and 170 skill points at level four.

Here is a picking (level one) from The Trailblazer's Tiers 2, 3, and 4 because of the enormous amount of skills. Keep in mind that each tier and level's requirements get progressively harder while also offering bigger rewards.

Step on the Gas (Tier 2)

When you achieve 10 points in a quarter, this becomes active. Playmaking, Mid-Range, Inside, and Three-Point Shooting are all improved for you as a result, and the last three are also somewhat improved for your teammates.

Unstoppable Force (Tier 3)

This kicks in when you score 4 consecutive unassisted field goals. It benefits you with gains to all three shooting levels in addition to minor gains in offensive IQ, perimeter defence, post defence, and attacking and defensive IQ for your teammates.

Make Eye Contact (Tier 4)

This activates when you posterize a sportsperson or create two highlight plays. Your teammates receive significant boosts in power, the vertical, as well as inside shooting while you only receive minor improvements in quickness, playmaking, and attacking IQ.

Old Reliable (Tier 2)

This turns on following two pick-and-pop or pick-and-rolls assists or scores. It benefits your strategic thinking and all 3 stages of shooting by giving you a tiny boost, while benefiting your teammates by giving them a bigger increase in all four.

Below are a few The General level one skills:

Keep It Moving (Tier 3)

After five assists are recorded, this turns on. Your playmaking receives a minor boost, and all three stages of shooting receive a modest boost. Your teammates receive a higher boost for the later three.

You Get One…And You! (Tier 4)

 After helping two distinct teammates, this becomes active. It rewards your fellow players with increases in all three stages of shooting while giving you a slight boost in playmaking and quickness.

The General's engagement and boosts are designed to help your teammates more than yourself, as you can observe from the small sample, whereas The Trailblazer's engagement and boosts are designed to help you first and then your teammates. They're both excellent additions to your game, though.

NBA 2K23 Leadership Skills

Now take notice that you may only equip two leadership skills at once. To guarantee that you always achieve the leadership objectives, you can alternate between them based on the matchups or pick your most trustworthy ones. The higher tier and leveled abilities are usually more difficult, but when you finish them, you receive the most points for your leadership skill. You can simply buy and upgrade General or Trailblazer skills. Instead of investing too much time to collect coins you can buy coins from our website and give yourself a head start and save a lot of time.

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Some other points to keep in mind

Use an optimal build

You'll start by changing your player's looks before we get into determining what the three-point shooting rating will be. The numerous hairstyle possibilities in NBA 2K23 are as varied as the finely detailed facial feature scales. Choosing the position your athlete will play comes after deciding on how they will seem. Your ability to modify your player's weight and height according to each position will have a significant impact on your ratings. It's time to finalize your player's attributes construction now that their physical build is complete. The significance of designing a proper construction cannot be overstated.

  • To evaluate how well your player will perform at their maximum level, you will divide attribute points among various categories.

  • Increases in the attribute will have an impact on all of the categories shown in yellow, thus it's crucial to learn how to manipulate the system to boost multiple important areas.

  • Make use of the variety of firing animations to discover your ideal match. Choose the right one, whether it comes from your favorite player or is chosen at random.

There is a chance to make unique star-player builds, although this is really uncommon. View the potential badges in each important category (Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, Defence) and make a plan for how you'll unlock them over the course of your career. While blacked-out badges won't be able to be unlocked depending on your build, some bronze badges have no requirements. Whatever name you give your player, they will always be called to as MP.

Welcome to the league

The MyCareer hub's world is referred to as "The City." This large metropolis is devoted to numerous more things besides training facilities, news organizations, music studios, corner shops, basketball courts, tattoo parlors, street races, and numerous other things. The City is, in basic terms, how you build your reputation both inside and outside of the court.

There are tube stations all across the city that act as centers for rapid transport. A quick-access option for navigating the station will appear as soon as you sprint inside the tube. You can take part in drills every day at Brickley's Gym and the Gatorade training center to acquire points towards unlocked badges.

Once the initial significant task, "Welcome To The League", is completed, your team will devise a strategy to depose Shep. The NBA, Business, Fashion, and Music districts were created out of the city. For completing specific off-court tasks, you might be rewarded with useful items like badges, virtual currency (VC), or shooting techniques that could be advantageous on the court. To gain over supporters and destroy Shep's reputation, the MP must overcome the district chiefs. After every district has been completed, the MP along with Shep will engage in combat to try to take him out. You have to beat your opponent in order to start down the lengthy path to NBA fame.


A strong squad is when you have upgraded skills, so make sure you have invested enough in your skills. Go for training sessions to raise your playing skills too. Following this you can become unstoppable and beat any of your friends.

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