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Quick Leveling Guide for Final Fantasy XI - From 1 to 99 Level

Final Fantasy XI has seen some ups and downs, not because it isn’t as exciting anymore, rather it has been around for quite a long time. Still, the developers keep adding some things to the game, while the FFXI lovers are usually sticking around with the game to relive the classic experience again. 

Whenever the old players get back to the game, the first issue that comes up is leveling and it becomes hard to reach the endgame and truly enjoy combat without having to quickly level up. 

Therefore, we have here a Quick Leveling Guide for Final Fantasy that takes you from level 1 to level 99 in the fastest possible way. So, without any further ado, let’s hop into the details.

Tips Before Starting

Whenever home points or survival guides come across in your path, grab them 

Signet is essential from the start because it allows you to build up campaign points that you want to use for your Warp Ring and Emperors Band

Use sparks to purchase weapons, till you reach around level 50. Sparks come way faster compared to others and that’s why you have to do all your purchases with Sparks, still not for all your levels.

Utilize the extra spark on the Acheron Shields for a lot of free Gils in the game.

Do sale and purchase with your current Armor to get another Armor, but only to a certain level to around 50. It should be done unless you can use the main character to send some.

If this is a Mule, then use the main character to send Echad Rings and Gils to this Mule


While doing the limit break quest, when you cap out the current level to around level 50 and can do the first limit break quest, do the quest. Turn in the gained items from the quest and you will have the cap increased to level 55. Immediately, you can complete the Records of Eminence quest to go over the level 50 you currently have and increase to level 51. 

In simple words, cap out your current level, then complete the limit break quest and do the Records of Eminence quest to level up, while activating the next quest as well. You can then do the same for the next quest and level up fast. By doing this, you also don’t have to go to the town again and again.

You also need to look out for the Limited Time Trusts. Some Trusts are only available during certain campaigns like;

Kupofriend: it is a geomancer-type trust that gives you an EXP bonus for having a geomancer in your party. You will get free capacity points and EXP points from this.

Qultada: it is a corsair NPC that will give you a corsair scroll if you have an EXP status effect on you.

Shantotto 2: one of the best Trust campaigns that will double magic bursts with two quick level 1 spell. It also speeds up the leveling quite a bit.

Recommended Leveling Locations

Locations are one of the essential aspects to consider in the game if you want to go for quick leveling in Final Fantasy XI. The recommended leveling location is;

Starting Nation Zones for Level One to Level Ten

Crag Zone at the time of getting ROV Quest Items for Level Eleven to Twenty

Qufim Island for Level Twenty-One to Thirty

Garlaige Citadel before the first Banishing Gate for Level Thirty-One to Forty

Garlaige Citadel after the first Banishing Gate for Level Forty-One to Fifty

Escha Zitah Weapons and Dhalmels for Level Fifty-One to Sixty

Escha Zitah Birds, Skeletons, and Corses for Level Sixty One to Seventy

Escha Zitah Flowers, Goobbues, and Bees for Level Seventy One to somewhat Mid-Level Eighty’s

Balanced Mandragors Ceizar Battlegrounds for Mid-Level Eighty’s to Ninety Nine

Quick Leveling Guide- Step by Step

The first thing you need to do is go to your Records of Eminence NPC in the starting location of the game. There are three main, which we mentioned below. Keep in mind that at each specific level, the location will change, which we will also mention along with the location.

First Stage

Your job is to first set the Records of Eminence Objective and do that objective. You will talk to the person, complete the little quest, and then you will be on your way. Once you have a bigger list of Records of Eminence, you will have to set the ones that sound reasonable. 

There are some objectives that you won’t be able to do right now, while some are not so much reason for you to have them take space in your list. So, fill up the list with the most reasonable objectives you will find. 

Some of the objectives are global that are also referred to as combat objectives. These include objectives like, killing a specific enemy, doing certain damage, doing a certain amount of kills, and so on. So, pick the one that you can realistically do.

The best way to go is picking the Crystal Ones that will give you a thousand EXP if you collect a certain amount of crystals or a certain type of them. 

Second Stage

Once you hit level 5, which we mentioned below along with location, you will have to go talk to your Trust NPC, depending on the location you are in. Clarion Star, Gondabaud, and Watata have these Trust Quest starting points you can initially start up. NPCs for Trust Quest are available in the capital area of town mostly, in case you can’t find them. At the time you complete the first Trust and get the key item for that quest, you will find a new quest by name of trust in your Records of Eminence. After you complete the Trust Quest, you will get the Trust Cypher. You can trade that Cypher to Starting NPCs in the location. You will get another Trust Quest for that and you will complete it to earn another Cypher.

Do this same process till you have around Six Different Trusts/Cypher. At that time you would have around 10 Records of Eminence Quests completed. 

Third Stage

In the third stage, you will have to move on to the Unity Quests. These are special NPCs that are quite related to the Records of Eminence.

Moreover, they are also referred to as the Subsets of Records of Eminence in Final Fantasy XI. You will find them in the Igsli, Urbiolaine, and Teldro Kesdrodo locations. At around 5k unity accolades, you will have access to them and for that reason, you should do the Records of Eminence Quests present in the category of Unity Quests.

After you choose Unity Leader, you will have access to Unity Warping. You can utilize the Accolades, you have gained to simply travel or warp in the Final Fantasy XI universe. In this way, you can save a lot of time in comparison to walking around the universe. In case you don’t have Home Points or Survival Guides, you can use the Unity Warps to pretty much get close to the location you want to go.

You will be around level 7 or 8 at this point.

Fourth Stage

After the third stage, you will have to go towards the Gustaberg North/South, Ronfaure East/West, and Saruta East/West. These are the locations you can choose from. Simply move around and do some EXP-gaining tasks to level up till you reach levels 10 to 11

Fifth Stage

The Fourth Stage deals with the Craig Zones where you can travel to the Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau, or Tahrongi Canyon. At the Highlands, you need to go to Crag of Dam and you can indicate it as a strange-looking big white building. 

There are Huge Wasps that you need to kill and obtain three bee pollen because they will help you in the quest that comes next. Furthermore, it will also skip the whole process of unlocking sub-jobs. 

For La Theine Plateau, you also have to consider the three bee pollen but in this location, the bees are not right around the Crag of Holla area. Mostly, you will find the Bees in Chasms 

For Tahrongi Canyon, there are three Mandy Dews you need around the area of Dew Drops further and you have to do the same steps as before. You can get them from the Mandragora because there is plenty around there. Further, you can also go to the Crag of Mea. 

Did this guide help you in any way? You can also make things easier for yourself and quickly get over the levels, by purchasing FFXI Gils at the best rate from MMOPIXEL

Sixth Stage

Simply head over to the Selbina or Mhaura area depending on the location you are in. It will start the next phase of the mission you will probably head into. At that point, you will be around 18 to 20 levels. 

Trade the Fifth Stage items you got to the NPC Mia tells you about. In return, you will get a letter from Gilgamesh which can be used to automatically finish the sub job in the same zone or town. 

There is also an NPC next to a little boat that gives you a free trip to Norg. It gives you access to further missions later on in the game. At this point, it is also a good idea to simply Unity Warp your way from Norg to the Home Nation and from there Warp your way through NPC to Juno. At that time you will be around level 20.

Final Stage

Reaching Juno

There is a small house in lower Juno and across the Auction Houses, there you will find the NPC that unlocks your Adeline Expansion Access Quest. Alongside the NPC, you can purchase a Map from another NPC that is related to the Jun Area. 

Go to the upper Juno where you will find the Chocobo Ranch Area. There, talk to Brutus a couple of times and he will give you a quest. If you accept the quest, you will have to trade something to the Chocobo nearby.

Waiting a minute in between, you will have to trade the Chocobo six times and sometimes the Chocobo won’t even accept Cosmic Grass. You can get the Cosmic Grass from Crane Flies or you can purchase them from the Auction House.        The Chocobo License is unlocked by doing the Chocobo Quest. 

Get yourself the Raptor by doing the mini-game from the Mapitoto Quest. Now that you have your Mount, simply travel to Qufim Island and kill whatever you find at that location that is around your level or a little bit higher. At this point, you will be around level 30 to 35.

Ledge Citadel

This area is around the South or West End of the Saurabh Campaign. Get yourself the survival guide once you are inside and grounds of valor on page one or page three. You can indicate it by board beetles and siege bats.

Then, simply kill the siege bats and board beetles, while making sure you don’t fall in the holes. You should keep farming here, till you are around level 40 to 50.

Being the Rank three in your nation will allow you to obtain the Key item that gives you exceptional EXP Bonuses to level up faster. These are available through the Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Missions as well. 

At Level 50, you also get to choose between the sub-job and the main job. If you are going for the sub-job, make sure to level up the main job to again level 50, which will complete your sub-job as well. You are strong enough to do the next Rhapsodies of Vanadiel Mission and kill the boss.

Limit Break Quest

Remember when you talked about the Limit Break Quest. Well, here it comes into consideration as you are capped out at 50.999 and can’t move forward. In the Relude Garden, meet Matt and he will give you a quest to collect items from various zones. Do this to enhance the cap to level 55 and then a quest will be unlocked that gets you to around level 60 cap. 

Activate the quest to again get items for another NPC named Zarkobart. In this way, you can effortlessly get to the level 60 cap. 

Mission Three/Rank Four

If you are precisely following the steps, you will be around Mission Three in the Nation Quest. Doing the Three One and Three Three quests will allow you to travel the world. You will unlock Mission Four or Rank Four, which is a single Mission. You will be doing some leg work here in this mission.

Rank 4 Quests and the next Limit Break Quest also cross their paths because of having the same zones and same requirements. In this way, you can unlock the next cap to around level 75. 

Job Testimony Options

Once you are at Level 70 or 75, you will have to grab the Testimony for your Particular Job. You can relate it to the Stage Area/Zone and Job Testimony below to understand what job is available for a particular testimony according to the zone.

At levels 70 to 75, there is no Limit Break Quest and you have to proceed to level 75 to move forward with levels in Final Fantasy XI.

Rank Five

Once you are done with all of this, you will have to go back to the Relude Garden and complete the Nation Mission to reach Rank 5. Do the same steps like doing limit break quests with Matt, doing Records of Eminence, and pushing yourself to level up.

Important Steps after Rank Five

Do the Rank 5 Mission

Back to NORG and go for the final ROV Mission Steps

Level up your character by killing or helping the ROV fight

You will reach level 70 and then go for the LB quest for further levels

At 75 level, you can talk to the Moogle for Merit Point System

Get yourself around 500 Seals, 1.6k Kindred Crests, 22 Merits, 4 Fossilized Fangs/Bones, and Five Seasoning Stones.

Merit Point System

Now, you will be around level 75 and at that point, you will have to talk to the Nomad Moogle beside Matt that unlocked the Merit Point System. It allows you to move beyond the level 75 strength. You will need to accumulate the skills to gain Merit Points. 

Level 80 to 99

When you have all the things mentioned in the Final Steps the last point, you can talk to the Nomad Moogle and unlock the 80 caps. Do the quest for the 85 caps and you can reach level 85 after farming around a bit. 

Go back to Matt at level 85 cap and you can do the near same quests for level 90 cap. Once you reach level 86 yourself by moving around the game and farming your way, you can effortlessly do the next unlocked level cap quest to gain the level 95 cap. It is nearly about the same as other quests, where you require items. Here, you will need to win the mini-game for Matt and get to level 95.

Remember we mentioned the Seasoning Stones/fossilized fangs/bones, you will need them to unlock the level 99 cap. At level 91 yourself, you will be able to unlock the fight and trade the items to Nomad Moogle. The key from Moogle will allow you to access the last fight yourself.

And voila, you are at Level 99 cap and you can do some farming around the map to reach this level yourself.

Stage Area/Zone and Job Testimony

This is a detailed image of Vanadiel Map Final Fantasy XI

Bastok Area

At the first Stage - Isakoth Bastok Markets at E-11

Second Stage - Clarion Star Port Bastok E-11

Third Stage - Igsli Bastok Markets E-11

Fourth Stage - North/South Gustaberg 

Fifth Stage - Konschtat Highlands - 3 bee pollen from Crag of Dem

Sixth Stage - Selbina

Job Testimony - Beadeaux - DRK, WHM, RDM, PLD, WAR, BLM, THF

San d’Oria Area

At the first Stage - Rolandienne Southern San d’Oria at G-11

Second Stage - Gondebaud Southern San d'Oria L-6

Third Stage - Urbiolaine Southern San d’Oria G-10

Fourth Stage - East/West Ronfaure

Fifth Stage - La Theine Plateau - 3 bee pollen from chasms or around

Sixth Stage - Selbina

Job Testimony - Davoi - RNG, WAR, MNK, PLD, DRG

Windurst Area

At the first Stage - Fhelm Jobeizat Windurst Woods at J-10

Second Stage - Wetata Windurst Woods G-10

Third Stage - Teldro -Kesdrodo Windurst Woods J-10

Fourth Stage - East/West Saruta 

Fifth Stage - Tahrongi Canyon - 3 mandy dew around Crag of Mea

Sixth Stage - Mhaura

Job Testimony - Castle Oztroja - BRD, MNK, SAM, BLM, NIN

Final Verdict

Leveling isn’t that hard in Final Fantasy XI, considering you already know your way and how to unlock the level cap. The only issue with the leveling is that you need to move around a lot and travel to a different location, doing the same stuff. Basically, we can utilize this same thing in the game to Quick Level as well, given we already know the steps. For this reason, we compiled this detailed Guide on Quick Leveling in Final Fantasy XI from level 1 to level 99.

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