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NBA 2K23 MyTeam Token Rewards: How to Get and Use them

NBA 2K23 offers a variety of game modes where MyTeam mode is widely played and enjoyed by the players giving access to various challenges, rewards, and missions that you can complete and play to win amazing rewards and badges. In MyTeam, you can make a team of your favorite NBA players and compete against a team of other players either online or offline. You can acquire player cards from different teams each having unique traits, ratings, and attributes that suit your playstyle.

There are two types of tokens in NBA 2K23: regular and premium. MyTeam tokens are the regular ones that can be obtained by playing various game modes like Domination and Triple Threat. MyTeam tokens give access to a variety of rewards and purchases. On the other hand, premium tokens can be gained through playing more harder challenges and also you can buy them from the MyTeam store.

Understanding tokens, whether how to get or use them, could be hard for a beginner. So, here's a detailed guide to help you earn MyTeam tokens and use them to access various game stuff for your gameplay.

How to Get MyTeam Tokens?

There are multiple ways you can use to get MyTeam tokens in NBA 2K23 like Completing challenges, playing different modes, and accessing daily login rewards to get some of them each day. Below are the ways you can earn Myteam tokens in NBA 22K23.

NBA 2K23 MyTeam Tokens

MyTeam Unlimited Mode

This game mode is one of the best game modes in MyTeam to get your hands on because it rewards you with multiple and a good number of MyTeam tokens. The logic is simple here, the more you win and excel in this particular mode, the more you'll be rewarded with tokens. You can get around 1300 to 1400 tokens y playing MyTeam Unlimited mode.

Domination Mode

Domination mode is another challenging game mode in the MyTeam section where you have to pass through a level of challenges competing against other teams and players by earning badges and improving your overall stats and abilities. From creating your own unique character to dealing with endorsements, Domination mode has it all. Domination mode also offers you some other rewards as well where you can get some additional rewards if you complete the divisions of Domination mode.

Auction House

Auction House is a place to sell and purchase player cards using tokens. You can sell your player cards here in the auction house to get tokens. Before entering the Auction House, you'll need to unlock it. To unlock the auction house, you first need to access the "Seasons Agenda" menu where you have to collect 30 cards. There are multiple ways you can collect cards for unlocking the auction house. You can open different packs, complete challenges, and refer to some locker codes to unlock the auction house by collecting 30 cards.

Triple Threat Mode

This is another highly rewarding and challenging game mode in the MyTeam section that not just rewards you with MyTeam tokens but also gives you other amazing rewards like packs and points. It's a 3-on-3 game mode where you have to compete against either AI or other players' teams of having 3 players. There are also Tiers in Triple Threat Mode and you can earn tokens and rewards by continuously gearing up yourself and beating other players and teams.

NBA 2K23 Triple Threat Mode

Levelling Up 

One of the best and rarely talked methods about for collecting MyTeam tokens is leveling up yourself. You get a pretty good amount of MyTeam tokens if you level up your cards. So, keep upgrading, elevating, and leveling up yourself for a better gameplay experience, exciting rewards, and of course getting tokens. In every season, the rewards and challenges keep updating and so do the number of tokens.

Completing the Challenges

In NBA 2K23, another interesting way to collect or get tokens is by completing the challenges that are given to you. By completing the challenges, you can get MyTeam tokens, play cards, and other exciting rewards. Challenges get updated often and each challenge has a different requirement demanding some skills, traits, scoring points, or using certain players or the lineup during the matches and maintaining a good streak. As every challenge has different requirements, it is very important to go through the list or read about a challenge before you indulge yourself in it. Challenges get updated on a daily, weekly, and frequent basis.

Some of the types of challenges are listed down below:

  • Skill Challenges

  • Pick-up Challenges

  • Spotlight Challenges

  • Signature Challenges

Different challenges have different sets of requirements and difficulty levels. So, keep in check about the challenges on a daily basis to know more about tokens and collect them as rewards along with some other exciting prizes. As you'll keep going on completing challenges, you can see a "Green Tick" mark means that a particular challenge is completed.

Clutch Time Online

Clutch Time Online is another interesting game mode in NBA 2K23 that offers you MyTeam tokens after playing and competing using your skills, abilities, and attributes. The amount of tokens that you'll receive will depend on how you perform in the tournament and proceed through the game.

Locker Codes

Locker codes are the codes that you can use to get exciting rewards including MyTeam tokens. Locker codes are released by the NBA 2K globally on special game events on their official social media handle. To use these codes before they expire, you need to be constantly in touch with NBA's social media account so that if they announce or give locker codes you can use and access them to get MyTeam tokens and other exciting rewards and prizes.

There are multiple ways you can get MyTeam tokens in NBA 2K23 and some of them are listed above to help you quickly find them and understand how to get them. Though there are some other ways and game modes as well that you can play offline to receive tokens as rewards like "Clutch Time Offline". In Clutch Time Offline, you play the mode without Internet connectivity and earn tokens.

Uses of MyTeam Tokens

MyTeam Tokens can be used in multiple ways in NBA 2K23 depending on your requirements and needs. Whether it is an auction house or getting Hall of Fame Badges, MyTeam tokens play an important role because they are the in-game currency that can be used for various purposes. As MyTeam Tokens can be used in a variety of ways, below are some of the best uses of MyTeam tokens to help you with your gameplay and proceed with the game further.

  • You can spend your tokens on buying Hall Of Fame Badges. Each badge costs around 150 tokens and it can be a great investment of your tokens which will help you further in your game dealing with other players, modes, and challenges. You can make a ton of MT with the Hall of Fame badges. Just buy the Hall of Fame badges and open up to create a vast MT collection.

  • You can also buy some other packs as well using your tokens that include many player cards as well that will enhance your team and your performances in different modes and matches.

  • In the Moments section, you can also buy some of your favorite player cards using MyTeam tokens that will add up to your team making your performance better and strong during the matches. Some of the player cards from the moments section are Cameron Thomas, Ivika Zubac, Lauri Markkanen, and Malik Monk which are available in season 6 of NBA 2K23.

  • In the Alternate Reality section, you can purchase by spending 1000 MyTeam Tokens for one unactionable alternate reality. There are a few cards that are available in Alternate Reality cards that you can use for your team and gameplay.

  • You can also buy Bracket Busters using your tokens.

  • You can also buy opals using your MyTeam tokens in NBA 2K23 which could be a good choice. Opals are usually the player cards with high ratings and high attributes and adding them to your team could enhance the abilities of your team. You can buy opals from the MyTeam Pack market easily using tokens.

  • You can also use your tokens to upgrade your player cards which will elevate your overall performance in all the matches and modes giving good competition to the other players.

  • You can also purchase some of the other items like shoes and contracts using MyTeam tokens.

NBA 2K23

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In any game, the in-game currency plays a vital role in providing access to multiple stuff and other arenas of that game. Similarly, here, In NBA 2K23, we have MyTeam tokens that can be used for accessing various features of the game whether it is upgrading your card or buying a new player, or bidding in the auction house.

There are multiple ways you can earn MyTeam tokens that not just reward you with tokens but also with some other useful prizes and rewards. Earning tokens in MyTeam could be a hard and time taking process because some of the challenges and missions only offer a few numbers of tokens so it is very necessary for you to have patience with earning and using your tokens.

However, there are multiple things in NBA 2K23 that demand the use of tokens but it is highly advised you to spend or invest your tokens wisely in the game because some purchases are totally unworthy. Well, with the above-mentioned guide, you can start earning and using your tokens with ease which will help you in your gameplay. Happy Gaming!

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