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NBA 2K23 MyCareer Social Media: How to Use It to Your Advantage

Given how much goes into developing the NBA's future face, it could feel overwhelming if you don't know where to begin. While it may seem alluring to produce a player who is well-rounded, balancing attribute points won't produce an expert who dominates the court and lacks any shortcomings. Everyone wants to grow their player and make him one of the greatest. This requires a lot of hard work and time, slowly developing each attribute of the players and making improvements. One of the key features of the game is MyCareer Social Media. In this article we will discuss how to use Social media in the game effectively and use it to your advantage.

MyCareer - Social Media

MyCareer has a function that lets players monitor social media, including a Twitter-like version. Fans may criticise a player for poor defence, respond to spectacular plays like dunks or long threes, praise a player for how many points they scored, or even support you as MVP, depending on how the player responds to these signals.

The Social media aspect also becomes important in the game due to the hate you get from the public as soon as you get drafted. The story in the MyCareer mode takes a negative turn from the start. Your player will attract negative comments and hate from the fans because they were expecting the college superstar Shep Owens to be drafted instead of you. This poses a responsibility on you to prove everyone wrong by performing better every time you step on the court. The social media element allows you to connect with the public react to their comments and much more, hence in some way giving you an opportunity to make your stance clear. The social media aspect also allows you to interact with other players, build your brand, start campaigns and do much more hence adding an exciting feature to the game.

NBA 2K23 Social Media

How to Use social media to your advantage

The game offers certain opportunities by which you can use the social media feature to your advantage if used correctly. Some of them are given below:-

Create your Brand

To create a brand, you will require a persona which is unique for this you can build a character that stands out by giving him/her a cool nickname, customizing the player's appearance and creating a different personality altogether. You can take the help of social media for this and build your personality on media as well, influencing your fans and building a reputation among them. The more fan following you have the easier it will become to create your own brand. Consider yourself an actual NBA player and consider what makes you special. Do you like to dunk and are a flashy player? Or are you a more cautious player who prioritises defence? Whatever your personal preference, be sure it's reflected in your virtual identity.

Connect with Fans

When you first begin your MyCareer path in NBA 2K23, you will be a complete nothing. As you play more and win more, it will start to change. In NBA 2K23, developing your fan following is a key gameplay element. More endorsements will come your way as you gain more followers. offering you the chance to start your own fashion line in the end. You can use VC earned from having more fans on MyCareer to enhance your player qualities. But in the game, growing and keeping your base of supporters is not something you can do with ease. In addition to trying to win as many games as you can, you should always be entertaining and performing on the court. 

Your performance is the only factor that counts when you're playing, and that's precisely what you have to do to gain more fans. The greater your performance, the larger your audience will become. However, to connect with the fan base and maintain them you will have to interact with them react to their comments and maintain a social media presence. Hence social media will allow you to build your fan base which will in return help you earn more endorsement deals and make more money in the game.

Endorsement Deals

If you choose to play the regular season rather than the online version, endorsements play a significant role in MyCareer. They may pay you a substantial sum of virtual currency (VC) for each game, but it is vital that you choose the appropriate endorsement deals when you are presented with them. Depending on your playstyle, position, and strengths, endorsement opportunities may be available.

Contracts with incentives-based endorsement deals are available from companies. As a single payment for activities and performance-based rewards you can receive from playing games, these brands provide you with a sizeable amount of VC. The initial sum of VC you can get and the number of rewards you can receive can both be negotiated once an organisation approaches you with an endorsement arrangement.

Social media helps you a lot in getting these endorsement deals. Gaining more fans will instantly land you an endorsement opportunity. You just need to play every game as you can in order to gain as many fans as you can. By producing standout plays throughout the game or responding to fan-friendly press conference questions, you can gain admirers. A lower difficulty setting will allow you to produce more highlights per match and gain more followers more quickly.

Upgrade skills and attributes

You need to have good court sense if you want to succeed as a virtual influencer. You have more options to make money and establish your brand as you become more well-known for your gaming prowess. By accomplishing tasks and winning matches, gaining virtual currency, and using it to buy upgrades, you can improve your talents and qualities. This in turn will popularise you and increase your media presence. You will gain more followers and this will attract more deals. Hence by just being a good player and using social media you can gain more virtual currency and develop your character faster hence making faster progress in the game.

The another best way to upgrade your skills and attributes is by making in-game purchase to boost the attributes. For the same, you will be required to spend MT Coins, the in-game currency of the game. If you are falling short of these, the best way to get them is for real money.

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Tips and Tricks to use social media to your advantage

  1. Try to stay consistent on social media by regularly updating content and interacting with fans. Some players forget to use this feature hence losing out on a lot of benefits. 

  2. While social media can be used to make rivals and self-promotion try to keep it professional and keep your cool.

  3. You can also try to interact with other players, especially the famous ones and seek collaboration, this can increase your social media reach and hence help you get more deals and make more money.  


NBA 2K23 is a complex game in itself and consists of various features, but if want to develop your player wholistically you cannot forget the social media aspect of the game. Most gamers forget to pay attention to this feature and lose big on benefits. Social Media can help you gain a lot in terms of virtual currency and other perks. Social media also develops your fan base and helps you attract big endorsement deals and can make you famous in the 2K world. Hence paying attention to your social media profile and regularly engaging with the media can be used to your advantage and can help you in the long run.

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