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Sea of Indolence Lost Ark – Abyss Dungeon Guide

Sea of Indolence Abyss Dungeon Guide by MMOPIXEL

Sea of Indolence is yet another Abyssal Dungeon introduced to the game. Since you’re reading this guide, you’ve probably completed plenty of different dungeons before. However, Sea of Indolence doesn’t compare to the others you've seen until now. First of all, it requires at least eight party members instead of the regular four. Secondly, it brings an alternate moveset that players have to adapt in order to complete it. 

And lastly, it introduces two bosses to beat and plenty of mechanics to remember. Going there unprepared and without any clue what’s going on there can be a bit troublesome. It’s one of the most challenging dungeons in the entire game. We’re sharing a complete Lost Ark: Sea of Indolence Abyss Dungeon guide that explains all mechanics and bosses exclusive to this area.

Table of Contents

Sea of Indolence Abyss Dungeon Preparations

Part One: Shankrima Strategy Path and First Boss

Part Two: More Monsters and Second Boss


Sea of Indolence Abyss Dungeon Preparations

Sea of Indolence is the third Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon. Since it’s a late-game area, there are plenty of requirements to fulfill before entering this area.

  • You and your party members must have at least 960 Item Level.

  • It’s the first dungeon that requires eight people.

  • Take a Paladin, Gunlancer, or Soulfist with you. Paladin will clear the damage stack effects by using the Holy Protection purify tripod. Soulsfists and Gunlancers share a similar ability with the right selection of skills and tripods. 

  • Bring some Elemental HP Potions as they can be used seven times instead of five. They also respawn a few seconds after you consume them.

  • Dark Grenades lower the last boss’s defense by 20% for ten seconds. Use them multiple times to make this fight a bit shorter.

  • Use Grudge and Spirit Absorption engravings.

Part One: Shankrima Strategy Path and First Boss

First Abyssal Dungeon area is a mob-clearing section

The first section of Sea of Indolence Abyssal Dungeon is another mob-clearing area. However, it features a new system where players fight underwater in a specially-built suit. As you delve deeper, the mob swarm will increase, but it’s nothing you should be afraid of. It’s somewhat repetitive and overly long. It’s the best opportunity to learn new skills coming from these special suits. You’ll spend some time here before moving to the next area.

First Boss - Deep Sea Orboros

Deep Sea Orboros is the first boss you'll encounter

Orboros is the gatekeeper protecting the sacred place and the next part of the dungeon. Your gear or profession won’t matter much here since you’ll be limited to the weapon tied to your scuba gear. It doesn’t matter much, though, since the fight is incredibly basic. Orboros looks like a three-headed dragon or hydra with plenty of attacks that aren’t hard to dodge. 

You will recognize its attacks by the red color on the ground. It will show how much area the attack will cover when launched. Simply move out of the way, and you’ll be fine. Watch for his tail swipes, as they can deal solid damage. He also has one mechanic you should be aware of and utilize against him.

Mini-Boss: Shark Creature

Kill the mini-boss for massive damage buff

In the middle of the fight, Orboros will spawn a shark summon. He doesn’t have any special attacks; he’s just a large mob with a lot of hp. Once he spawns, everyone should immediately switch to killing him instead. He’s not buffing Orboros in any way, and taking him out first is highly beneficial for your team. Upon killing him, your team will receive a massive damage buff that will quickly eliminate Orboros’ remaining health bars.          

Deep Sea Orboros Abilities

Orboros is the first main boss in this dungeon, but you can quickly die if you underestimate him. He has a variety of his own attacks and AoE spells. Here’s a table showing them all.

Attack Name


Lightning Orbs

Blue Lightning Orbs are summoned around the arena from time to time and are present throughout the three Dungeons of the Gate of Paradise. They explode and leave a damaging field behind if they aren't destroyed beforehand.

Water Blast

Orboros' three heads spray a cone of high-pressure water in three directions. These waves deal on-hit damage and push players back a decent amount.

Poison Field Summons

The Boss summons a myriad of small circular red telegraphs that fill almost immediately. When filled, they explode with purple poison, dealing damage. This attack can last a while, and because they're staggered to explode at different increments, it takes players by surprise the most.

Poisonous Auras

Orboros summons a Poisonous Aura that deals constant damage to any players standing in it. It lasts long enough to tear through the health of anyone ignoring it.

Part Two: More Monsters and Second Boss

Clear the newly opened area to get access to the second boss

After defeating Orboros, you and your team will be blown away from your wetsuits. Now you can play the rest of the Sea of Indolence using your regular moveset. This introduces an Oxygen Mechanic, showing the amount of oxygen in the form of a Breath Circle. Always keep an eye on the oxygen meter and its refill spots on the mini-map. 

Otherwise, you’ll start losing hp if you won’t refill the oxygen. Once again, you’ll have to fight your way through the mob-clearing area. It takes a while, but this time it takes place in one small area, and enemies will come in waves. After dealing with them, it’s time to deal with the second boss. 

Second Boss: Indolence Guardian Akam

Don't stand in the red area to avoid being hit by Akam

Akam is the final boss of this area, the immensely tall monster that you may know from Feiton questline. However, this time, you’re going to fight his underwater sibling. The fight consists of two phases. Fighting vs. Akam is quite different because his legs will break down after losing a hefty amount of hp. 

Pay attention to his Wipe mechanic in the form of Deadly Shockwave. There are also yellow telegraph attacks that deal high damage and quickly deplete your oxygen meter. You’ll generally be safe as long as you stay out of red and yellow circles. All of his regular abilities are explained further down, but it’s worth describing in detail some crucial mechanics he possesses.

Unique Mechanic: Deadly Shockwave

Stand in the golden circle to avoid one-hit kill

A few times throughout the fight, Akam slams both hands down, creating a wide, red area with a small safe zone appearing on a random party member. The entire party needs to run to the golden circle quickly. This attack can even one-shot everyone outside the safe spot and apply Akam’s Petrify, making it the most irritating mechanic. He can also perform it in his second phase, where he’s missing his legs.

Unique Mechanic: Yellow Telegraphs

These yellow areas will deplete your oxygen meter

Attacks with a yellow telegraph, apart from dealing damage, will also deplete your oxygen. It’s not very deadly, but if you find yourself out of oxygen mid-fight, you must search for oxygen bubbles instead of fighting. 

Unique Mechanic: Petrification

After being stunned, ask your teammate for help

Any attack from Akam will place a stack on you. Upon reaching four stacks, it will apply a stun on you. The only way to break out of it is to ask your party member for help. The purple bar on top of your character will show you how many times you need to get hit to free yourself from being stunned.

Tip: Use Panaceas to prevent stun upon reaching three stacks.      

Indolence Sentinel Akam Abilities

Akam has eight different types of regular attacks. Learning them “the hard way” is not very convenient, so better take a look at all of his abilities described below. 

Attack Name



The boss stomps slightly in front of itself before sweeping its leg straight into a back kick. After a short interval, the water trail left behind by this kick then explodes, knocking players up and applying more of the Petrify Debuff.


The Guardian makes a large stomping attack in front of itself and then creates a red telegraph indicating its range. Go under his legs as it’s the only safe zone.

Full-Circle Stomp

Akam stomps four times in a circular fashion, creating large AoEs around each Stomp that deal damage and apply Petrify stacks.

Petrification Beam

While standing straight up, Akam creates a blue circle on the ground, instantly applying Petrification debuff to anyone inside it. He then moves the spotlight in a horizontal path, catching anyone who went to free his allies.

Charging Petrification Beam

Second Phase: Akam will dash backward and charge forward using its Petrifcation Beam in a wide cone in front of it. Any player who’s not at Akam's side will be Petrified during this charge.

Multi-Hand Slam

Second Phase: Akam circularly slams his hands around four times. These rotations create shockwave circles with a safe zone protecting anyone from being hit.

O2 Draining Orbs

Second Phase: The Boss summons a variety of Red Orbs around the arena. These Red Orbs put a yellow conical telegraph in front of them that sends out a shockwave, dealing moderate damage and draining the O2 meter substantially for anyone hit.

Underwater Lightning

Second Phase: Akam summons blue lightning at random locations around the arena. These lightning bolts create a small circular environmental hazard before they strike, leaving a brief hazard after as well.


Sea of Indolence is one of few Abyssal Dungeons available in the game. After beating Akam, you’ll be able to enter Tranquil Karkosa and Alaric’s Sanctuary. We hope with our Abyssal Dungeon guide, you and your teammates can complete it without breaking a sweat. In the meantime, check other Lost Ark guides available at MMOPIXEL!

For more helpful information about Lost Ark, please bookmark Mmopixel's news page.

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