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NBA 2K23 MyCareer Trades: How to Request a Trade

NBA 2K23’s different game modes are amazing. One such mode is the MyCareer mode. As the name suggests, it’s all about making your own custom player who can take on the legends of the game and in the process play with some of the legends as well. You would be in full control of your player and guide them through the NBA Career which they began.

As soon as you create a custom player in the NBA 2K23 game, that player will be drafted into a random team, not of your choice. Gradually you might feel the need to move to a different team which sits well with your aim and interests. Requesting a trade in MyCareer takes a few steps, but by following them, you can get your player moved to a new team and continue progressing their career. 

Request a Trade

Only a player with good trade value would be considered for trading. But, anyone can request for a trade. As a player your stats reflect how good you are in the game and any team would only want to add good players to their team. Hence, a good trade value is required. 

Once you've confirmed your player has solid trade value and interest from other teams, you can formally request a trade. If you want to request a trade, one way would be to select the MyCareer mode from the main game menu. Here, you will find an option “Request a Trade”. Just select this option and the process starts. This process takes some time, and to make it look more realistic the game will ask you to wait for some days to hear back from a potential team looking to trade you. But in reality, it is just a few minutes. The waiting time may vary. But when it is all done, you will be traded to a new team. 

But it is not mandatory that a team will trade you. There might be a case when no team is interested in you and you won’t be traded. So, it becomes extremely crucial to work upon your stats, so that some teams might show interest in your skills and trade you. It is also worth mentioning that you can work upon your skills, in order to be a part of a specific team. All you gotta do is perform well during the seasonal games.

NBA 2K23 MyCareer Trades - Request a Trade

Don’t Stop Playing and Practicing

While waiting to hear back about a potential trade, you should continue playing games and practicing with your current team. Don't slack off or your stats and rating may decrease, reducing your trade value. Keep working to improve so you have the most leverage and options possible for a trade. Also, avoid doing anything to hurt your team chemistry like arguing with teammates or coaches. Damage there could also hurt your trade value and cause the GM to rescind the trade request. Stay professional and keep doing your job.

But to improve your stats, you would need to use better sports gears. The trading window is quite short and in that time you have to show them why you are the best, so it is not exactly the time for you to grind, it’s time to work efficiently and effectively. We advise you to buy NBA 2K23 MT Coins from our website and make a powerful impact so that the teams would notice you.

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Considerations While Trading

You should know that there are multiple ways to trade yourself to a new team. One way has been discussed above, where you perform better to increase your chances to be selected by any other team. But, with the second way, all you need to do is perform badly. Yes, just do the opposite of what you were doing, so that your own team will try to find some other team for you to trade. Playing bad intentionally doesn’t seem all that flashy, but you get to request a trade. Also, in this way you might not get the team that you would have hoped for.

Another thing that players who are looking to request a trade need to keep in mind is that there might be someone else in the team that you are interested in, playing at the same position. His stats might be better or worse than yours. So, it is advisable that players should not choose a position whose player is performing too good for the team. It will reduce your chances of trade. The team would only want to trade players if they need someone at a vacant position, or someone with better stats. Your chances of being traded increases if the players at a particular position perform average or bad.

NBA 2K23 MyCareer Trades

Improving the Stats

  • Begin with practicing daily. An obvious answer, right? But it’s effective. When you practice daily with or without your team, it helps in increasing your overall stats in NBA 2K23 game. Practicing won’t do you any harm. Instead it will allow you to understand your playstyle and learn more about your weaknesses. 

  • Know the strengths of your player. In the NBA 2K23 game, knowing the skills and strengths of your player while trading is important. When you have that knowledge you can make sure that the player uses it to their advantage during the games. Focus on improving those skills that complement your player's strengths.

  • Focus on skills that match your player's strengths. If your player is a point guard, prioritize passing, ball handling, and three-point shots. If they're a center, work on rebounding, blocking, and post moves. Develop the skills that'll make your player most effective.

  • Play a lot of games to gain experience. The only way to really improve your stats is to get more game time. Play in regularly scheduled games as well as team practices and drills. More minutes on the court mean more opportunities to boost your stats.

  • Take smart shots. Only take the shots you know you can make reliably. Don't force bad shots just because the clock is ticking. Make higher-percentage shots to increase your field goal and shot percentage averages.

  • Rebound and defend aggressively. Even if you're not primarily a rebounder or defender, crashing the boards hard and pressing defenders can lead to easy baskets, offensive rebounds, steals or blocks. Every stat helps.

  • Do well in practice drills. The practice facility has drills and challenges designed to help improve all your skills. Do them after every practice or game to gain extra boosts and progression.

  • Equip skill boosting gear. As you level up your player, you'll unlock new outfits, shoes, accessories and equipment that provide temporary boosts to stats like three-pointers, ball handling, dunks, etc. Use them to your advantage during key moments.


So, that was all about “NBA 2K23 MyCareer Trades: How to Request a Trade”. We have discussed how players can use the MyCareer option from the main menu to request a trade. We have also discussed the factors that might affect the trade results, and how you can work upon your player to get into a specific team. That will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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