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Shadow Island – Lost Ark Walkthrough Guide

Shadow Island is a great place if you're looking for T1 materials. Lost Ark Shadow Island quests are nothing extraordinary, and all you have to do is kill monsters towards completion. This guide will cover everything regarding Shadow Island, including its location, rewards, and how to get Island Token. We will thoroughly explain all the quests here so you can complete them as fast as possible. 

Shadow Island Location

Shadow Island is marked by the red square

Shadow Island is one of many small islands located in the North Vern Sea, right next to Shangra Island. The island is pretty easy to find, but if you're having trouble, you can always resort to the map screenshot above. Within the island, you’ll find a tower filled with monsters on each of its 50 floors.  

Shadow Island Token

Complete all quests to acquire Shadow Island Token

Island Token is a special reward tied to a specific island that can be redeemed for special rewards. For example, a Turtle Island token can be redeemed for the Golden Moss Turtle mount. Of course, acquiring such a token is not an easy task, and you have to complete some prerequisites before it’s available to you.

You need to finish the Shadow Mark quest for Shadow Island Token, which is the last quest on the island. After completing it, you’ll unlock a new chain of quests so you can meet mercenary Captain Zardin after finishing them. Then, you’ll have to climb on the 24th floor of the Shadespire tower, collect the loot, return to him and claim your Island Token.

Island Token Rewards

As you collect Island Tokens, you can acquire plenty of rewards by redeeming them. Here’s a list of all available rewards. 

  • Greater Stat Increase Potion – 5 Island Tokens

  • Emote: Threaten – 10 Island Tokens

  • Uncommon Wooden Compass – 15 Island Tokens

  • Greater Skill Point Potion – 20 Island Tokens

  • Mount: Golden Moss Turtle – 25 Island Tokens

  • Masterpiece #3 – 30 Island Tokens

  • Emote: Wave Dance – 35 Island Tokens

  • Luminous Aquamarine – 40 Island Tokens

  • Gienah’s Protection – 45 Island Tokens

  • Protections Skill Rune – 50 Island Tokens

  • Masterpiece #22 – 55 Island Tokens

  • Secret Map (Adventure: Giant Shell) – 60 Island Tokens

  • Oceanic Aquamarine – 65 Island Tokens

  • Statue of the Goddess Harmony – 70 Island Tokens

  • Masterpiece #38 – 75 Island Tokens

  • Ship Skin: Tortoyk Arong Turtle – 80 Island Tokens

  • Secret Map – 85 Island Tokens

  • Tidal Aquamarine – 90 Island Tokens

  • Procyon Statue – 95 Island Tokens

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To The Shadespire

Talk to Captain Zardin to start Shadow Island's quest chain

Talk to Captain Zardin, who’s at the docks, and proceed to the Tower. Once you enter it, you’ll need to talk to Rakil to finish the quest and claim your rewards. That’s it. 


  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest – x7

  • Splendid Guardian Stone Fragment Chest – x10

  • Splendid Shard Chest (M) – x8

  • Courage – x1

  • Silver x900

The Scent of Blood

Dead body of Kangal is located on the 4th floor

You can start this quest by talking to Mercenary Ganecron, located on the 2nd floor of the Tower. He will task you to find and talk to Kangal on the 4th floor. After getting there and slaying a couple of monsters, you’ll find him dead, lying on the ground. Deliver the sad news to Ganecron and claim your rewards.  


  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest – x13

  • Splendid Guardian Stone Fragment Chest – x27

  • Splendid Harmony Leapstone Chest – x6

  • Silver x1650

Vile Debris

Farm demons on the 2nd floor for Vile Debris

Talk to Jenkrix, who usually stands next to Rakil. Head to the 2nd floor and farm demons till you collect 100 Vile Debris, then come back to the quest giver.  


  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest – x13

  • Splendid Stone Guardian Chest – x27

  • Splendid Harmony Leapstone Chest – x6

  • Silver x1650

Debris Gatherer

For some reason, you’ll have to repeat the same quest as before. Wouldn’t it be easier to kill 200 demons right away in a single quest? Nevermind, kill those filthy demons once again, go back to Jenkrix and claim your reward. 


  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest – x14

  • Splendid Guardian Stone Fragment Chest – x27

  • Splendid Harmony Leapstone Chest – x6

  • Silver x1650

An Important Record

Go to the 5th floor and defeat Rictus

Talk to Ryndon who will task you with defeating a boss called Rictus located on the 5th floor. Don’t panic if you won't see him immediately after arriving on the spot. He takes a good five minutes to respawn.  


  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest – x17

  • Splendid Guardian Stone Fragment Chest – x4

  • Lavish Harmony Leapstone Chest

  • Silver x2100

Shadow’s Mark

The last Shadow Island quest is presumably the longest one, depending on your luck. Ryndon will task you with fighting 50 boss characters to receive the Shadow Island Token. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to reach the 50th floor to complete the quest. Many players have received their tokens upon reaching the 20th floor, so it all comes down to your luck.


Shadow Island Token

  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest – x8

  • Splendid Guardian Stone Fragment Chest – x14

  • Lavish Shard Chest (M)

  • Silver x900


Shadow Island is a great place with plenty of monsters to farm with extremely rewarding quests. This is your place to go if you want to get rich quickly or gather resources to upgrade your gear. See you in Arkesia!        

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